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Audi Presents: An Avant Story

Audi Presents: An Avant Story

Everyone has their own story, how they got to this moment. Mine began, before I can even remember. My father, my mother, and me. Our family, together. In her love, in his strength, my passion was instilled. Many other times and many other places, that wouldn’t be true. But here, always, it was. For me that lit a match inside I never wanted to go out. So, I didn’t let it. Now that match is a torch. Guiding my life towards its fuel. Even to things they tell me I can’t have, yet anyway… Until then, the fire I imagine, is stoked here. From the beginning, I dreamt of the beginning. But time and age steal our unicorns away, if we let them. A dream can only get you but so far. Eventually you’ll want, you’ll need, something real… Something you can see… Something you can feel… Something that makes the visions of what could be, more vivid than before. Who am I kidding? If it were that easy, it wouldn’t be worth the heartache. Years would pass before something reeled me back in again. So, life goes on, and me along with it. We don’t get to choose when our next chapter starts. It’s the moments we least suspect that change everything. Yep, that was one for me right there. Little did I know, how many more moments like this I was in for. It’s funny how quick priorities change. Now it’s my turn to help her find that fire, wherever that takes her. Well, ok I might have nudged her, just a little…. Everything begins with a dream. What happens next is up to me, because now, the dream is real.

100 thoughts on “Audi Presents: An Avant Story

  1. One of the best ads ever, for all the true wagon fans out there, admit it! You got a bit emotional too! I still dream of owning a B5 RS4…

  2. Daaamn, i'm huge BMW fan, but i still had 6 min ghostbumps nonstop and started to cry at middle, and was freaked out how the new RS-6 will look like, amazing

  3. Audi RS6 Avant: 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds

    Audi RS6 Avant ad: 0 to eyes watering in far less than 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

  4. I just want to know, what that dude do in his life. He got always the new RS4 and RS6 and a really good home. What the hell is his job? I want to work with him 😀

  5. Rs6 2017 года лучше !!!! Но все равно есть что-то в новой что прям притягивает например салон и фары .Ауди это легендарная марка ❤️❤️❤️

  6. For me as a BMW guy I have to say I got constantly goosebumps while watching. Real big video. So much emotion. Good job Audi.

  7. This is the best Audi commercial ever! Give that man a raise! Not only with in 6 mins I felt everything intended I dropped a tear. I felt the 🔥 and the excitement. You sir have achieved exactly what you wanted. As a proud owner of two audi s5 sportback and sq5 I can’t wait till I grow up 😉 and graduate to a rs6

  8. This is the greatest bit of car news I have seen in my whole life. Forget the 304 mph bugatti, toyota supra, or porsche taycan. The Audi RS6 coming to America beats all of it! Thank you so much Audi, car enthusiasts will never forget this!

  9. Mom: why did u cry my dear?
    Me: i didn't cry.. i just.. sobs you know, that audi just passing by quickly and the dust were flying into my eyes..

  10. Me: daddy, can we get the new rs6?
    Dad: no son
    Me: but we can afford it!
    Dad: don’t care I want to get a Volvo XC90
    Me: 😵

  11. This is a car that how a husband, a wife, 2 young kids and 2 dogs in the trunk altogether goes to jail (Esipecially in the fcking USA where speed limit is 70 Mph), while they all listen to "Faster" from the "White Temptation" and do not even realise that they are doing around 205 Mph, until the F.cking Fox News chopper showing you live on the TV, with 20 + cop cars trying to catch you on the highway!!!
    Thanks to Audi, my motions got f.cked up even more because neither my parents or I have never been able to offer owing a RS6/4. Never gonna be able to pay that amount of money anyway. 🙂 This psychopath wolf in suit clothes (RS6 Avant) is cost around $390 Thousand USD in my home country, where average/minimum wage is around $450 per month. Goddamn insurance of this car cost around something like 50 Thousand USD per year in our currency. I Could sell my liver and lungs for paying the insurance and yearly fuel cost (Resembles paying 7 USD for per liter of gas, while this monster drinks around 20 Liters of petrol per 100 Km) but even selling my triplex house that is 8000 Yards from one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coast beaches still cannot buy this car. I hate you Audi.

  12. oh God!!! this is so emotional! a masterpiece that left me crying and i don't know why… it's speechless, it's so good… make me think how important can be a car in ours lifes… the editor of this deserve an oscar!

  13. Ok, but how did they manage to find that many men/ children that looked that similiar?
    Also, they woulda totally put the cherry on the top if the little girl was driving a new Audi in her Twenties.

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