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Awful Youtube Ads

Awful Youtube Ads

Wanna cool, make your phone look cool, your friends like you, you think you’re cool? F-Follow me. [Loudest Footsteps] “Shine BRIGHT like a diamond~” Heheh. “-trol the Pentagon, and it glows with moving icons.” You phone can move when you swipe on it because it’s touchscreen Check out our transition effects *thump* I Just dropped my phone and it doesn’t have a case on it. 3D WIDGETS! I like these little widgets Like it? Download CM Launcher 3D now. *OBNOXIOUS CAMERA CLICK* LIKE IT?! Do I HAVE your ATTENTION? Am I selling phone apps yet? CM Launcher, you continue to haunt me with these awful ads… …and I love you for it. But we’re not focusing too much on CM Launcher for this video. We’ve got a whole… SmOrGaSbOrG …of just terrible ads I’ve been building up “Download the Wish app to get access to the Lowest Prices on EARTH like this $2 dog toy” It might be… BACON? I don’t know but Daddy thinks he knows what it is… Daddy knows his dog likes bacon… …do you want some bacon from Daddy? It’s a DUECK *demented laughing* *trumpet?* *duck noise?* Brother, $2 for a duck from Wish. Let me tell you something… This Doc Pepper cost me… Dollar dollar somunt …and I drank it. Tasted good. And now it can be a dog toy. Want it? Okay, don’t feed your dog’s plastic. *patter spluttering* I was gonna actually show that I got a bone… …an actual edible bone for like a dollar. I can’t find it. *guy saying things I think* That’s a good girl! There’s nothing exac- wut, stop NO Not again. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that… (patter trying to edit) I thought it was funny that they were advertising their… “Amazing Prices” With a dog toy for two dollars. It’s a perfectly normal price. ONE. All you got to do is tap on the image right here. Tap on the square. So you can focus. Once it focuses I’ll get this one. I think it was solved already. Maybe that’s why it’s… *PATTER’S ANNOYING LAUGH* So it’s like for an app that solves math questions for you. I just found it hilarious their ad is 18 seconds of him saying… Uhh… “If you tap here you can focus, and I think we solved this one already.” …and THAT’S IT. He doesn’t say what the ad is… All he shows… This is literally an advertisement on how to solve a focus issue. Trying to solve a problem I didn’t know the app had because I don’t know what the app is. “The app’s real name is Photomath” Well thanks because I wouldn’t get that from an advertisement. See, Advertisements have one job, to tell you that this product exists and maybe you’ll go to it. It’s basically just to tell you… “HEY, This thing exists.” When you can’t even accomplish that, you have a serious problem. “Flaming Skull – 3D Android theme – CM Launcher 3D themes ad” “itsanothercmlauncherone” – Patter *spooktacular music* Attack of the Patter 2018 – Colourized “Landscape mother-and-son… Short three.” “There’s the mother and the children and… AHH …you get to reunite the children with the mother. Ah no, never mind, he’s alone forever now. Cute, Very very heartwarming story “168 Asian Mart Japanese snacks.” This sounds really good. So, what does that say? I don’t know it’s in Japanese. *Obnoxious Laugh* He’s looking directly into the camera What does it say? I DON’T SPEAK JAPANESE So. ANNNND That is how you know what’s good. That is how you know, WUZ GOOOD Hold on, this is Japanese I see Thomas the Tank Engine Don’t think you can hide that from me ASIAN MART. “Come in to 168 Asian Mart today, and begin your Asian exploration.” Begin you Asian exploration… This sounds like something Logan Paul would do. “How bad are the Potholes in Michigan?” Pretty bad. Let me tell you. How bad are the potholes in Michigan? LEZ find out. It’s still going. *edgy meme song* I can’t… This is brilliant. There’s nothing to say about it. Also, the pothole is photoshopped in there… You can see it moving slightly around the edges. It’s great. It’s amazing. I have nothing more to say about this. “Monkey Banana | Animal Nursery Rhymes Songs | Smart Kids Songs Stories for Children” UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH *quality video* *patter questioning if he likes bananas anymore* WHAT IS WRONG WITH GRANDMA MONKEY? I’ve been seeing a lot of these. I know exactly what this is. “So I just created this dope website weh Wix.” Guy – “Lemme show ya how I did it.” Okay. Don’t give me that look, I’m skipping. Kanna Chana- *LOUD JAPANESE SCREAMING* HENANANANANANA HUWAHAEH HADEGI Okay. So I’ve been finding these channels lately. ONLY from ads by the way, I don’t find them on my own. They don’t come across from my recommended or anything like that. So this video was an ad. (already know patter) So it has this many views and this few interactions. You know, she’s really a dude, right? I didn’t know that. So they’ve got like these ‘facerig’ cameras going where there’s these anime chicks, and this isn’t the only one of these that I found. “Who told you about this game?” This is always popping up in ads for me. *uncomprehensible speech” *japanese gun noise* It’s in Japanese. But anyways, these channels do these like face rig face cam videos, and they play whatever is popular… This was kind of a big trend for a while. Black Ops 4 is not out yet. …and I keep seeing them in ads and I… I don’t like it when gaming channels, Especially ones with this… General premise… Put their videos up as ads like, It’s not a natural way of growing your channel, and most of the time won’t give you an audience that’s gonna stick around. The selling point of this channel is the face rig… Anime chick right? Who wouldn’t want to watch an anime chick play Call Of Duty Black Ops 4? (even though it’s not out yet) But it’s like this guy says… “I’m afraid I’ll have to transform into a virtual waifu to stay relevant on YouTube” It’s just a way of selling your videos, and it comes across as pretty lazy. Especially when you go a step further and instead of just… Grinding constantly and trying to get those videos into the recommended, You pay money to have more people see them by making them an advertisement. (wize words by Patter) FORTNITE ANIME CHICK. Oh my gosh! What else would you aim for in Fortnite? Okay. You could fake the gameplay very easily. I’m not saying that these people are, but it would be very easy to do so. It doesn’t matter if the gameplay is real. It doesn’t even matter if the views are real, because this is an advertisement. These entire channels could be completely manufactured! THESE COULD BE THE SAME PERSON! CONSPIRACY THEORY! Again, I’m not saying that I know anything about them I can’t even understand their dialogue for goodness sake. I have to watch with closed captions so they could be great. I don’t know. It’s in JaPaNeSe. Okay, that’s all the ads I have, but I have one other thing I want to do. Yeah, it’s like the first thing to pop up, that’s a good sign. It has really good reviews! “It also made my phone pretty fast. At least I found the best launcher for my… ‘abdroid’.” These are probably very real reviews. All right. Well, let’s give it a go I guess. OH DEAR. OH DEAR THIS WANTS ACCESS TO EVERYTHING! well for science Hey guys do you wanna play some Daequan soundboard? Alright, select your wallpaper. I have this as a current one, but we’ll go with the one you recommend. No, stop. What did I do? Okay, this is was not here… STOP NO NO Whaydoin? Okay. Well I mean… STAPH oh gosh… Nothing is working Go back to my home. Go back home. Stop. Go back home. Go back go back home I can’t if I hit the home button this pops up. I don’t want to select CM Launcher! Okay. Now it’s back to the way it was… What the heck? All kinds of stuff. I don’t want them controlling my things. Okay, WHAT IS THIS?!? I just want to get the Pentagon theme. COME ON! oh they got a cute cat theme Ah here it is okay. It’s got a lot of downloads. Okay do it Okay Whoa I’m not gonna lie. This is this looks pretty cool. But give me my phone background. Oh now it’s just a picture. Great. Okay So,
basically what CM Launcher does is it gives you two home menus… You get the CM Launcher one and your regular one. Your regular one just changes the background to a still picture, which is actually not a very good quality, and if you go to the CM launcher one which it WANTS to make your default homepage… …It gives you this weird page It gives you like still all your apps, but I don’t trust this. It also wants permissions with everything. But before we… STOP Give me the cute cat. I wanna cute cat theme. Oh my gosh. From Super Moist? Oh my gosh guys… It’s just like Nintendogs. CAT CAT GIVE ME ATTENTION! CAT LOVE ME! LOVE MEEE! I don’t think it’s terribly malicious, but I don’t want this on my phone anymore. Okay? I can hit my home button. All right. Well, this has been… An adventure in science. If you find more anime let’s play channels… Please send them to me. (okay Patter sure will) For ad purposes. Now do my outro. Catch. He hates me. English Subs by AlmightyJamFod Japanese

100 thoughts on “Awful Youtube Ads

  1. the monkey one was baby shark but with monkeys lol edit: why is this "gameplay" or anime love story games shadowtime? lol

  2. 5:10 not gonna lie, my sister watches those videos ALL DAY. It drives me up the wall, and to make it EVEN WORSE, she watches crap like My Little Pony JUST BECAUSE SHE KNOWS I HATE IT!!!! Not to mention she LEGITIMATELY likes that crap. Yes, poor kids.

  3. I used to own CM, it gave me too many ads. Plus none of the wallpapers worked for me :p

    Took me too long to get rid of ads even after I deleted it.

  4. Android: SELECT LAUNCHER!!
    Peter: *keep pressing home button*
    Peter: *still pressing the god damn home button*
    Android: i am a joke to you?

  5. Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me KILL MEE!!!!!!

  6. I don't recommend CM or anything because it drains your battery with a bunch of ads. But the thing where you get the option to choose your launcher is how literally all of the non default launchers work. The system sees you have 2 launchers so doesn't know which one to use as default, that's all that was about.

  7. today we're talking about loot-crates

    T H I S V I D E O I S S P O N S O R E D B Y 🅱️ A L M A R T

  8. I miss Tv ads now. These adds are so dishonest and useless that it actually makes me want to go back to watching TV again

  9. My last favorite ads on YouTube are the ones that have, like, their cat or dog in the shot just to up the cuteness factor. Like they think we're going to download your app just because your cat is cute.

  10. The ads on my home page are always top notch even though they aren’t videos. I’ve been seeing some gay-baiting interactive stories that seem pretty terrible. They’re like “oh, should I kiss him back?” But the best one I’ve gotten, I’m not joking, is 420 Singles.

  11. I mean i love Junos videos! And I understand the Japanese ARs! But you know those "Anime girls" are some times dudes

  12. youtube:
    peter plays a game in this video. its called
    Anime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨
    actual content: reviewing ads

  13. But really, the no copyright roblox-clad dubstep music in the background of the first CM Launcher ad proved its cringeyness

  14. Wish makes ads saying stuff like bone for $2 when it is a normal price if not even more expensive when a product is pre-owned

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