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Oh Hi didn’t see you there at our school We provide the best as we accommodate the needs for every single evening to every single student Let’s have a look at some ways. We do that shall we? Our year 7’s are welcomed into the school with open arms as our year 8’s to help adjust them to their new lifestyle Piss off Our pastoral system helps ensure that the year nines expertly guided through tricky weather is puberty as we d our best to resolve any quarrels that may occur YOU SKET! PEACE AND LOVE LADIES PEACE AND LO’ Our year 10’s are given the best treatment possible As we know that next year is going to be a challenging one. Here we see a group tirelessly prepping for their exams Right, which one of you little TITS did that?! Wha?! Oh and don’t you worry we make shoulder but exactly season rolls around our year 11 our “prepped”for battle Lieutenant whats going on? They’re flanking us from the left sir! God we should’ve studied a Christmas Carol Never mind that what’s the structure of a Cell I didn’t revise I thought I knew The Biology papers the easiest one! Private what’s going on I don’t remember basic exam structure! What the hell is PEE paragraph!? For god sakes private this is a war zone!! 12 MARKER IN COMING!! GET DOWN!!!! And now, a moment of silence, for all those who lost their lives in the war for their GCSEs [Military Taps plays] [Sobbing] And that was our school, enroll today And to all those in post-16, please consider joining our sixth form home to our hard-working students I don’t wanna touch that

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