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Basketball & Ice Cream – How an Olympic Champion does business | Day Jobs

Basketball & Ice Cream – How an Olympic Champion does business | Day Jobs

ICE CREAM ENTREPRENEUR) There was something special
about basketball for me. It is just a peaceful moment
out there being on that court. People say, how do
you keep your great figure? I say I just eat sweets,
ice cream, cookies, cakes. I do have a big sweet tooth,
I love ice cream. My name is Angel McCoughtry. I am a new entrepreneur
for an ice cream shop and I am two-time
Olympic gold medallist in basketball for USA. (ATLANTA, USA) My average day here in Atlanta,
I wake up early. Eat some breakfast. How do you like your eggs?
Sunny side up? Over hard? Over easy, medium-ish.
Can you handle it? If I can shoot a basketball
every day, I can make some eggs. Brande is my partner
and Brande is awesome. She definitely helps me
balance my life, it being so hectic
and being a whirlwind. Babe, the butter
has got to melt first. It is like in the egg,
like the pan is not hot yet, before you put the egg in. Anybody who meets Brande will
say she’s an awesome person, because she is always so
positive, always smiling. Opening up a business
is not easy. It is going to be awesome.
Just don’t stress. You got it, OK? All right. I am headed out to the gym,
to get a good work out in. All right, let’s go. I train about five or six days
a week. I try to get my workouts
done very early. I like to do arms on one day,
then legs on another day, but I always get abs done
on both of those days. Let’s go shoot some hoops. (DOWNTOWN ATLANTA, USA) Being a part of the business
and being hands on is very important to me because
my name is on the business, but people don’t realise
how hard it is if I am away or playing. My dad is the manager, he will
be watching over everything. Of course, he’s my dad,
I trust him, so I know he can run things
smoothly while I am away. (ONE DAY BEFORE THE GRAND
OPENING) What we have is chocolate,
then chocolate chip. Peaches and cream.
There is an old song called Peaches And Cream…
“Don’t you know what I mean?” One of the things
that Angel did, she surrounded herself
with business-minded people and all they talked about
was Angel the businesswoman. Angel, when your basketball is
over, what are you going to do? Start walking
in the areas of business and thinking how
are you going to survive when basketball is over,
not supporting you anymore, and she is on that road now. Oh, my gosh, I know it is
going to be a whirlwind. Like, oh, my god, this is the
first time we are doing this, but I think
it is going to be great. I am excited. Growing up,
my dad was a pastor. I said, “Dad, I want to play
in the Church League.” He said, “No, it is for guys, “but you can just practise
with us”. I said, “OK.” I practised with
the guys from Church League and killed all of them. (LONDON 2012) London was amazing. Growing up, did I ever imagine
I would be an Olympian? Never. Someone told me, “You don’t
realise how good you are, “you don’t realise
who you are yet.” I was like, “What do you mean?
I’m with better players.” “You are just as good, believe
in yourself, know who you are.” My first time standing on the
podium to get the gold medal, that was amazing.
I was like, “Is this real?” I looked up at the crowd,
everyone cheering, I was like, “This is the best moment
of my life.” This is something
I saw my whole life, watching from a television set
in my own home, but now I am there… ..and I was like, “Wow!
Your child is an Olympian.” (DAY OF THE GRAND OPENING) Morning! It’s like the feeling before
a championship game, you can’t sleep
the night before. I am still feeling nervous. I don’t even know
the words to explain it. I am scatterbrained,
a lot going in my head. What flavour
did you make today? I made the strawberry… Championship and whipped cream.
OK, perfect. I am very patient with her
because I know that the world she lives in
is not the normal one. Basketball Angel McCoughtry and real-life Angel McCoughtry
are two different people. I made a lot of sacrifices for
the shop, I made this my baby. I funded everything
in the ice cream shop. – Yes, they’re here.
– Oh, cookies, cookies! My name is on the business,
my brand is on the business. I want to be there,
hands on, creating ice cream, so people say,
“This is McCoughtry’s.” I am stressed. This is it.
Put your smiles on, be happy. Be polite to the customers.
Let’s go for the smile. – You guys ready?
– Yeah! – Game time, one, two, three!
– Game time! Get to your stations! I am much more wiser now, I have been through
so many ups and downs, more than you could
probably imagine. I tell people
I did not just get here, I have been through it. In honour of McCoughtry’s Ice
Cream, we are officially open! This tastes like heaven. Wow! Watermelon lemonade.
Awesome, I love it. And then another salt bae. This is amazing. That is good,
that is real good. I couldn’t believe the crowd
that was there. I was impressed,
I wasn’t expecting it, because it’s 11.30am on a
Thursday, everybody is at work. That was just
an amazing feeling. People believe in the dream. I am growing in life and
I am growing in basketball. We are excited about Japan,
I am going to be a little older so I have got to continue
to keep everything up. The goal is to definitely do
one more Olympics. In five years’ time, I want to
be sitting with the top CEOs, making decisions about
either something in basketball or something
in the ice cream industry, that’s where I want to be.

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