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AUDITIONS GONE WRONG Angry Contestants & More | Idols Global

AUDITIONS GONE WRONG Angry Contestants & More | Idols Global

No Aria Shanti Shanti actually what I think I thought it was just very old-fashioned very cabaret Very affected just didn’t get it. Did you want to see more energy no? It’s a location what I want actually don’t want to see anything. It’s just it’s just you a shanty Wow Guess what that old kind of soul R&B singer sister you are well, I Just sounds old-fashioned. No matter what you do Did I engage you did I hole it yes all that? That’s tough randy. I got a bath – you look amazing though. I got a pass stuff Yeah, I think I think you should Go up for some Broadway audition. – honestly let me sing something ok – Auntie. It’s a nurse We have so get changing my mind. I mean you don’t understand I do you don’t I do you don’t I have fought so hard for this No, I shan’t see with it a chevy with the greatest respect you takin already two spots in Hollywood It didn’t work out then but how is my intonation? How’s my timing? How is my pitch with anything, okay? Great problem was you didn’t get your voice together. There was a problem with my voice ten times What do you need to hear from me? It seems the auditions here in New York I’ve taken a melodramatic turn prepare yourself for these are the days of our idols I Don’t know how to say this but I feel it and I know that you know what I’m talking about I know that you know that I can do this and I know that you have watched me grow And I know that you know what it’s like to struggle with your weight and the struggle with the music And I have waited and I worked harder than anybody Anybody up there and every time I got more and more Encouragement and opinion it and I’ve internalized it And I have fought harder than I ever thought me to be capable of fighting And I understand your position But I really in the depths of my soul belief that you don’t have this right In the depth of my soul, I know That it was America got a chance. That’s the only thing you haven’t given me. It’s the chance for America to view me That’s the only thing and if America saw me people who loved me These three are American and they don’t – that’s the problem and did a near where it anything yes anything? Ash, ash, Auntie Auntie. Sorry. It’s a nut It was a pleasure to meet you I still think you’re making a move And before I leave this room If there’s anything I can do to change your mind It didn’t work. You weren’t good enough today. Get over it, It’s a no. Okay, Sorry. Thank you. Oh, for God’s sake Dreaming about you and me Can I ask you a question? Do you in your heart, really think you can sing? No. Okay, that’s really helpful. So why are you here? Listen to me, I’m not a singer. Oh, wow, we agree. Your standing there shaking your head the entire time I’m belting. You are – Paula, you’re looking at him, and you’re laughing at me. No, I’m laughing with you. So you came because you wanted to be on TV. No. Why are you why are you here? Now I’m gonna get all emotional um. I’m not a singer. No, we’ve got that. You know I really love to sing, I really do, and my friends make fun of me all the time because I’m tone deaf but Yeah, well yeah, that’s true. I don’t need to hear you say it. I know it. Okay, fair. Even if I don’t sing, I can be the next American idol. Why? And you want to know why? Yeah, I’d love to know why. You want to know why? Yeah. Because I’ve never sung before. And so you can teach me how to sing oh yes. Huh? Yes, I think I practice I practice with like music I can’t believe I’m crying this much. I think you don’t have to sing to be an American idol I really don’t I think Paris Hilton can’t really sing. She’s not an American Idol. I’m actually aware of that. I know you don’t realize it, but I am a little but smart here don’t these people behind just turn around see these five winners and one thing and they were all great singers This is a singing competition It’s not a competition of like trying to find the best person that can’t sing but really wants you. You know what Randy? Yes, these people can sing yes, I can but I could be the only American idol who has never say before hey I can’t sing either. Look at this, I’m unique! Woooo! Sarah I don’t think there’s anything left to say I think you actually said it all You entered a singing competition and you don’t sing so What do you think we’re gonna say we have to we have to know yes or no well no Paul are you for though -? It’s a no sorry And I’m sorry that you’re upset and you guys are eating dancing So you got what you wanted you got some fame out of what I wanted are you kidding? I? Wanted to be the next minute Thanks, Sarah And just beginning no, it’s not if you get it. That’s pretty obvious Well at least she’s not harboring any resentment towards the judges. It’s absolutely rude like you are people We are people, too Just because we don’t have a million dollars If we don’t have singing deals doesn’t mean that we don’t have lives and doesn’t mean that we don’t have important things, not luck New York is weird today as the weird day today I have become friends with these guys yeah I remember and with Ray and Jen and build a security guy because I am betty or forever And you know what they told me that these people went out last night drinking in New York City until 3:00 IN THE MORNING!! AND THAT IS RUDE! On the main line we have him on the rebound okay, okay? Ready oh. God do not any note say. Thank you didn’t mean it that way my Three Syllables Hollywood like it mother Do you know are you real? Just real I’m breathing. I’m real ani annum. Let me tell you what this was he and this was a very hammy bad audition for you as Something you aspire to be which obviously isn’t a singer And you it’s bad. It’s not funny. You’re not good at anything and This is all your nail. I and I am finish it and what a demerit time. I finished yet. Okay, it’s Just rubbish Rubbish Rubbish that’s British for garbage like what is that right rubbish? Who there’s no woo, no idiot now. We’re doing it Who are you move it outside? I will revive you remember working in the I’m bored of you I wouldn’t be bored of you know as a Taxing American in haikyuu goes I want to see your working visa because I don’t think you’re legally in in. I’m bored I’m bored with you. I don’t think it’s fair that you’re avoiding me like that. Take Mr.. Boring out Mr.. Boring out Who are you all what hat is this one? Oh, this is the most ridiculous thing ever? My face should be right here, and you have the audacity that I’m getting outside by security because I’m such a threat you’re that You’re not even American in your country, and you’re going to tell me what an American idol I I have now look at this with oh First off he just threw me out of there after I started singing Do you have any idea why yes because he’s a moron. That’s why and second what Ps See what I’m doing when I leave out You know I’m going to be doing I’m calling national geographic to let them know that the dodo bird is not expected in there And his name is Simon Cowell. Hey Well, this is interesting isn’t it crazy right ian. How do you think it went? How do I think I went how do you think I want to be buying my own ticket to Hollywood? First-class because they have the money to do that First one second one Hollywood is New Jersey with celebrities. It’s not even that great On every single show we need a british to judge us Americans. I’m sick of it Paula Abdul’s didn’t even talk on my behalf She’s sitting there like she’s in the middle of world who are 80? What’s the wrong with her? She could have swore she could have opened up and said something Okay, okay, okay, Junie. What normally happens when you perform in public? Depends I mean I sang with George Clinton. They liked it there you know sometimes when I sing other places You know I can get like arrested Why would you get a wrist and just difference? Okay, all right. It was fantastically terrible dearly, but all right I mean like dick pop artists you notice if you do someone to chick doing something like zeppelin or Christoph see why Chris top secret watching Chris. Talk to you the rock guy? Yeah, the season’s classless No, I don’t think rational advice is necessary It just wasn’t dry time anything. Thank you very much. Thank you very much indeed Why do you think you didn’t get along? Without those guys know what was the what do you think I don’t know just I don’t know what Huh, I don’t know whatever reason How would you sum up date two in New York State two or three? Bra serious – okay, how many for you? Three I think that pretty much sums it up Thanks for watching thank you. Thank you Julie And on that note. I’m going home All right, thank you How do you think he did not too shabby box out of ten? Like out of 1/10 scale. How do you think I think I did eight? All right nice honestly One of the boys I’ve ever heard in my life the worst yeah honestly Are you just saying that to get on my nerves are you totally serious? Because something tells me that I think you saying it to annoy me but What makes you audition for this competition? All my friends told me that I was an awesome singer what Mary you can’t sing a note I mean, no you can you not sing a note in tune you have one of the Weirdest voices I’ve ever heard in my life well weirdnesses originality, too well Yeah, okay. Good point. Well. You know at least I’m not gonna walk out of here Crying like some people do no, I don’t want you to mary are you here being like hey, whatever? Yes, yeah Would you like me to sing like myself? I have a ton of different voices Right what were those? You don’t want to hear them give a lot of voices, huh? Yeah, are they talking all the time yeah? I think so. What do they thing now they’re saying I didn’t know judges on American idol would actually think I was terrible They’re also saying mark McGrath is a hottie they’re also saying good judge um oh Y’all look different in person. I pictured you to be bigger. I You’re prettier than I thought you were You look better than I thought you were The soundtrack to this section. I think should be violin music Mary I think we’re just going to say no and wish you lots of luck. Oh beauties. Yeah, definitely You seriously think I’m one of the worst things you’ve ever heard I actually do mary yeah, yeah Thank you. You really thought I was gonna make it hollywood and I can’t believe the outcome but whatever Amy Manny Thank you. Thanks, Mary. Thank you so much I’m never Gonna chew my finger again ever I’m going to go to beautiful style hair. That’s all good You’re not going to lose sight I’m not going to be what I do. I’m not gonna be I’m not Gonna start crying I’ve heard from many many many different people that I have an amazing voice All my friends have told me that I had an amazing boy Brandon people. I don’t know told me that I could really sing so All that would tell me that they’re wrong But still the fact of these setbacks That doesn’t make me want to pursue any kind of singing career Not unless I’m going to be a lead singer in a rock band now. I want to say big to simon and Randy and Martin Grass even though he’s a hottie I won’t deny that Although I’m not going to say Paula because at least she was nice and at least she was sweet She’s got the sweet heart and I can’t say anything bad about her. Oh It’s that off her chest mary collected herself enough for one last performance. I know I gave you your freedom But I still feel time since you’ve never heard good But you know you lad said we weren’t right to insist that we were wrong Why didn’t you realize through her for you then me oh wow? But remains my empty shell I want a human tight as I could That one brought in in my personal hell you you you

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  2. Iโ€™m not being a smartass at all but can someone tell me if the first girl was being serious? When she โ€œcriedโ€ she had no actual tears. She seemed awfully rehearsed in her speech. Tell me it was some publicity stunt for the show…..??

  3. So triggered! Not everyone can get a trophy people! Get over yourselves. Mary is the red shirt was something out of a karaoke horror movie. Absolutely horrible and creepy!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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    The third person; this guy was so funny ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

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  6. First person: actress (sooo good) aka drama queen
    Second person: psychopath( im unique whoooo) aka weirdo
    Third person: needs help (three syllables hol-ly-wood) aka another psychopath
    Fourth person: cowboy junkie (i get arrested) aka idiot
    Fith person: passive aggressive weirdo ( weirdness is originality) aka soft voice cliper ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  7. 13:15–13:41 the ramblings of a mad woman, good god someone get her a bottle of water or something

  8. Some are Delusional, some have a half make talents as Simon said, gee why their friends don't advise them to stop going threre and create a drama it's embarrassing really

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    2 – a reason why doing drugs is a bad idea
    3 – A bad Pee Wee Herman wannabe
    4 – WTF
    5 – See #2

  10. โ€œThe dodo bird is not extinct, itโ€™s in there and its name is Simonโ€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. They would be good in regional theatre . They could take a class or two in theatre arts . They need to develop a better stage presence and learn theatrical courtesy .

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