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“Attorney Advertising Hype”

“Attorney Advertising Hype”

00:06 Matthew Dolman: If you reside in Florida,
especially in Tampa Bay area or in South Florida, the Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm
Beach County areas, you’re inundated by advertising by personal injury law firms and lawyer referral
services. And you probably ask yourself, “Are these
good attorneys? Who should I call if I’m involved in a personal
injury accident if I’m physically injured as a result of someone else’s negligence? Do lawyer referral service have any special
ability as compared to the attorneys who are not members of such? And are the attorneys on billboards any more
competent than the lawyers that I can find by doing my own research on the internet?” 00:42 MD: Keep in mind the following: I’m
not here to cast views on attorneys that advertise. I advertise. I do a lot of work on the internet. Most of it’s non-paid; I don’t pay for… I don’t do pay-per-clicks. I do a lot of blogging. You’ll see a couple of my billboards in town
so I can get some word-of-mouth. I started my practice four years ago after
leaving a prominent personal injury law firm. But I understand the need for advertising. At the same point, keep in mind that advertising
is a lot of fluff. It’s a lot of hype. Picking an attorney off of a billboard because
he or she looks very good posing next to a motorcycle or they promise that they’re gonna
do the best for you and give you personal attention, that might not always be the truth. Some of them are telling the truth, but are
they all? 01:30 MD: That’s a question you need to ask
yourself. And the way you find out the information is
by going online and doing research. Look at the reviews that attorney has generated. Go to Avvo.com, A-V-V-O. That’s an attorney database. Go online, look at their Google reviews. Look to see what former clients have said. Look to see what other attorneys in the community
say about that attorney. Figure out their reputation, learn about it. Learn about their experience. Learn about what they write and publish on
the topic they’re speaking of. How common they are in terms of personal injury
litigation. Do they litigate their own cases or did they
outsource it through another lawyer when the going gets tough? Are they very well-versed in medical information? How competent is your lawyer? 02:13 MD: Throwing up a billboard does not
mean you’re competent. Calling yourself a motorcycle injury lawyer
does not mean you’re a motorcycle injury lawyer. Riding a motorcycle does not make you any
better in court handling a motorcycle injury claim. Lawyer referral services, we see them all
day long. Are their lawyers any more competent than
anyone else? No. Absolutely not. It’s not to say that every lawyer who belongs
to a lawyer referral service is incompetent. Many of them are very competent. In fact, I don’t pass any generalizations
on them. But less than a year ago, 411-Pain, which
is a prominent lawyer referral service, entered into a settlement with the Florida Attorney
General’s Office for misleading advertisements. One of the biggest problems was they made
advertisements in which and did, one could infer, that their lawyers had some type of
specialty, some type of skill. And they were told not to do that again. 03:04 MD: Recently, a 411-Pain advertisement,
a non-attorney spokesperson gets on and says they’ve cultivated a network full of attorneys,
and if there’s only one 401-Pain, but there’s… And she named the exact number of attorneys
that are registered with the Florida bar, an approximate number of the thousands of
attorneys, why call them when you can get all your information by calling 401-Pain and
that they cultivated this network of attorneys. One might infer that those attorneys are better
than the others. 03:30 MD: The majority of the lead attorneys
in the state of Florida, the ones you’ll often see that are honored by Florida’s legal elite
from Law & Politics Magazine or Super Lawyers or members of the Million Dollar Advocates
Forum, they’re not members of lawyer referral services. A few of them are but most of them aren’t. So is that saying special skills? Absolutely not. Do lawyers that get on the air and radio ad
nauseum and telling them they’re your personal attorney, is it likely that that’s gonna be
your attorney when you actually call their law firm or that you’ll ever meet that lawyer? 04:01 MD: Find out. Go do your research. I’m not here to provide you with an answer,
but there’s plenty of research to be done online. Read their reviews. And don’t form your view off one review, there’s
always an angry client. We can’t make everyone happy in life. But the majority is the rule. When you see a lot of poor reviews, then they
raise some questions. If you see a lot of positive reviews, that
tells you something else. 04:25 MD: But just having enough money to
throw up advertisements or making it a mode of your business operation, your business
model to throw up advertisements everywhere around town, does not make you any better
than the next attorney. Okay? Sometimes it actually might make you worse. You might be a volume shop. Are you capable of providing quality representation
to the quantity of clients you have. That’s an important question. At my law firm, we attempt to give personal
attention to all our personal injury clients. And that’s not just lip service. 04:54 MD: I’d like you to find out more about
my firm. Check out the reviews online. I challenge you to do so. Call me; you’ll get me on my phone. I provide my cellphone on my business card. This isn’t an advertisement for Dolman Law
Group or Matt Dolman. This is just an informational service trying
to explain that you can find the best personal injury attorney by doing research. You owe it to yourself. You only have one day in court. You only have one chance to resolve your personal
injury claim and maximize the damages that are owed to you. This is it. It’s your one shot. Put your best foot forward and do your research. Thank you.

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