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Attraction Marketing Is The Best Way To Advertise Online | http://careerfh.com

Attraction Marketing Is The Best Way To Advertise Online | http://careerfh.com

Are you incorporating attraction marketing
for your business? If not, I think you’re missing out on a goldmine my friend. Hey, good day folks, I’m André Givogue,
your friendly host here for CareerFH! Attraction marketing is the proper way to
promote any business online. This model is so important that it should be taught in schools. Often we’re taught to have a great product,
then do an awesome sales pitch and then, life is great. People online are more savvy than
ever and don’t want to feel like salesman are out there to “get” them. Instead, prospects
and potential buyers want to make their own research and come up with their own conclusion. Now if instead of being perceived as a “cheesy
sloppy salesman” you were perceived as a knowledgeable expert teacher. Would that change anything? You want to be positioned where people can
learn from your expertise and come up with their own conclusions. Attraction marketing
is essentially empowering your prospect to be more informed so they can make better educated
decisions. The real beauty is that you can achieve that by giving value. Instead of spending your money on countless
ads, throwing sales pitch one after another, you just got to give a little bit of your
time as an educator and share your knowledge. Think of it this way; a traditional sales
beginner will tell someone that something is good therefore to buy it. It’s entirely
a shotgun approach and is a numbers game. Attraction marketing on the other hand focuses
on teaching the “why” it’s so good and beneficial. Professional sales people incorporate attraction
marketing naturally through teaching, education, sharing knowledge, building value and storytelling.
It’s still a numbers game but with all the odds in their favor. You should strive to give value by sharing
your knowing, demonstrating your expertise and just genuinely giving a mass amount of
good will to enrich their lives with honorable and true intent. People are smarter than ever. They have a
“BS Detector” and can smell a mile away if your sincere or not. A good way to have attraction
marketing work for you is to have one or a combination of the following: a blog, an e-mail
newsletter, a video channel, a special report, etc.. Like everything attraction marketing is like
a recipe. There’s a formula to become an almost instant credible authority on the internet
and if you implement that for your internet, affiliate or network marketing business you
will see significant amount of results. It’s not the salesman the problem, it’s the approach. Because attraction marketing is so powerful,
I’m still debating whether I should share this or not. But since you like my stuff and
I attract positive like minded people, I believe you’re a genuinely a good person with positive
intent. Besides, I truly believe we are in a world of abundance therefore I’m not too
concern about sharing this formula with you. If you go to Rob’s website (I’ll post the
link in the description), he’ll give you access to his free 46 minute video training that
he did. He’ll reveal to you his 4-step formula to create online authority through attraction
marketing and show you how he made 440% more sales and how you can implement those same
strategies for your business. What about you, do think there’s still room
for the traditional newbie sales techniques or will attraction marketing put those out
to instinction? Share your thoughts and comments down below
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