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Bad Instagram: The Gilgan Family

Bad Instagram: The Gilgan Family

What’s up Greg it’s me Danny back with another episode of… The show when we look at what’s bad… On Instagram. I’m sure this is a feeling that lots of people have had before about specific accounts on Instagram But this account that we’re gonna be looking at today is So bad that I just can’t stop watching it. Like I’ve seen bad Instagram comedy before, right? We all have like there’s shit that’s racist on Instagram, there’s shit that’s misogynistic, But I’ve never seen such a poor misunderstanding of just like how to even make- how to just make a video before? To give you an idea of what this video is gonna be like if you’ve seen my video about Paul Zimmer this Instagram account is sort of like Paul Zimmer’s times a thousand I would say. So like all Instagram comedians I found this person on like my Explore page. It was like “Hey, this is a video you might like” and then I watched it, and I was like “Actually, I hate this!” But I’m gonna watch all of them now I guess. So this is an Instagramer, uh, named Michael Gilgan. He has eight hundred and seven thousand followers on Instagram. All of his pictures are stereotypical like “hEY I’m sixteen years old and I want to be an InTeRNet sTaR” I mean, just, you know, look at them, and you’ll understand what I mean, I guess. So for the most part, he just post pictures on his Instagram, but lately over the course of the past, uh, month or so he’s started to dabble in Instagram comedy. And his videos are- really the only way I can describe them is cringy. I’m sorry. I know it’s an overused word, but I mean put on your cringe pants, It’s cringe time in cringe town. So I think most, like, popular Instagram comedy is made by, like, 20 to 25 year olds for like 16 year olds. This, uh, kid I think is like 16 or 17, and I think his videos are for six-year-olds; probably 4 to 6 so let’s go ahead and watch one of his videos and you can see what I mean [Michael G.]”ArcADe GaMES!” [Michael G.] “Mommy!” “Can I have 50 cents pleeEEEAAAAASE ?!” MMM. Okay uh.. way too old to be calling his mom “mommy”, right? Can we all agree on that? Like, I think you have until you’re like 11, max? And then you got to stop [“What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne playing in the background] Okay, he’s having a great time playing some video games, he’s uh…. having a stroke, and now here comes his mom and uh… It’s in a different aspect ratio now for some reason. I don’t know what happened with the editing there. But it went from square to horizontal with black bars on the side for some reason. [Michael G.] “Mom! Stop right there” [Michael G.] “Put your hands up!” [Mom] “Michael, come on (laughs)” And she just starts laughing in the middle of the take and he doesn’t cut it out.. [Mom] “You wanna play? With ME?” Geez okay, so she’s like “Huh, you want to play with me?” “I’ll show you! I’m gonna smash your skull in with a bowling ball!” [Mom] “Hey Mike!” [Mom] *Imitating a cop* “Put your weapon down!” Oh sHiT! Oh MY GOD, holy shit! Was that real?! Did she [PROCESSING…] Did she really just- Did you really just bowl her son? That’s crazy. Honestly. I’ve never seen a story like that before.. very original. um… Just also very bad unfortunately… Okay, let’s see what people think about this video: “It brilliant” ..Nuff said. Okay, so before we get into the really weird stuff. I just want to show you one more video. This is my favorite video by Michael Gilgan. It’s called; “I went into the fish tank” [Momma Gilgan] “Is Michael..-” “IS MICHAEL IN THE FISH TANK ?!?!?!” [BG Person] “MICHAEL GET OUT OF THE FISH TANK!” [Mom] “GET OUT OF THE FISH TANK” “MICHAAAEEEELLL” [BG person] “GET OUT!” [Mom] “GET OUTTA THE FISH TANK” [BG Person] “MICHAEL GET OUT OF THE FISH TANK”
[Mom] “GET OOOUT!!” [Mom] “Oh my GOD! GET OUT!” (laughs) I’ve watched this video probably 80 times, and I’ve laughed every single time this video is fucking hilarious. There’s so many things that are funny about this video. First off; Just the overall concept of Michael dunking his head in the fish tank and it’s what sounds like his entire family all screaming; “gEt OuT oF tHe FiSh TaNk MiChAeL!” Also, there’s no fish in the fish tank… There’s not even any pebbles. There’s just this one decoration. So I don’t know where the fuck all the fish are.. (laughing) Um…what? It starts off with the mom saying; “Wait a minute… is Michael in the fish tank?” As if she’s JUST noticing that Michael is in the fish tank. But then you can see in the reflection – clear as day – that his mom is filming the entire thing so… She’s just like this- Actually, she’s sort of like bent over the table weirdly, so she’s sort of like this. It’s just like; “Is Michael in the fish tank?” “MicHAeL GeT OUT OF ThE FisH TaNK!” “MICHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEELLL” “GET (voice crack and laughs) OUT OF THE FISH TANK” I’m pretty sure that this video is a ripoff of a different video that I’ve seen on Facebook before where somebody’s in a fish tank, and everybody’s yelling at him to get out of the fish tank. “I am so telling mom! Stop that!” Which, I think makes this video about ten times funnier. It’s such a weird idea and such a simple idea and he copied it from someone. Um… Also this video has six hundred thousand views. None of my videos have that many views on Instagram. What do I have to do to get this many views on Instagram?! Just go in a fish tank? Or just go in a weird place and have people yell at me? That’s easy. I can do that Anybody can do that! Is Danny in the freezer?! Danny! DANNY!! GET OUT OF THE FREEZER!!! DANNY GET OUT OF THE FREEZER!!! I don’t want to rip on him too much though. He is a 16 year old kid you know, whatever. You know he hasn’t practised enough. He’s not very good at making videos. That’s fine. He’s 16 years old. Now I wanna talk about his mom now. You probably noticed that all of his videos have his mom in them. He has a video series. That is, I think the cream of the crop of his videos. I don’t know if they have a name. It’s a series of videos that I like to call “The Hot Mom” series. So you’re probably a little bit concerned hearing that he has a series about his mom called “The Hot Mom” series. And I would just like to say that concern is VALID. But I will say, is that you will be even MORE concerned once you actually watch the videos This is the first video I saw in this series. It’s called; “Oh my god. They listen to my mom, but not me!” So here’s that video now. [Michael G.] “Hey guys!” “Can you help me? My mom has a flat tire..” (“lol fuk u kid”) Mmm! Classic repair men! They hate repairing cars! It might be their job, but they don’t- they-.. they hate doing it! What if that’s how businesses really worked? You walked into, like, a bakery and you were like; “Hey! I’ll have a cake.” and they were like; “NO, I don’t wAnNA! I dOn’T fEEL LiKe IT toDAy!” [Michael G.] “Mom, I literally just want to go ask for help, and they won’t help me they just completely ignored me.” [Mom] “What do you mean? No one will help you?” “Okay, Mike. I have an idea get back in the car. Let’s go” (stumbles over like a true boss) And THIS is “The Hot Mom” series. Okay, this shot is going on for… way too long.. [Mom] “Hey boys.” “I have a problem with my car.” Did you like it? (no) Did you like the video? (no Danny) It was good wasn’t it? (hmMM) I love how the- the car dudes like run off the frame, and then you can just sort of like at the very end just see they wanted two dudes stop and just sort of be like; “Heh wait… what am I supposed to do now..?” This comment on this video; “Hahahahaha, they don’t like you. They like your mom cuz your mom is so very hot” (and then a bunch of emojis) I like how they’re explaining the situation like Michael doesn’t know. “No okay, Michael, they don’t like you They only like your mom, because your mom is so very hot, you see!” Pretty weird right? Pretty weird that this 16 year old kid making videos about his hot mom fixing everything for him. That’s weird, right? So here’s my theory; this isn’t really his idea. To me, this kind of seems like his mom is like; “I really wanted to be a model when I was younger, and now my son’s famous on Instagram so I’m gonna make him make videos about how sexy I am!” That’s the only logical explanation I can come up with because nothing else makes sense in my head. But now you’re probably wondering; “Okay Danny, so this is one hot mom video, what else happens in this series? Is there any further development of the characters? Does anything interesting happen?” The answer to both of those questions is NO. But he does have a lot more videos with this character. This one’s called; “My teacher failed me so my mom had to help!” I bet you’re never gonna guess how his mom helps! [Mom] “Oh my god you guys must be so happy Mike, semester’s over! What’s the grades?” [Michael G.] “I found out the Mr. Peterson had just failed me…” [Mom] “Mr. Peterson failed you?” [Michael G.] “Yes..” (laughs) You could just sort of…in the on the side of the frame see someone standing there, like not wanting to be in the video. I wonder what’s going through that person’s head… Oh and look at how happy he is “YAY!” “My hot mom fixes everything! My mom’s so sexyyyyy!” Uh, they don’t really explicitly say what happened in that school.. but uh, I think we all know what happened. She didn’t just walk in there and say “Hey, can you change- can you change my son’s grade, please.” (laughs) Okay, here’s one more video. It’s called; “My mom is so overprotective” [Mom?] “Can’t go back in there they locked you out…” “Come on honey lets talk about it! Come here baby! It’s alright!” [Michael G.] “Hey mom..” [Mom] “Hey! What- What happened? Why did they lock you out of the church?” “It must’ve been closed, right honey?” [Michael G.] “No, it was open.” So he- he got locked out of the church… He got locked out of church. That’s the problem in this video. [Michael G.] “I was in confession and the priest told me I how to do 40 million our fathers…” (or something idk its hard to make out) “He’s like ‘oh well’..”
[Mom] “I’ll change that right now.” UH OH! His mom’s gonna seduce the prieeeeeest! What a wholesome video! God, it’s just so… It’s like- like my eyes hurt watching it.. This video has 1 million views, so if you take away anything from these videos I don’t want it to be that like..Michael is a bad..boy or anything. He does make bad videos, and it’s fun to make fun of bad videos. But I think the real problem with this Instagram page is definitely the mom, right? Like what mom-? First off; if you were a mom and your son, who’s 16, was like “Hey mom!” “Can I make a video about how sexy you are? Where you like… fuck my teacher and, uh, get my grade changed?” Would you be like; “Yeah sure, that sounds cool.” cause I, personally, being a mother myself, would not Also I feel like these videos aren’t even this kids idea, they’re probably mostly his mom’s idea which is even creepier. All right guys well If you like this video, and you’re not already a part of Greg, Greg is our fan base here on YouTube. It’s our family, it’s the name that I call my fans. We’re the strongest army on the entire internet we’re a cul- uh.. we’re a family and we’re changing the world one step at a time. Someday, uh, I believe that everyone will be Greg. Everyone in the whole world and that’s really my hope and my dream, So if you like this video just hit subscribe and turn on that notification button if you want to be Greg also. Thank you Morgan for turning on my notifications. You are truly Greg, and I’ll see you guys next time with a very fun and exciting and arousing video. Bye.

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  1. Hey guys I just want to remind y’all that while these videos are cringey, they are people and don’t deserve to be harassed. You can go check out Michael’s videos if you want but please don’t leave mean comments on his stuff. That doesn’t make Greg look good! Thanks

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  5. I love the concept that the church's solution to people not doing their penitence is to lock them out of the parish, and that his mother's plan is to seduce the (theoretically) celibate priest.

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  9. Bro all of his pics, like we get it you have a face but that doesn't mean it has to be everywhere. Like, he's not even hot :/. Come to think of it, all those "ab comedy" and "Instagram comedy" guys aren't cute, and the girls are used for basically being a crush, or to make out with for views. Honestly, it's all just ugh

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