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Why did you choose HUMSS? Why did you choose HUMSS? It’s because it has less math I chose HUMSS because I want to be a teacher someday I chose HUMSS because I’m finding myself I chose to be a HUMSS student, well I have no choice. This is what my parents wants HUMSS, because I want to learn life I just love writing poems and stories because this is what my heart speaks I chose HUMSS because I want to love and help others No reasons I chose HUMSS because I want to try new horizons because of my crush Simple, if you want to be a teacher, priest, soldier, or journalist then choose HUMSS. HUMSS is more than that, we don’t travel fixed journeys and we don’t settle with finite endings. We explore friendships, transform pain and show love. Maybe because we listen with our hearts. and while being guided by our mind. Because if we focus only with our hearts, we’ll end up in pain. A mind is in need for balance. Back in the days, I used to know a lot of academics. But as I enroll HUMSS, I learned life. I lived a life of being heartbroken and at the same time inculcating self-love to heal. As you pass through the hallways you always hear the words “laban lang”- to fight because in the Humanities and Social Sciences it is about surviving and not giving up. Empathy is almost in everyone. Then you realize there is no such thing as being alone we were always accompanied despite being on our own. HUMSS represents the mind that unravels opportunities, risks, failures and success. HUMSS represents the soul. A quest for adventure, faith in God and trust on oneself. HUMSS represents the heart where we heal the broken and lost and empower individuals to be the best version of themselves. To be passionate in everything you do. HUMSS is not a strand, it is a home. A home where you can be true to yourself. A home with the foundation of intelligence, respect, understanding and love. I am a humanista and so are you. What are you waiting for? Enroll now and be one of us. Choose Humanities and Social Sciences and experience the essence of life. Mabuhay ang mga Humanista Soar High, Senior High VIVA HUMSS


  1. HUMSS ranges from the silent writers and philosophers to the talkative journalists and speakers, to the people who listens and sees in various perspectives to the people who fights for one idea and being just and decisive. You people learn to see patterns and connections in life and society. You people make relationships from all other strands and tracks. 🙂 You can create and start a change in the community or to individuals. Hopefully you'll be open-minded, fighters for peace and justice and as well as the rights of humanity, and be able to impart good to great legacies in our country and the world. Be challenged by making good changes everyday. I am a person who's into arts and cultures, and I see all strands and tracks as all important to our country's development, but in today's media, news, and governance, you're the ones who were the most influential of all. 😀

  2. Hello po! Pag HUMSS po ang kukunin kong strand sa SHS, sa mass communication po ako babagsak sa college di po ba? Sana masagot nyo po. Thanks in advance!

  3. gusto ko pong kumuha ng journalism sa college tama po bang humss ang kukunin ko ngayong Senior High school?

  4. Hey, so I want to be a psychologist but I also have an interest for philosophy. Is there a way to learn about both of them? Thank you for answering!

  5. Gusto Ko mag humss pero sana walang powerpoints or presentation and sana di mag sasalita sa stage maygash..Pero infernes may journalist at mahilig rin ako magessay hehe

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