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It’s raining last night and The water is really very cold. So this is how important plants are. Well guys This is my personal Aquarium. I just decided to put my collection of Guppies here Hey guys. It’s another beautiful day. And you’re here back at Dexter’s World Channel Today we are going to make an update about this filtration system that we adopted This is quite different from the filtration system that we had before because before we used to have this plastic container as our bucket but in the new system that we have we have here a concrete tank and we made this as Bucket for our filtration system and you will see that it works well as what I have mentioned in my previous videos that the inflow of the water is Passing through this pipe that I have prepared and this pipe is placed Under the gravel and it contains holes and then the water will come out from the holes and passing through the small stones that we have here and as you can see The water that s coming out from the stones is really very clear. You see that water It’s really a clear water is indication of a good filtration system. Now today we Will also have an update about the fish you look at this one the fish are growing so fast And they are ready to be harvested Actually I’m planning to make a good harvest out of this fish But I decided to make a video on it first before I gonna harvest them Well, I’m standing here at the concrete tank. Also that is intended for our filter bucket you will see that this tank here for our filter bucket, and I’m gonna fill this with stones and the stones Will serve us our media, of course it will be mixed with other media like the Activated carbon and pine nets and maybe some deep woods that we can use as our media in the filtration of the water so this is it and we expect to finish this today and tomorrow we’re gonna make an update on how to go about this one and also, we are going to place the matting also of our tank prepared for our Aquatic class the imported aquatic plants now Now we will proceed to the tank of our balloon mollies because I’ve spotted Some babies of our balloon mollies, and I am so happy Because we have just newly purchased this balloon mollies and they are now Giving birth to some babies. Come on. Let’s proceed at the back of this house Yes, this is the tank of our balloon Molly’s it’s raining last night and water is really very cold and they already have made a tutorial on how to Deal with this cold temperature this cold water. We use the rock salt So I’m going to catch some of them here You will see them that they are so beautiful and very fun and I have just mixed them all Because this are all balloon mollies well No problem about it because they belong to the same species Balloon and Molly’s please just refrain from putting another kind of Molly Because it will really harm or it will really distract the quality of your breeding They will produce not any more balloon mollies, but the long body molly’s like the chocolate and even this 24k Molly’s so you will look at them. They’re just like pearl scale. Wow. This is good to see in a aquarium. You see that I’ll place them what I’d like this balloon mollies is the fact that they are Having bright colors, you see that one and they have already babies They really have baby plenty of babies that I have spotted over here Can we see this one? Yes, this are the babies of our balloon and they are all silver This are the babies Wow I’m so glad with this development that they already have babies I think there are around 20 of them and it’s normal because they’re still very young. I don’t even expect that they can already deliver babies Well, I am confident that they cannot get this one because the plants that I provided in the tank is so thick there are too many of plants over here and I am confident as I’ve said that their babies can just hide and The parents can not eat them. So this are our beautiful fish and many have asked Dexter What’s your favorite fish? Well, I already have said that aside from the koi My favorite fish is really guppy And if you will look at my personal aquarium inside my house It’s full of Guppies and maybe we can check this out it’s my first time to show this to you my personal aquarium and we will see if This guppies is that we have inside in this very beautiful aquarium for almost two months already is doing well, but before we gonna proceed inside we will see this 7 swordtail ( Wagtail) also have many babies so this is how important plants are because the plants really serve as the hiding place of This babies and this babies. I just born two days ago because I can recall that last Monday I have collected Plenty of babies from here and now we will go Inside and we will see our Guppy tank. So guy’s this is my personal Aquarium and this aquarium serves as the division of the kitchen and a living room and many years back I’ve been Petting and arowana, but it died So after the death of my Arowana, I placed this shark, but then it also died so I just decided to put my collection of guppies here inside in the aquarium and you will see that they are doing well and it really gives me Some sort of happiness. Every time I see them in the evening after every time I come home I would go directly to this aquarium Because they are really my source of joy and happiness will also my caves during night time used to stand by here and look at the activity of this beautiful guppies and you will see them that they have variety of colors their color combinations are really that Amazing is fantastic. You will see that they are actively eating their breakfast So we will also see at the back of this we will Look at the beauty of this aquarium at the other side of it So guys forgive me for this mess. Well, this is the things of My children and this is the room of my son This is the room of my daughter in another room over there And my room is located here the Masters bedroom and you will see that this aquarium is located At the middle of this cabinet I am making it appear part of this cabinet and made a small opening of this at the back of this? Aquarium this is very accessible when you go to the kitchen, so this is how I Beautify this cabinet with this Aquarium I hope guys you will Also be able to get some Some lessons out of this well, this guppy fish is really are the source of my joy and happiness and also the source of our Recreation during during our past time and I hope you will continue to like and share our videos and thank you for Your support guys. We are close to three hundred sixty thousand subscribers And I am so glad to reach this far and this is because of your help and also we have a website Dexters.World and we also have items for sale and you will see some Mugs, t-shirts that it’s very Available at the low cost low price. Thank you for watching only here at Dexter’s World Channel


  1. Nothing wrong with keeping guppies. The balloon mollies look great. Congrats on the molly fry. Thanks for sharing. Cheers from Michigan USA.

  2. dexter it is okay if the female gold fish and the male gold fish will be not separate in one conteaner

  3. Good stuff as always 🙂
    Dex, some time ago you spoke of your health and wanting to lose some weight… how are you now?

  4. I also have black balloon Molly before and they produce many fry, btu they die at the early stage, I am looking forward for these kind of mollies also, thanks sir Dexter

  5. HeRe iS mY pRiVaTe AqUaRiUm, WhErE i HaVe My GuPpY cOlLeCtIoN
    Yeah. That’s definitely not an Overstock
    (Nice aquariums though)

  6. Dexter, you should not put cheap guppies in your personal aquarium. You should put high quality guppies like albino blue topaz, purple grass, and tuxedo guppies😉 #NoHateJustLove

  7. great tank , im working toward to have the same , a colony of be mosaic guppies , mine are 4 months old , they still to small

  8. Hi sir Dexter i always watching your videos and I love all the beautiful fish especially the bettas keep it up from Guyana 🇬🇾

  9. Hi sir Dex.. can i just suggest something? Maybe you should try putting a cover in your Concrete filtration so it wont develop that much algae..

    Pa shout out dn po.. hehe. MORE POWER! GODBLESS sir!

  10. Even a professional fish breeder can experience fish dying in his care. That's quite a revelation. Keep breeding Dex.

  11. Hello from a Pinoy in Seattle!! Finally we get to see your own personal TANK Kuya!!im so HAPPY to know you have Guppies as your main Tank!!every body else in my family think its weird!? Cause I have a 55 gal. Tank of them😆😅😀😂

  12. I like this aquarium cabinet concept. It looks quite tall. How do you clean it? By the way, the guppies in this tank are all males, right?

  13. wow sir dexter those guppy is so beautiful and that tank is sick tho btw sir dexter why are you ignoring my chat on messenger

  14. Hi sir dexter. Can you tour us to your house. From common to most beautiful fish. 😀 srry bad language really love your vids.

  15. Dexter plz plz plz plz plz make a video about honey gourami breeding step by step I have a pair of gourami but I have no idea how to breed them.this is my request.

  16. Dexter how do we feed the guppy or molly fry if they are hiding as my guppy just gave birth but I don’t know how to feed all the babies and parents together.

  17. I never payed much attention to mollies but wow balloon mollies are so cute bc they do resemble goldfishes!! At least the pearlscale like you said c:

  18. Kuya ask ko lng po ung mga mickey platy fishes ko po kc naka clenched ang mga buntot baka alam nyo ang gamot… thanks

  19. Dexter can you tell me about feeding? In aquarium i have gold fish so how much I feed them..? I have 13 gold fish

  20. Guppies are my favorite fish too. I only have a small aquarium so my husband just bought me a 55 gallon for my dragon guppies! I can't wait to get them breeding in it with lots of hornwort.

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