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Avengers Infinity War New Character Posters

Avengers Infinity War New Character Posters

Y’know it’s really interesting Black Panther coming out so close to Avengers Infinity War

100 thoughts on “Avengers Infinity War New Character Posters

  1. What does black panther have to do with marvel moving infinity war release date up and not having the time to advertise?

  2. I just don't think that much thought was put into, that they thought let's put some of the main characters on a poster in groups of 3 or 4. I don't think they thought it would be dissected and discussed as its meaning behind who is in a group or why they are in a certain pose or i could be wrong! But who knows? PS. I'm just pontificating anyway like everyone else

  3. Hahaha yes Grace, I see the Stucky baiting. 😂😂

    My favorite's the power stone poster: I actually found Pratt's stance w/his gun pretty dynamic.

  4. Stop courting controversy Grace. Your comments about Cap and Bucky being a potential item are becoming overbearing. You should just stop it because it's becoming distasteful.

  5. Am I the only person who thinks that the soul stone isn’t going to be on earth? Really Grace, I don’t think they will make it that simple.

  6. Yo, what if Scarlet Witch is a Skrull? Hence her being up front? It’s strange that Dr Strange isn’t up front on the green.

  7. ugly fanboys freaking out because they can't deal with Cap and Bucky being bisexual. I am bisexual and I've dated women in the past but I married a men because I fell in love with him. Anyway, it doesn't matter how much they try to deny, Steve and Bucky have the strongest relationship in the MCU, full of chemistry and intensity, their love transcends death, war, time and brainwashing. Deal with it. We deserve some representation too

  8. The poster protagonist needs to be an Avenger, this being an Avengers' movie. Therefore Black Panther not getting one.

  9. Stop with "Stuckey" No matter how obvious it may seem, it would NEVER happen. As much as a gay romance in the mainstream MCU would be fantastic, it's not a thing, not just yet. These two have such a great friendship, it is painful to rank it as a romance, they are best friends, the greatest of friends. Two men going to the ends of the Earth for each other does not qualify as romance.

  10. I’m disappointed Gamora isn’t one of the big characters on this poster. Come on, she’s the daughter of Thanos! She needs a bigger part than Star Lord

  11. I think the main influence behind seeing these "obvious" Stuckey hints is wanting to see it, or expecting to see it. If you want to see something you will. Not saying it isn't or is a thing, just saying that's the main reason why you're seeing these hints

  12. I believe the "soul stone" is with Heimdall, and that he will flee to Wakanda to hide from Thanos.  This is why Thanos will attack Wakanda.  Also, Black Panther did not "come" in so close to "Infinity Wars"…MCU "shorten the window" for publicity time frame by moving the release date up.  This was/is a wise business move on the part of MCU however…to have Infinity War "ride in" on the excitement from Black Panther, (many who showed up for his movie will show up for Infinity Wars to see what he does next).  Black Panther WAS an advertisement for Infinity Wars…really???  SMH…  In fact, many people who were not "into" the MCU movies are going back to watch them after seeing Black Panther, (I had to give out the names of the movies because I have seen them all-whew).I think since Black Panther was the last "standalone" superhero movie and all the others have been around longer it was only righteous for them to be featured in the posters, and not him.  Also, since Black Panther was #1 in so many areas, he really does not need the added publicity, A true superhero knows how to "play his/her position" which means knowing when to be "out front", and when to step back and allow others to lead.

  13. Captain America is a man who has traveled into the future. He belongs to another time. The only human being who traveled with him, that he knows to be his friend, is Bucky. So nothing wrong with "Stucky." If you are implying something gay though, that would be Sucky. They are close friends for life. Nothing more.

  14. Are you trying to IMPLY that Steve likes Bucky in a romantic way???  They were raised like brothers…also Steve's eyes are no where near looking at Bucky…smh…your mind is in the gutter.

  15. I think Gamora's soul will turn out to be the SoulStone. Thanos called her his favorite 'daughter' and I don't think it's a coincidence we see a little bit of their background story and connection in the trailer. My theory is that the wielder of the gauntlet needs to care for the person he's killing in order to create a Soulstone.

  16. Tachala just had his spotlight. He realy doesnt need it when his movie might still be playing in cinemas right before infinity war drops. Share the love

  17. My prediction!! Thanos gets the soul stone from Heimdale. We cant see it on any of the trailers because it on his thumb!!! Heimdale's soul, as well as everyone on the ship, gets sucked into the soul stone. Thanos kills Loki in front of Thor and Loki's soul goes into the soul stone. 2nd act – on Titan, whilst team cap goes to Wakanda. Gamora dies on Titan (Thanos says to her "They will miss you") and her soul goes into the soul stone. 3rd Act in Wakanda – Captain America is the last to die and his soul goes into the soul stone. Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel kills Thanos in Infinity Wars 2. Guardians 3 is Adam and the Guardians getting Gamora, Loki, Heimdale and Cap out of the soul stone!!

  18. My favourite poster is the space stone one and second favourite the power stone then the time stone then the reality stone and then the mind stone

  19. I think tony will die since spider man never had a father figure in the mcu and Ironman is basically taking the role model figure for Peter, and since they are missing the iconic dead uncle spider man scene I think they will do this with tony and Peter instead of Peter and his uncle

  20. Whose got the time to critique posters?? lol. They're great looking posters don't get me wrong but like it's a poster haha. This woman thinks way too much when it comes to this stuff…..

  21. Black Widow's eyebrows were not darkened. In the scene where she's fighting the black order, they are dark. Unfortunately when she steps in the sun, her eyebrows are a lot lighter because of the light reflecting off of them which, you are right, isn't a good look lol. But she's hot with or without eyebrows so

  22. I don't understand why you can't just be great friends like frodo and Sam lol, were they in love too? Can't see it all just a great bromance 👊💪

  23. All of these posters are just mixing up the characters because they're going to be fighting side by side with each other. The colors are more vived than the original posters. I love them all but I think my favorite one is the purple poster where Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy are all finally united.

  24. "Next to an Arc Reactor, maybe?"

    Plus, rewatch the end of Iron Man 3. Tony no longer has an Arc Reactor in his chest, he got all the shrapnel taken out, so he no longer needs it.

  25. The soul stone is used by the Golden people from guardians to for themselves and powers their batteries. Just like the teseract was used by the Red Skull did for weapons.

  26. All I know is that Cap’s worst nightmare (as seen in Age of Ultron) could easily be interpreted as “the war is over and there’s no excuse left to postpone that dance with Peggy”….

  27. There was this funny comment I saw on Facebook where someone said "Hawkeye, Antman, Valkyrie, Nick Fury, and Loki are in the non-existent Soul Stone Poster."

  28. Beyond The Trailer: Great Video as always. Steve and Bucky is real tight like family…. If you have siblings, you would try to understand. But you are truly right about one thing — Marvel should own this for sure.

  29. I just found this channel today and since then I've been watching ur Avengers videos. Look closely though, and on the RDJ poster the bottom is the same exact way the Aether is. Also RDJ if u look close he has just a little bit of orange on his face and in other posters he is on the soul stone.

  30. And all the posters are the colors of the infinity stones and there's only five, where's the sixth poster? The soul stone colored poster

  31. Grace Remember this is after civil war. I don’t expect rhode and falcon to get along well after what happened to his leg. Am talking about the mind stone poster. Explains y they are back facing each other.

  32. It doesn't really bug me that Black Panther is not a lead on any of the posters, the reason being that he's not one of the original avengers from the first Avengers movie, he's one of the newest and albeit one of the most popular, but he also JUST had one of the BIGGEST movies so I think it makes sense if the posters are mainly the original homies. (I think Scarlet Witch is kinda like a replacement for Hawkeye because he was kind of a father ish figure for her in Ultron, but idk)

  33. Stucky baiting 😂 but I think the Wanda poster is my favorite. She doesn’t get enough credit or attention. I also don’t feel like falcon and war machine are random on it because they all had that cool Age of Ultron end scene where they’re training to be on the avengers team. Does anyone else really not like the black widow and hulk relationship? I think it’s super weak. And yeah that captain America poster is a hot mess. I have a strong feeling Nebula is going to die in this movie

  34. I thought the nebula friendship was Wanda which would make so much sense judging by the fact that they were posed together on the et covers

  35. Lol so much reaching a-la-the-"Stucky"-thing in this video. Bucky and Steve are best friends Grace! More like brothers actually. To suggest something other than that and to take issue with them being somewhat paired up is more of a reflection of yourself than it is an indictment of Marvel. Not only are they best friends, they are also the only connection they have to the time they come from – the 1940's. Come on, Grace! Honestly. Give it a rest. Cap's poster is one of my favourites precisely because of the fact that he and Bucky are side by side. It's the most important relationship in the MCU to date. Think of Frodo and Sam. Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett. Lee and Carter. Brothers for life!

  36. I believe that the power stone is in the Wakandas flower since when you drink the flower you become almost immortal.powerful even. I also believe that the power stone is in the Wakanda flower because the flower glows purple and it's liquid form is purple too . The normal color of the flower is purple too. The power stone literally says power in its name.

    I hope you will comment on what you think about my theory!

  37. Halkeye has the Soul Stone. Nah. It's just a childish theory, because of the T-H-A-N-O-S thingy.

  38. Refuse to see the obvious hints? Maybe some people are just making too much of it. Their friends, that’s why they’re together. Somebody doesn’t like Cap. Look at this pose. ‘Why are they together? Look at what they’re hinting at.’ What a load of rubbish.

  39. Bimbo the reason Black Panther is not the Main face on the poster he is on is because he has his own Infinity War Chant commercial !!!

  40. Everytime Captain America or Winter Soldier are even mentioned in the MCU Grace Randolph: FUCKING STUCKY, Let. It. Go. Grace.

  41. i dont think the soul stone is in earth or anyone in earth. because the stones are too powerful and have to be spread out around the universe. itll be dumb to have more than 1 stone in earth since they have a whole universe to hide them. and it could also be heimdall

  42. Lool didn't Grace talk about how they needed to take risks with the film. Now she's talking negatively about the risks they took. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. I'm not surprised, she's so transparent tbh. I can't be bothered with Marvel on this channel 😂

  43. A LOT of people seem to don't see the Stucky references here in the comments, but in general I think it is preeetty obvious to people that Marvel at least acknowledges their possible romantic relationship. It's the obvious love tropes and romantic poses. If Bucky were a woman, people would be screaming asking why they aren't a thing yet and I'm not saying that Stucky should become a thing, even though I would be okay with it, I'm saying that Marvel uses this "thing" between them and that it is obvious. I definitely see what you mean and I believe a lot of people do too.

  44. My ranked group character stone poster –
    1) Time Stone Poster
    2) Space Stone Poster
    3) Power Stone Poster
    4) Mind Stone Poster
    5) Reality Stone Poster

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