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BA (Hons) Advertising

BA (Hons) Advertising

BA (Hons) Advertising>>JILL NASH (Programme Leader BA Advertising) The advertising programme is fantastic opportunities
for students who are wanting to get under the skin of strategic advertising. So, in the first year we have a particular
unit which address decoding advertising and looking at advertising brief. And in second year the students gets to do
media planning which is getting hands on with the actual campaign and taking the brief right
through from concept right to consumer, all kind of fantastic brief in the charity
sector to also FMCG brands as well fashion, hotels, brands kind of right across the board. It is quite real and authentic experience.>>MARIA MUSARSKAYA (Lecturer) So a live brief is when a client would come
in and provide some kind of a task for the students to apply their knowledge and what
they have been learning through throughout the semester and everything
from the budget to the creativity to what kind of channel they will use to advertise whether it’s product or service and then
students compete with each other individually or in groups and then present
the final product to the client.>>JILL NASH (Programme Leader BA Advertising) The university contributes towards the cost
of qualifying for CIM foundation Level 3 Certificate so, in a way it’s a big stepping stone into
getting full CIM membership.>>MARIA MUSARSKAYA (Lecturer) It’s really important to be able to have
the accreditation at the end of their degree because that will set them apart from their
competitors because at the end of the day they all competing
for jobs once they graduate.>>MATI (4th Year Advertising Student) I am Mati Guetal and I am final year student
on the advertising student course at Bournemouth University in my fourth year after undertaking
one year placement. I meet a lot of great industry contact through
Bournemouth University and one of which was Bright Blue Day. I was able to get a graduate job from my placement
and through this role I kind of I pivoted and I changed position twice and got to get
a lot of experience across the entire agencies in different department so, it helped me to figure out what I want to
do by experiencing it and students get a lot of trust and respect when you come from Bournemouth
University. I would say to anyone considering studying
at Bournemouth University that if you think you that have not just the creative flair but the strategic mind then Bournemouth is
definitely the right course cause it kind of blends that psychology. Through my placement, through studying at
BU making connection and getting integrated with the community down here that I have been able to settle and become
a business partner and start an agency in September of my final year. So, my career ambitions are to grow that agency
and invest more time in it and also work freelance.

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