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You will see that I have here salt and we will throw the salt over there This is the (Exo’s)exit pipe? So we will put water and then we will make an adjustment Hey guys. It’s another beautiful day for all of us and you are here back at Dexter’s World Channel Today is a beautiful morning for us to talk about how to breed our shubunkin fish many still have been confused about how to breed this beautiful fish the Shubunkin the goldfish the Carps ( koi) and I Already have so many videos on me how to breed this one But today I would like to make a step-by-step process from the preparation of the breeding tank Until the final putting of this breeder fish in the tank now as you can see here I have two wooden tank that has two compartments this tank used to be the tank of our guppy and our swordtail we’re gonna intend to use this now again as our Tank for breeding of this shubunkin as you know We have so many breeders and we’re gonna make a video on a detailed process how to breed and how to prepare The spawning tank. Well, of course, you will see that this tank It’s just too shallow Measuring about 6 inches in depth and this is just four feet By two and a half feet and this is the best for one pair of shubunkin an even smaller fish like the moor you cannot breed the Japanese Koi you cannot also breed the bigger fish such as The Oranda’s the breeder Oranda’s because this space is small so this is suited for our moor and our Shubunkin as what I have said the preparation of the water is very important it’s very crucial because Breeding is really very easy or allowing them to spawn in the tank. It’s really very easy As long as you have a true or perfect pair and what is very difficult? Is that how to hatch the eggs because the eggs are too sensitive and the water? In the breeding tank is also easily polluted by the milt of the male fish so this video will tell us in detailed process on how to Prepare the water. Of course, we have to remove this. We have to remove this first and then Later, we will scrub all the dirt and then prepare a water For three days so that it will become suited for the eggs if the water is really having issues with fungus having issues with Ammonia, and the eggs really would not hatch so this is the tip that we can share to our followers and viewers So this is the beginning of this video We are going to clean this one and then up to the time that we are going to actually breathe maybe three days from now we’re gonna be able to show you the Chasing and of course after five days We can also show you the fry of this very beautiful fish So this is the second day of our tank preparation for the breeding of our Shubunkin and other fish last night. We experienced heavy rains here in our place and I Would like to make sure that the condition of our fish is really not affected. So, how do we do that? Of course we have here the rock salt. This rock salt is really vital In maintaining the health of our fish especially during rainy season Because during rainy season The temperature is really very cold And there is a tendency that the pH level of the water will really rise up so by means of this salt we can make sure that the condition of our fish will really not be Affected by the heavy rain and you will see that I have here salt and we will throw the salt over there So that this fish will not get sick so this is it this is our way of Maintaining the health of our fish now, maybe you will ask Dexter. Are you doing that every day? my answer is no I am NOT doing this every day because I only do this during the Cold season or during rainy days So you will see now that the fish are very healthy and these are the fish that we have actually Placed here just two days ago and you will See that at the end part of this tank we already have completed our filter box made of cement and maybe we can also have a Closer look at the filter box. Come on So this is now the system I’m going to cut this one That’s a good cut okay, so we will place this now here this is the XO’s pipe So we will fill this with stones and the stones will serve as our filter media and the water will pass through here and then when rise up and then go down there and will flow out to the tank already filtered one, but of course the level of this must be lower than This wall. So maybe we can cut some more for here. So we will put water and then we will make an adjustment of This pipe so this is the thing that we are doing and Maybe if you will also would like to make your own pond. Maybe you can adapt the system we will fill this with stones as I am said and then at the top of this will be our aquaponics we can put some vegetables or whatever it is that will really thrive in water may be Aquatic plants will do or vegetables like lettuce Pichai or mostaza So guy’s now, we will go to our breeding tank for our shubunkin So you will see that I have four gallons here and these are filled with Water that has been stuck for how many days I have told you already that in breeding your fish It is very important to consider the water Preparation because you cannot just get your fish and then put that in a breeding tank allow them to breed I’m sure that the eggs will not really be hatched. It may be hatched but the hatch ability is just a small percent So what we did was to put some water over here that has been stuck already for how many days and this water? is really Good now for the breeding of our shubunkin So guys we have here prepared a Very pregnant shubunkin you will see the body of this is already very bulging you will see that this is ready for spawning and Actually, there are two of them. The other one is here the white colored shubunkin and This water is already a condition one That’s why I put them here just this morning the male shubunkin here had separated. You cannot put them here together We will put the male at 6 o’clock in the evening today The time now is 8 o’clock. So this Male shubunkin will gonna be placed together with the female shubunkin and of course We don’t forget to put the plants because the plants really will induce this fish to lay their eggs So we will have an update of this tomorrow please stick to this channel because we will have a blow-by-blow account Of breeding of this kind of fish goldfish and many others so that you will learn how to breed your own Tropical fish so that’s the thing that we can share with you guys I hope you will continue to like and share videos and please don’t forget to subscribe we are already hitting the 350k Thousand subscribers and we are hoping that this channel will grow so that we will learn together I’m reading all your comments if I haven’t made a Reply or answer to your queries, please Bear with me but rest assured that I will really make an adjustment and of course address Your requests, so this has been requested. That’s why I’m doing this one. So thank you for watching and please Don’t forget to visit our website where we have items for sale only here Dexter’s World


  1. Hi sir this is Jerico from Zamboanga a motovlogger. Dati po ako yung fish vlogs Co-Koi's. Hehe pa shout out sir!!

  2. Was that prepared water rain water, or just tap water staying on the side for a little while? 🙂 Another great video… thank you for sharing…

  3. Thank you very much Dexter I learning so much from you.

    I have 5 day old Betta Fry. thanks to your Betta video's.

  4. sir dexter pati ba sa japanese koi kailangan din sa stock water ang gagamitin? maraming salamat po…

  5. Kuya dex..pwde po bang makabili sa inyu ng shubunkin…hirap na kse makabili ng ganyan dto sa amin…d ko alam kong san ung petshop mo..

  6. Hi sir dexter, a tip. You should use very instead of too when u say something. Ex. Very shallow, very healthy.

  7. sir dex..yung shubinkin 2 male 2 female halos ika 2 days pag spawn nils..wala nko mpaglagyan ng mga fry..npakadali nilang ibreed

  8. Hello from a Pinoy in Seattle!!good job kuya Dexter,it is a beautiful day for us!!I've been a subscriber sence your blog of your beautiful stallion and i want to know what has ever happened to your horse for so long time now,can you let us all know?THANKS DEXTER!!

  9. Kuya ask lang po first time ko po mag breed ng betta success naman po sya kaso po bakit my white spot parin po sa belly ng female betta?

  10. hi my friend don't just throw the salt in like that because it can cause damage to the fishers gills and burns the slime coat put in in a tub of pond water and desovle it

  11. Great video of real time breeding. I'll follow it till the fingerlings grow and ready for sale, thanks.

  12. Dexter …. is OGFB !!!! Prepare that water 💦 it’s time for dexters world 🌎 grab those snacks and hit that like button 👍 skirt skirt !!!!

  13. Dex buddy, you don't need to respond to my comments, just continue to share and teach 🙂 Best of luck with the shubunkins 🙂

  14. Sir dexter i have question some people said betta fry are eating algae thats is real or not?

    -Bot Betta breeder

  15. Very nice video sir dexter since I am planning to breed my shubunkins too but I don't know how. I'm looking forward to the next video for breeding them.

  16. hi po sir dex, pumunta po ako kanina sa pet shop niyo sa sucabon, wala po kayo ng mga hinahanap ko po, bumili nalang ako ng pagkain ng isda. sana po may stock na kayo ng bbs next time po 😭 kayo lang talaga pinag kakatiwalaan ko

  17. Sir dexter can i request where are your location because we living in zambo.city boalan because i will buy your breeders

  18. Ngayon tag ulan kuya dexter ung salt ba ay makakatolong ba sa health ng akin alagang koi anu ang magiging epekto sa kanila? Salamat po.

  19. sir dex napahanga talaga ako sa mga breding mo ang galing2x mo.ur number 1 fan in negros occdental vectorias city.pa shout out nman sir dex.

  20. What is that you put for Betta breaking ?
    what leaf do you put to control bacteria ?

    can I put leaf of Almond ?

  21. This is a great video as always! I love the look of the new concrete ponds you put in by the way very nice.

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  23. Youre awesome Dexter! Love your videos! I too am doing aquaponics to feed the homeless and families in need here in Hawaii. If you want to learn more check out The crystal fish garden at gofundme.com. A Life spent helping people is a life worth living 🙂 Do you breed gouramis at all? if so could you do a gourami video? or Discus? im sure the gourami process is similar to bettas cuz their both anabatoids but there are not many good videos out there on the process that ive found and your videos are very informative. Anyways hope you are having a great day! God bless! ~Chelsea

  24. Thank you…Very good video. Maybe I will get a breeding from mine this year. I just have one pair! All my other fish are doing fantastic!

  25. buenas se que tal vez no leas mi comentario pero si lo lees me gustaría saber como haces las mesas de criar peces me llama mucho la atención de como se hace

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