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AT&T Believe Celebrates One Year Promoting Positive Change in Communities Nationwide

AT&T Believe Celebrates One Year Promoting Positive Change in Communities Nationwide

♫ MUSIC ♫ (SIRENS) MARSHOMBE: In the last six months, I can attest to at least 10 kids that I know being killed. CEDRIC: Whenever something bad is going on, the individuals who are responsible for it tend to shirk into the darkness, but the ones who want to be an agent of change, rise to the forefront. “I just need you to fill out these three areas.” PAUL: Our employees choose to be the beacons of hope in those neighborhoods most affected by gun violence and we owe it to them to support that. EILEEN: We’re creating new jobs in the city of Chicago. More than 800 people have been hired. JEREMIAH: It’s like a whole different door. You have a future that you can definitely go after. ♫ MUSIC ♫>>Believe Detroit. We’re here to make an impact.>>We have about a hundred people from AT&T today. They are planting 80 spruce trees and putting up a fence.>>We’re in the heart of Trenton.>>100 AT&T employees are stepping up today and helping to actually plant food. MATT: And the food is then given to local charities including the soup kitchen right next door. ♫ MUSIC ♫ TRACY: We’ve got incredible cultural richness in Houston. We don’t have equal opportunity of advancement in Houston. PATTY: So that means if you want to go to a four year institution, you should go and we’re going to support you to do so. (APPLAUSE) CRESS: We’re able to do our whole portfolio of programs and that’s all thanks to AT&T’s funding and participation. VICTOR: We’re here to announce our Believe Cleveland initiative. Many in our community don’t have access to the technology that they need. MARSHA: We are going to be developing an IT career path for high school students through the Urban League of Greater Cleveland, and the partnership with the League. SHAY: Here in New York City, our stores will now become a community hub that allows parents and their caregivers to help their children stay safe online. We want to be seen as the safe space, the great place, where you can have conversations that go far beyond your phone or your tablet or your wireless service. RHONDA: We find that there’s so many skills that veterans bring back. Skills in leadership, teamwork. Skills in discipline. KATHERINE: We’re training 50 veterans in web development that are getting them on that pathway to higher paying jobs.>>So the Believe initiative in Pittsburgh it was decided would be about empowering our young people. CHRISTINE: All Star Code is focused on ensuring that young men of color can also participate in the technological world. AT&T has been such a special partner, giving us generous funding early on. DAVID: I feel like I have a future at this. It’s a really, really good feeling. TONI: So Believe Phoenix is an initiative that we took on to tackle the issue of food insecurity and hunger. ERIN: We’re going to be helping St. Mary’s Food Bank pack boxes for families that have food insecurity. BILL: Our aim is to reduce violent crime in Indianapolis through increased education and job skills and employee and community engagement. CHIEF BRYAN: AT&T is helping in that relationship with the community and the police is something that’s going to drive that violence down even further. ROBERTA: Let me know if you have been impacted by youth suicide. We’re trying to engage on an employee volunteer basis, of just taking care of our community’s youth. MANDY: I think it’s really important to listen to our kids, make sure that they have mentors across the board that can just bring that comfort to them. I’d like them to know that they are not alone and they are very much loved. ♫ MUSIC ♫ ANGELA: Believe Dallas is an opportunity to partner with the city, and the homeless service providers, to really help the lives of our homeless neighbors. We want to connect people with things that they need to help them stabilize and get their lives together. JOCELYN: This is the city of Las Vegas’ Courtyard Homeless Resource Center. So AT&T provided us with a very generous gift that allowed us to do transitional jobs. We hired folks directly from the Courtyard. It’s an opportunity for them to reenter the workforce, make some mistakes in a loving and caring environment, and get ready to reenter the full workforce. BOB: Believe Seattle will focus on improved outcomes for the homeless by focusing on education, food insecurity, gender equity, and diversity. JANIS: Treehouse is here giving foster kids a childhood and a future. To help kids have those kinds of experiences that otherwise would be completely unavailable to them. The grant that Believe Seattle provided to Treehouse will fund clothing for interviews and jobs. Anything you can imagine that a high school student needs to feel successful and complete. “Action!” JOHN: Film industry is the fastest growing industry in all of Atlanta. VANESSA: AT&T wants to partner with organizations to take these dreams that these young people have and help them become a reality. JOHN: This is a really good opportunity to help develop a workforce for a really important industry in our community. FRANCISCO: Los Angeles can be seen as a very glamorous city, but there are many Los Angeles’. ALEJANDRO: The mission of Promessa Boyle Heights is to close the achievement gap and really set into place a bridge for our students to have access to, to higher education from cradle to career. LUPITA: Through our support, we have seen their graduation rates increased by threefold. JOHN: I believe that one of the most important tools that we have in fighting poverty is simply creating more opportunities for success. MICHAEL: Believe New Orleans is all about impacting and uplifting New Orleans East. To focus on public beautification, STEM education, youth recreation, as well as workforce training. REBECCA: A lot of the problems we face in Lebanon are unemployment, opioid addiction. TONI: When AT&T opened the call center, it provided a great opportunity for our citizens here to raise their families, to have employment that allowed them to have a great way of life. WAYNE: We are launching our Believe Birmingham effort. The focus is on education and youth. LISA: We’re getting ready to open the districts first theme school, but what we have happening inside the building is the power of AT&T volunteers helping us to get ready for the first day of school and every day following that for this 2019/20 school year. HOOD: Believe Louisville is about better chances and second chances and we’re here at Shawnee High School in the west end of the Louisville and school’s starting and we got volunteers downstairs stuffing backpacks with school supplies for those kids. Those employees are engaged and making a difference in those kids’ lives when school starts back. JOAN: AT&T has incredible resources to share with communities in need and these communities are where our employees work and where our customers live and play. Do the right thing, change your world. I think these initiatives are right in the center of our corporate values. Reaching into the community and helping them meet their challenges. ♫ MUSIC FADES ♫

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