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*sex noises* *scream* *pepsi can crashing down on officer* officer down! YouTube is over. It’s okay guys we had a good run, we had Pewdiepie playing Penumbra! (Pewdiepie) Yeah, yeah. (very loud) AHH! (Pewdiepie)I didn’t know it was your girlfriend! (a little softer) NAHH! (Pyrocinical) We had Kewbblekop doing, uhh, Epic Jump Ramp videos! (Kwebblekop video) Don’t–don’t screw up Jordan! (Kwebblekop) Fuck it! OAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! We’ve had cavemen talk about who they’re electing to be leader of their Tribe (Casey Neistat) Hillary Clinton Here’s a picture of my ad revenue at the moment, it’s shockingly low It’s actually come to the point where revenue is so low I need to promote more shitty t-shirts for you to buy Here are some examples of designs that you can buy. They’re very well put together I’ve actually had a few new designs come in as well. That are hot off the press. *talking* + *machine making design* Links are in the description, please give me more money I’d really appreciate that. Now the reason why ad revenue is so low because tons and tons of advertisers have all pulled out. They don’t want nothing to do with Youtube anymore because like I said someone uploaded a Minecraft animation with the word “weed” in it *music from animation* *slight ear-rape (not really)* *In mocking voice* I won’t have my child playing that horrible Minecraft game, but of course he can go and play Murder Miners! *classical music* *sniper shots* *assault rifle shots* *shotgun blast* *assault rifle shots* *light machine gun shots* *shotgun + unknown weapon shot (same time)* Now Pepsi actually released an advertisement a couple days ago. It-It got a quite negative reception And then pepsi ended up actually pulling the advert you can’t find it on Youtube anymore. Well, you can but it’s reuploaded in terrible quality *boosted guitar music from video* So I thought just to get some more context on the situation. We could sit down together and watch this amazing Pepsi commercial *can opening* + *guitar riff* Wait, wait a second. Oh, just just as a warning. I’m gonna get proper fucking nit picky with this video You hear that–that–that guitar riff there? You hear that, right? *can opening again* ok Well, why the fuck is he on a g– a violin. Tha–that’s a violin… or a cello Or a drum kit. I don’t know what the fuck you call instruments. That’s like me singing and then it’s represented by a lobster playing the xylo- (xylophone*) Alright…that was–that was… Even for Pyrocinical that was a f**kin’ stretch *more guitar riffs* *now cheering and voices can be heard in background* “some say-” And of course you got a bunch of people marching Pepsi has actually done a fairly decent job here trying to have some multiculturalism and not just white-washing everything like that *fist slamming on desk* fucking “Ghost in the Shell” film “WE ARE!” “Yeah if I-” Okay, all-all these people are protesting and they seem quite happy which is great You know “join the conversation”… A bunch of people there. They all seem quite happy. Which is nice a good atmosphere. uh Unfortunately if you look up protesting on Google images… Now I’m not denying the fact that there are some happy marches with people walking down the street. That–that’s a thing totally I’ve seen that happen… well uh. Yeah, uh, you try and keep it grounded and realistic by having multiculturalism But then you pander with “Le happy people” doing “Le happy march” “but the love wasn’t done” “yeah” Are you fucking serious. It’s this woman doing this thing, quite serious thing and then– And then it focuses in on the Pepsi! It makes you really want a pepsi. No, it doesn’t, no it does not “it’s been windin’ but the- (cut off + uncomprehensible)” They all say “join the conversation,” but you don’t even really know what the conversation is. Thi-this could be like a protest to bring back the troll face or the doge meme Do you, do you really want to be part of something like that? *still uncomprehensible* “yeah if the-“, “took all my rights away” “yeah if the-“, “tellin’ me how to play” “yeah if the-” Ah of course we got our girl, Kendall Jenner, the new face of Pepsi There she is. And all her–that’s–that’s right All them people walking past and protesting. They all want freedom of speech, and they want people to join the conversation and Kendall be like Nahhhh my N-word (Kendall on TV or something) Recently they made their debut on the billboard 200 number two this summer and now we welcome One… *cherring in background* *laugh* Guys, I’m the worst reader… umm… *pre-recorded laugh plays* *then she laughs as well* Oh no no! She’s done it! She has–she has seen let’s go back for a second She has seen the people protesting. She now wants to she wants to join in He’s on a cello or violin and just… *pathetic chuckle* Guitar music… man singing Violin.. All right so ch–you know what, I’m sorry, give me a second here. I need to, I think it’s called a cello uhh, I, OH, it is a cello! I was right. I never said violin! uhh shut-shut [shut] up I love–I love how he’s got the pepsi there as well. And obviously – you know, Pepsi advert. They’re gonna have product placement in their own f**kin’ advert But still it seems really out of place and There’s a lot of weird Pepsi adverts out there trust me *loud footsteps* (Soccer player) So what are we playing for? (Sumo Wrestler) *in slowed, echoed, voice* “Pepsi!” *laugh* sure.. *intense flute music* *music* *soccer ball being kicked* *music* *Windows XP Sound boosted 1000x (ear rape)* (Pyrocinical) Oh he’s going for the Pepsi. He’s gonna *deep inhale through lips* URGHAAAAAAA It gives you energy! You want to play a cello… in your room on your own Lonely Then drink a coke! I meant to say Pepsi they’re–they’re the same fucking thing. Honestly, I hear so many people tell me that coke and pepsi taste different. I have sat there and drank them. I do not notice the difference at all. They’re –they’re both just sugar and uh cocaine “OOH WE ARE!” (x2) Again more people protesting. They’re–they’re just fucking eating. There – you wanna join the conversation? Nah. We’re just… that food looks nice though to be fair White people… that’s all I can say. I mean look at that look in the fucking recommended White people they–they ruin everything. (Person) We weren’t sure what to film for today, but then pepsi blessed us with what can only be described as a shocking advertisement. (last bit echoed) (Pyrocinical) I don’t like white people very much. I’m just stating an opinion. What is the message of this video? Wait, let me let me see if there’s some context in the description Uh.. Like and subscribe. I don’t, I don’t really understand where this video’s going at the moment. It’s just like… have Pepsi… Everyone’s happy… the… Ke–Kendall’s, still fucking there, she’s just posing. I thought she joined the protest already but she’s.. Alright police Men of the law. You need to show these people with respect even though it is a protest How are you going to deal with it? Take a coke (PewDiePie) “PEWDIEPIE!” Don’t do it! Don’t do what I think!. No don’t take a picture of it! This is NOT good history! This is NOT meant to be kept… OHHHHHAHHHOHHHHH Pepsi, I fail to see the message you’re pushing here. All I saw was people protesting doing a march and then they give Pepsi to Policeman… Policeman then happy. From what I can tell this video was trying to promote some level of equality and giving everyone an equal place It’s quite ironic you pushing that message Pepsi because I’m pretty sure a couple years ago you’ve made numerous adverts objectifying certain groups of people like for example objectifying women *gates open* “Buddy you’re a young man hard man Fighting in the street Gonna take on the world-” (Palpatine) Use your aggressive feelings boy (Pyrocynical) And you can tell they’re taking a hit from it. Look their stock markets at the moment… they have completely plummeted, and so they should, that advert was absolutely terrible, it was cringey, uncomfortable and it just wasn’t genuine at all. One thing I found out as well is Martin Luther King’s daughter actually saw the pepsi advert and she tweeted this, “if only daddy would have known about the power of Pepsi” And then of course Pepsi went into full damage-control mode and they responded to it by typing a bunch of stuff that wouldn’t fit in the tweet and screen shottin’ it. Much like, uhh, 13 year old white girls on Twitter when they’re having beef with someone at school. “Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace, and misundersta–EHHH!” Clearly we missed the mark – and we apologize. We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are removing the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologized for putting Kendall Jenner in this position We at Pepsi believe in the legacy of Dr. King and meant absolutely no disrespect to him and others who fight for justice. Now as much as I think Pepsi are retarded. I do have to give them sommmeee level of credibility for the fact that they acknowledged this because you do not believe how many big companies get involved in like shit like this, and they just don’t acknowledge it. They do the whole blanket statement I mean to be fair if your stocks are dropping and the daughter of Martin Luther calls you out. Yeah, you’ve… *chuckle* definitely fucked up there. One of the worst things about this video it gives a very false representation of what protesting is about. You know, you see protests like that, but the majority of them are people getting on their hands and knees, and sometimes becoming quite agitated or aggravated for stuff they believe in. Like for example, when Donald Trump got elected loads of people weren’t happy about that. They took to the streets protesting. Some of them became extremely violent. If you watch the TV or watch any kind of advert. You’ll see they create this alternate reality. This false reality of everything being fine. You know like–like a snapshot They’re trying to push this message of if you buy a Pepsi everything will be fine Hey, you just shot someone with your gun you–they’re dead? Give the cop a Pepsi give– give the judge a Pepsi. Give the jury a Pepsi! and you’ll be fine! uh Not if it’s sugar-free though, that’s a death sentence. I understand that Pepsi isn’t the only company guilty of this pandering Pretty much all companies and advertising do it to an extent without a doubt, but this for Pepsi is a massive fuck up it really is and I reckon Coca-Cola’s, just gonna, they’re gonna to make mad bank off of this “Here comes the money!” “money” (x5) Anyways, I think I’ve said everything I needed to for this video Thank you for watching your support is appreciated. Drop a like if you enjoyed. Comment your thoughts and feelings about how many spoonfuls of sugar are put into Pepsi. Thank you for watching guys. I will see you in the next videooooooo! *song: Whitewoods – Beachwalk* *music* baby, let’s stride *gunshots* dead wow you got rekt wow pyro I didn’t know you played 360 games XD wow your a nub

100 thoughts on “BANNED PEPSI AD

  1. They taste a little different. Coke makes my teeth feel hard and weird
    Pepsi gives you heart disease. Well they both give you heart disease. So. There’s not that big of a difference

  2. That guitar riff that keeps playing sounds like the beginning of Kryptonite by Three Doors Down.
    Anyone else here it?

  3. Rofl your example was peopleprotesting on election night? You mean those same people that claimed we'd all be nuked by now? And that he was Hitler? Good thing they moved to Canada. They narrowly avoided being swept up in the racist, thriving economy where minorities are experiencing record low unemployment.

  4. That's it, you have done nothing wrong and yet get no money for creating content that is accurally not breaking any laws, or guidelines.

  5. Change: Pepsi protest. Cops are coka cola supporters.then Pepsi gets yeeted at them. They drink Pepsi. Then they drink it they like it more than coke. Add stops

  6. As an avid protester in the left wing community we all give the police no respect because they deserve none they support an unjust system and protect white suprematists which we are often protesting they also refuse to do their job and step in to break up fights like at Charlottesville

    In conclusion a cab and fuck the police

  7. It hurts me a little bit inside when I dont hear you get cut off right before the end. You will make it threw with that shit editing tool my dude

  8. What you dont get about that pepsi commercial? They were promoting PEACE. And girl giving a police pepsi is a rip off from ALL those photos of someone from a protest giving flower to a riot police as a symbol of the peace. Yes yes its corny but in these times when people think violent riots are ok its kind of nice.

    Also I did enjoy that old pepsi ad, fight me.

  9. Pepsi: Uh, excuse me! We were objectifying under a veil of empowerment, thank you very much. … Or was it the other way around?
    Lawyer team: You're not supposed to mention that "O" word.

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