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#AskGaryVee Episode 85: Advertising on Pinterest, Body Language & Peace of Mind

#AskGaryVee Episode 85: Advertising on Pinterest, Body Language & Peace of Mind

– It’s a deep thinking Wednesday on The #AskGaryVee Show. – [India] Tuesday.
– [Alex] It’s Tuesday. – Weird. (laughter) Hey yo, that pretty much summed me up. Can deep think, but I
don’t know what the (beep) day of the week is. (laughter) On this episode, we talk about Pinterest’s ad product, and then we got really,
really, really deep. (hip hop music) You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. (hip hop music) Hello everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this episode 85 of
The #AskGaryVee Show. Feeling pretty good, went to San Francisco yesterday. Going to Copenhagen tomorrow night, got Madrid next week, so doing some serious world traveling. The beard is coming in nicely though. AJ’s fiancee, Ally, threw me
for a curve-ball the other night where she really innuendoed
through her body language that she didn’t want the
beard for the wedding, which is June 11th, I think, so that’s thrown a curve-ball
in my strategy of growing this out until the Jets lost. So, got to really decide if I want to be a good brother-in-law, or do I want to be, I don’t know, difficult. What else is going on? Nothing too much. Meerkating got a bunch of
cameras here that they’ve set up with phones, which I think is really rad. I’m enjoying kind of looking at that, enjoying the show. Been really happy with the
new Wine Library TV design. Getting a lot of emails and
tweets from all of you that liked watching me back
in the day, taste wine, so that’s fun. Super pumped about the Jets, was proud of myself for
getting Duke and Maryland in the finals. Kids are growing up. My fantasy baseball team
had a great opening day, I’m in second place after one day, and I think I’m ready for the show. So, I like this. You know what, do you remember
like episode 30 I was like, oh I gotta do more like cup of coffee, like Regis and Kelly action? that was a little bit
of that, that was fun. I have nothing in here either, weird. Alright, India, let’s get into the show. – [India] Do you need a prop? – No, I don’t need a prop. I am a prop in myself. My personality is a prop. (laughter) – [Voiceover] Jeff asks, “There is buzz around
Pinterest advertising “and they are slowly
letting in biz accounts. “Are you optimistic?” – Jeff, this a great question. We haven’t talked enough about Pinterest on The #AskGaryVee Show, so
I appreciate the question. Good job, India of picking that out. I’m a huge believer in
Pinterest’s product. You might have noticed very
recently that they’ve made it a term of service that you
can’t do affiliate sales. My belief is that means
that they are now going to turn that on for themselves. If you start thinking about
the amount of commerce that goes on, on Pinterest, even if they 5% of every transaction, they could right away be one
of the top five to 10 companies in revenue in the digital space. I’m a big believer in the business, and seeing what’s going on with Faithbox, Willie, the CEO of the
company we’ve incubated at Vayner/RSE, just like $4 in
ad spending on promoted pins. Some of the stuff we’ve
seen at VaynerMedia, the stuff I’m seeing from Wine Library, I’m massively bullish. I actually think that
Pinterest’s ad product, a year from today, let’s
call it 18 months from today, we will recall this video, somebody make a note,
(ding) put it into your calendar
18 months from today. We will make a video
or a piece of content, however we do it in those days, 18 months from now, to talk about this video
where I make this claim, which is that Pinterest’s ad
product is a major competitor to Google AdWords for
e-comm businesses that are digital focused. Enormously passionate about
Pinterest’s ad product and I highly recommend
everybody watching this. If you’re selling something on a dot com, that you get very serious about
understanding what’s going on in the Pinterest environment, bullish would be an understatement. Super bullish, super bull like I’m into it. (laughter) [Voiceover] Benjamin asks, “Like you, I believe there
is so much to be gained “from social media, but what
do you think we have lost “or are in danger of losing?” – Benjamin, I think this
is a great question. I haven’t given this a lot of
thought because the truth is, I’m such an optimist. The truth is, I think most people default
into cynicism and pessimism, (ding) that I think I allow those
people to do that work for me. But, what I do think about, the one thing that is interesting to me, is I do feel that all of us, especially the ones that decide
to participate in putting out content, which if
you look at the data, may not be at full, full scale
in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, gets bigger as you go down. And as the younger you get, the more you’re really putting out content whether in private form or public form. I think the most
interesting thing is that, I think we’re losing peace of mind. And that’s different than privacy. I think that we all now
know we’re living a life on the record. Whether we decide to put it
out there in selfie form, or if we just happen to be
in the background of somebody doing it. And what that does is it
makes us all kind of be on the record, tense up, right? We’re in PR form. I think a lot of us are
living the PRed version of our lives to the public. It’s always the pictures of
us at concerts and on trips. People do share, you know my Facebook feed is really, basically the extremes, and maybe I’m evolving my answer here. I think we’re losing the middle. Maybe I’ll change my answer because when I think about what’s happening, is everybody’s like, look at me, I’m at a Beyonce concert front row, right? By the way, massively interesting data
that I’m looking at of why people are now going to
public events just to take the selfie to say they were there, which is why concert and sporting events, it’s amazing how social is
making the real world business go up. But then, number two, I see a lot of people on my Facebook feed and my social feeds, sharing their tragedies. Literally, yesterday’s Facebook scroll, which I do occasionally, was literally people announcing
that they’ve become sick or pictures of their daughter
with open heart surgery. Just these real extreme emotions, and then the other things which is like, I’m at Bora Bora and
I’m living the best life and I’m pouring champagne down my throat. The middle is getting
kind of squeezed as we are going to social. Ironically, the middle is peaceful, right? The middle is less tense. The middle is relaxing. The little lacks tension. So, for me, I’m good because I need insanity. Like right now I’m pissed. As you may notice behind me, we’ve opened up a 12th floor. (hip hop music) That’s right, DRock, you’re going to go down there
and film some 12th floor. That hurts me because now the
insanity’s down a little bit, but I recognize that I’m
an anomaly of somebody who needs to blast Weezy songs, at full blast, for a six-hour flight to San
Francisco yesterday to get off and be able to do my thing. I worry about the people
that are more centered or introverted in this
environment where we’re getting suffocated by storytelling
and our public personas, whether we intend to do it or
we become a byproduct of it. So, I think separating our public life to our private life is going to become more and more difficult
and we’re losing that. It was just a hell of a
lot easier back in the day. Ironically, keep it rolling, ironically, I think that’s
where Snapchat’s winning. I think Snapchat is content of the middle. If you think about it, the
shit you put on Snapchat, you’d never make an
Instagram photo, right? It’s just the shit you don’t
care because it goes away. You don’t care about the lighting, it’s almost the closest
thing to real life. – [Voiceover] Todd Karl asks, “I’ve been in sales for over
20 years and I’ve excelled at “being able to read
people’s body language. “But how do you do that over the Internet “or on Social Media?” – Todd, first of all, India, you’re crushing this episode, or maybe you VaynerNation,
actually forget you, India, you VaynerNation are
crushing this episode with the questions. The truth is I love this question. I love it because I’m
freaked out by the answer. And look, this falls very
much into bravado and ego, but that’s part of me too. I’ve been blown away by my
ability to make that transition. I too, did everything the way you did. I stood on a floor, I watched, I read. I do it all the time. It’s why I love Q an A, it’s why I love public speaking, it’s why I don’t have a set presentation. I’m reading the room in real time. I’m reading my staff. It’s how I scale my
ability to read at scale. Like walking through the
12th floor and be like, that person’s in trouble. It’s weird, kind of like I don’t
even like talking about it. It’s like a really nice
innate skill that has helped me scale my personality. I, for some reason, feel
those feelings in people’s comments and tweets. Now, maybe it took me a long
time to get the cadence. Of course, there’s been times
where I’ve maybe read into it wrong because context and tone is lost, but I’ve go to tell you, my intuition is if you go
hardcore in trying to do that through Twitter, through
your Facebook comments on your posts, and this is more about me
reading people responding to my stuff so maybe I know where
the North Star starts, but it’s been stunning to me
that exactly what I’ve done in the real world is how I
scaled Twitter, specifically, in being able to read people’s emotions and asking for clarity. Maybe in the real world, my man, we don’t ask for clarity. I won’t say DRock, are you feeling, oh you’re feeling uneasy
about this wine, cool, let’s go in a different direction. Maybe I have to ask that
a little bit more tangibly black and white in a
conversation on digital, but it’s the same effort, same mentality, and the beauty is emojis
and short form and slang have given more context around
the written word online. We, as human beings, are great at communicating. People grossly underestimate our ability to be communicators. Whether drawing on caves
or making smoke signals or radio television, the written word, the Internet, commenting, emojis, we’re talented at this. I’m watching all of us evolve. Very many of us, many of you
who have been romantic about grammar, have finally let it go. All of us are misspelling words on purpose so it auto-corrects, because we value the speed. We’re using emojis, not only 13 year olds
or just people in Asia, now it is a worldwide phenomenon. We’re evolving and we’re great at it, so I look for those cues
and keep trying to evolve and stay ahead of where I
think we’re all evolving to. – Hey Gary, Ryan here
from onproperty.com.au, just want to say thank you
because your book, Crush It!, allowed me to go out full time on my own. My question is why did you
start a service business, your agency, instead of
starting a media company, which you seem really good at? – Ryan, great question. I mean this is… Can we get like a, Can you make some sort an all time great episode alert thing here? Put it in my hand. (majestic music) This is a great question and it’s a very specific, detailed answer for a couple reasons. One, I’m not sure that I
was aware of how good I was at it five years ago. Two, I had an inkling when
we started VaynerMedia. The first project we worked
on was something called Daily1to10.com and we were doing Facebook
fan pages driving to a Tumblr. So, I was on that kick from the get, but three, the most practical thing was, I knew that speed mattered
and that money mattered, and that scale mattered
and the agency-client service business was very obvious to me as the quickest path to scale and money. Because now we have Vayner Publishing and we’re building out lostlettermen.com, you can check it out, we just bought it, wait for the redesign, but
we’re now staring to get into the media business and we
have the infrastructure and the scale and the skill set. And I have 500 people that
I’ve been able to effect with my thinking. They’ve got to counter that
with their own thinking, but clearly, as a CEO and a
thought leader in a space, I’m sure I’m evolving their
thinking towards a direction that picks up speed. Because the more I agree with them, and they agree with me, the quicker we can be
at what we need to do. So, really, the answer
to your question is, because I’m patient. I thought the right
strategy was to build out an infrastructure that
allowed me to get to it later. Plus, not to mention, media’s evolved enormously
in those five years. And if you look at media
and the upside of media, and the media sites of today, five years ago they were very
predicated on SEO and SEM, something that I never really loved. Now, we’re predicated more on
social sharing and content, something I love more. So, I think that, my intuition, and I’d like to think rightfully so, at the time was, I was not the
perfect player for that time. But my intuition was, there’s
a chance that the market may move into that, if I’m in a certain place
in five years to capture the market’s evolution on
the media side perfectly, then I can win triple. And I think I’m starting to maybe play out and benefit on that bet. So, I was just strategic about it. – [Voiceover] Antoine asks, “What usually prompts you
to walk away or turn down “great opportunities?” – Well, Antoine, I don’t
want to be in the business of saying no to great opportunities. I’d like to think that the
answer to the question is my intuition. I’d like to think my intuition
is allowing me to walk away from bad opportunities that
may look good on paper. You know, I just go with my intuition. Really nothing else. I mean, I’m not an analytical thinker. Right? I’m not going to look
at a whole lot of data. A lot of these big funds
that try to ask me like, well how did I know this
startup was going to be great or why did I think this
was going to be great, it was never predicated
on monthly active users or some sort of other data set. It was me, what I would like
to say is that I like to taste things. It’s me observing and then me counter
punching that observation. I tend to be very, very
all-in on my intuition, and so that’s, you know, that’s kind of how I make the calls. It’s funny the way you asked the question. You asked the question in
what I think is more of a defensive mindset, which is if you breakdown the question, it ends with the real kicker which is, run it one more time for
me, India, how do you– – [India] How do you,
what usually prompts you to walk away from or turn
down or know when to say no to a great opportunity? – To me that never runs through my mind. The thought of saying no
to great opportunities is just not in, I don’t
put those words in that pattern of a sentence. So, that is what I think you
should be thinking about. It sounds to me that you’re
crippled by the miss. I’m not. I just keep having the
at bats and the swings, and I know that I’ll
have more wins than loses and if I pass on something good, so be it. But literally, I mean,
we’ve talked about it on this show before, passing on Uber’s angel round
twice and leaving $300 million dollars on the table. Literally, outside of being
a great story to tell you how I feel, doesn’t
come into my mind ever. Well, maybe once in a blue moon. But, pretty much never, and I think that’s an important thing. And an offensive mindset
versus a defensive mindset, something I want to get
deeper into content team. – [India] That’s everything. – Cool. Question of the day,
what is the biggest miss of your career? What is the one thing you said no to that weren’t that great? I had a meeting the other
day with a woman who passed on being one of the first 600
or 500 employees at Google. She felt pretty down about it. So, I’m fascinated by that. So, give me your answer. You keep asking questions, I’ll keep answering them. Much love, thank you so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed it. He’s a Jets fan, he’s used to losing. That hurts. Alright, see ya. (laughter)

85 thoughts on “#AskGaryVee Episode 85: Advertising on Pinterest, Body Language & Peace of Mind

  1. When I was ten years younger I said no for a great girl, just because she was regular.. And now so beautiful and smart. Miss shot

  2. I didn't push hard enough, when trying to get a Grails plugin  I made open sourced.  I was could, but I had to be patient, I was too patient, the company got acquired, and I though I completely missed my window.  However I kept pushing, and it looks like, I'll be able to rectify that miss, in the near future. I've also been bringing back my own channel, which will cover the plugin.

  3. I dunno if it was a miss, but deciding to go into business with a former business partner who stabbed me in the back…… ya live and learn…..

  4. @Gary Vaynerchuk I sooooooo agree with you that the loss is the middle.  I see so many highs and lows.  The best and worst of life often.

  5. QOTD: I haven't had a career miss yet. I haven't had any opportunities to jump at though! The only thing close to a career miss is not committing to all of my hobbys and projects to the point where I could build a business out of it.

  6. That ending laugh is epic! Haha and I don't think I've had a career "miss". A more accurate description would be 5 years of complete and utter slackery. Glad that era is over.

  7. Great episode. I really connect with the body language in digital communication aspect. I'm starting to see a lot of elipses popping up… They're a good indicator. So are sudden tone changes. When I see an email go from Dear Amber to Hey, I know I'm in there.

    QOTD: Honestly none that I regret. Maybe attending a different college would have been great, but I'm not far on my journey. So far I haven't had many huge opportunities to miss (that I know of), and I'm a big believer in taking the opportunities that come along.

  8. Not being analytical enough. I figured out my dream job at 16 (large animal veterinarian), busted my balls to get there. I partnered 2 years post grad into an amazing practice and have kept moving. I view being a vet, "my Jets", I got to it young, but now look around and wonder what is next? What is my real future? Where can this take me? What do I want now? And instead of being able to figure it out, I just keep moving. Standing still paralyzes me.

  9. QOTD – I just don't care about my career enough. I guess that's my biggest miss. I work so I can buy good wine and cigars. That's really pretty brutally honest.

    You're right my dude, this was a deep, excellent episode. Thanks so much for your time and effort! Enjoy Europe.



  10. Thank you for sharing with us Gary.  A to Q of the Day — When a disabling illness knocked me down I had to learn, over time, acceptance and then, over more time, to adapt to allow for survival.  The most difficult part was experiencing disabled hate crime that caused PTSD symptoms.  I felt pretty desperate until I realized that even with these harsh circumstances it is our shared internet access that makes being stuck in bed to no longer be a sentence of death as it was many times before our being 'social' brought us together as 'community'.  Each day I am amazed and thankful. 🙂 

  11. Not typing this response could have been the biggest miss of my career.  If you expand your media company and are looking for someone to specialize in automotive media, hit me up!

  12. #QOTD  To be honest, and I am still young, I haven't seen a big miss yet.
    Actually now that I write this, I would say my biggest miss was the time I spent before I got a full-time job. I missed hustling and working hard to build something.

  13. Biggest Miss of my Career, we have to go way back before I was even thinking of a career. Back in 2005-2006 I was building a name for myself around some niche tech websites. Nothing huge, but gaining some traction and clout writing articles. I got out of it when I graduated high school and went to college because I thought of computers as a hobby, not a business for me. Had I kept with it, I know I would have built a community and following when social took off. Now 8 years later there's more competition and established personal brands that rule the space. 

    I've done a lot since than, but that is the big "What If" of my life so far. 

  14. Career miss? I still love cooking and what I do, but I think that if I don't act on my dreams now i will be looking at a missed opportunity for a career move. 

  15. I absolutely love what you said about Snapchat representing the middle. That 100% matches with the way I use Snapchat compared to Facebook and Twitter. Awesome observation and great episode!

  16. QOTD Response: I was offered an opportunity to join a company in Australia about 40 years ago that I turned down, because I felt their future was questionable. I recommended they talk to a colleague, who ended up joining them. He retired a millionaire. #DohMoment
    Really great episode, @Gary Vee – Deep, like you said. It even made me get off my ass and post a question on IG.
    Your answer to @thetoddkarl's question resonated with me, because I realized a long time ago that I'd been wrong when I initially thought that online communication was difficult because we lose the little nuances of body language, facial expressions and voice inflection. With practice and attention (especially when going DEEP, rather that WIDE, as you always say), it's not nearly as difficult as I once thought.

  17. I am new to the #AskGaryVee  show but I am now obsessed! I have binge watched over half of the episodes over the last 2 days (starting from #1, now I am at episode #50). I am a 27 year old who is running a company called Maestro's Classic (1 year old company), and we have exploded over the last few months.  Your episodes are giving me great advice on how to change my thinking and become even more successful. We have now closed deals with CVS, Harmon (Bed Bath owned), and working now on closing a deal with a top 4 national chain! Ironically, Maestro's Classic is the leader in beard care, and I want to hook you up for changing my professional life. #beardgamestrong   #keepthebeard   #markofaman  If you want, have someone from your team DM me on Instagram @bergeymatt and I will send you out an appreciation gift for your beard!

  18. #QOTD That is a tough question.  It's not exactly my career, but I have missed out on a chance to invest into a real estate project that returned over 300% in less than 3 months.  That hurt, but grand scheme it wasn't big enough to get too upset about.

  19. QOTD: Not taking a year off after high school because family convinced me college was the best option

  20. Killer episode! 

    Love the vibe and the questions. 

    I passed on helping a comedian write a script. That comedian is VERY famous and successful now. 

    My loss.

  21. QOTD: My biggest miss of my career would have to be not capturing the momentum of my first viral video in 2011 when it was featured on MSNBC, G4TV, dozens of radio shows, etc. I sat back in awe of what was happening instead of releasing new content right away. I have no doubt that if I would have been consistent from that moment on I would be YouTube royalty at this point. Lol. I learned a lot from that experience though and the exposure landed me my current position as a Media Director and Marketing Manager for an international technologies company. That's kind of a silver lining. Shrugs Lol.

  22. #QOTD I don't think I've had the biggest miss of my career yet. I've said yes to many good things, a few that didn't work out, but there is nothing yet that I really regret saying NO to from a career decision standpoint, if anything I regret a few of the times I said YES. Now in my personal life there are thing I wish I had not said NO to, but that is a different story.

    Great energy today. Really interested to see where the Pinterest thing goes. I think some people are in PR mode, but I think many if not most may be even more transparent than ever. I know that has been my experience. I think in some ways its making us be better people and possibly have more Empathy. On the other side of that you have wanna be keyboard warriors… but I could/should do a rant on that later…

  23. Question of the day: Professionally, I don't really have anything that comes to mind. I thought of a girl. :/ 

  24. I've started to rely on my intuition more; its always been strong but I never fully sighted in it's scope until now, and it's paying off in a powerful way. If I hadn't started to do that Gary I would have missed out on the career jump I've made, so from my soul I say thank you. Upped my exercise and my hustle at the same time too, and what a shocker that has been to quality of life when they're happening together from a cold start. Hustle wise, I only wish I had started sooner, but then again what I'm about to do now wasn't possible eight years ago. I've seen every single video on your channel Gary, every single one, it took some time ha! Have enjoyed your books and am catching up on your online articles. What I'd like to share with the Vayner nation is that there have been amazing advancements in speed reading technology for mobile devices in the last eighteen months, some of which have been in development for years; I won't mention any names as I'm not here to name drop but they will definitely increase the hustle. Excited about the wristband!

  25. QOTD: Not executing early enough in a network marketing company. I was in an untapped area and it was wide open. I just didnt go all in, and lost. Its now saturated like crazy and people are doing really well.

    SNAPCHAT IS THE MIDDLE. SO IS PERISCOPE/MEERKAT. Its the idea that Instagram is the new scrapbook. You dont put boring everyday stuff in your scrapbook. You put pictures of holidays and vacations. The most popular instagrams are not always this way though. You can win big by creating visually stunning or entertaining content from the everyday. You just have to have raw talent and emotion.

  26. #QOTD @Gary Vaynerchuk Great question for this. I do not think I had the biggest miss even if it looks like it was on paper. I was working/interning under a large photographer, big on social media. But I wasn't developing my brand or presence. I think the great "miss" was leaving that situation and start myself using what I had learned.

  27. Realmente tus avisos en medio del concierto de Pandora es detestable.
    Deberías volver a pensar dónde colocas tus cosas y la molestia que puedes causar a los demás.  

  28. To point your on observation of social being the peaks and valleys now, something I've been thinking on lately.
    I just had my cat of 18 years (who rarely, if ever made it on my streams at all) die and I felt compelled to share a testament to this guy who had been my constant companion for the majority of my life…. but felt so weird, as that's not something I'd normally do, and wanted to figure out why I had this urging.

    I decided that there was a crazy part of me that believes that the memory of my cat (Bandit) would die with me and somehow putting it on facebook would be a way to extend his legacy beyond just me.
    Very interesting psychology going on these days indeed.

    Biggest miss? Some would look and say that perhaps if I'd spent more on advertising and, less focus on network building, it wouldn't have taken me 3 years to replace my income (from my previous company) with my relationship photography business – some have told me I'm crazy to turn down very well paying jobs with 'flexible hours' and benefits to have the freedom to forge my own path.
    but I don't really think that way either so I've got nothing.

  29. Hey Gary, 
    I know this is not the QOTD, but I'm just curious, How did you get your intuition soooo high with social media. I was thinking maybe because you just work it until you get it?
    I've a great intuition but it's kind of slow & working on getting faster do you have any idea for me?
    Thanks for being you Gary, I luv that your sooooo real & to the point No BS,
    Rae Rae 

  30. The questions on that episode really rocked and created a lot of depth Gary! Loved it!!
    #QOTD: Since I'm just getting started career-wise I don't feel that I missed out on a lot. Who knows what the future holds haha!
    But I usually don't cry about missed opportunities either:D

  31. Shave the beard GV. You look better without it. 

    When are you coming to Phoenix again? I'm bummed that we weren't in SF at the same time.

    Biggest miss – not sure. Probably not taking more risks sooner in my career.

  32. Missed launching my first company with an angel investor because I wanted to finish out college. Could things have been better or worse today? Not sure.

  33. #QOTD Not taking a graphic design internship with the buffalo bills after I graduation. Years later this taught me to never base life decisions on money. Experience is worth more than a million dollars in my eyes @Gary Vaynerchuk

  34. PS pls don't shave your beard…other ppl can't take decisions for you, like wtf ?! even though she is a family member. If that's really a problem for the picture or what…or in general, then I ask again:  wtf ?! 

    I have a beard myself and always get 2 sides of the sepctrum…from "oh looks awesome on ya!" to "you look like a hobo." haha I take care of it ofc.

    anyway, bottom line: always do YOU hehe, so yeah..if I was you I am gonna be as difficult as I can so ppl finally get it…what's the big deal after all ?! I decide how who to look, dress etc. Cheers!

  35. Biggest miss was putting in over 100 hrs searching for 500 acres of agricultural land for a client to have a northern agent swoop in and do a deal while I was out searching. No harm no foul though- I got a galactic level education on every big player in our province and national purchasers who are now on my speed dial. Didn't even think about it till this #qotd

    For the record to DATE My favourite episode. You keep answering questions, we'll keep watching and lurking!

  36. When I was younger I used to hoop. Played 1,2,3. Didn't like to focus on misses. At the 2 and 3 I was a gun…

  37. … yeah India….. take that! stuf….

    @Gary Vaynerchuk  why when you are Meerkat are you always grabbing your junk? 16:25

  38. QOTD# At 23 years old, I don't think I've had a "biggest miss of my career"  I've learned new languages, volunteered in South America, and a little over a year ago landed a great job with Godaddy. That being said, I am ready to move on to something completely new and really turn the hustle on and start working for myself.

  39. QOTD (delayed, but better late than never): Mine is more of a "what if" than a miss, but not accepting a CM job at VaynerMedia two years ago would be it. It wasn't right for my circumstances at the time so I don't regret it, but it's definitely a decision that inevitably changed the course of my career.

  40. Anyone else feel like they don't have a good enough answer for this question? #QOTD What was the biggest miss of your career? #AskGaryVee

  41. Going through and finishing my degree instead of taking the money and investing in my idea!!  Painful lesson because I bought into the lie that you have to finish what you start.  The upside is I am INCREDIBLE at the pivot now; if my intuition says MOVE ON  I do. Thanks for a thought provoking question.

  42. OK thought of another one.  When my friend @Fred Hughes introduced me to your wine library channel and suggested that I think about doing something like that.  OUCH!  He was sooo right on!

  43. Such a good answer and couldn't agree more about losing the middle, everyone is obsessed with the extreme's, but I think there needs to be a balance, the little things make up the big things and the middle game is so important. You're the man Gary!
    Biggest miss of my career was not going all in with my soccer, could of gone all they way.

  44. QOTD: About a year before graduating college, my dad approached me with an offer from one of his clients – he wanted me (and partially) my dad to buy his business from him and run it. I thought I couldn't do it, wasn't interested in his business, etc ( i had a ton of excuses). I couldn't see the upside of having such a valuable experience at the age of 21, even if it was a failure. I would have learned how to run a business properly, and possibly make some money doing it. Instead, I didn't and I went down the path that most people do. I'm different now, but I look at that spot as a blown opportunity to get started a bit earlier.

  45. #QOTD No real big misses, just a lot of mistakes and procrastinating to get to this point of now running my own business.
    Simply wish I had the self esteem to allow me to bet on my ability earlier.

    I take it all as a lesson to get to where I am today.

  46. QOTD: I'm not able to pinpoint one "this huge thing I missed was a direct result of my action" moments, but rather a collection decisions that I've made have led to down a completely different path in every possible facet of my life. Leaving a job, taking a job, moving, not moving, getting into a relationship, getting out of a relationship, etc… I can reflect and see that these things and others have led to a completely different life than I could have had.

    I don't dwell on it too much, I try to accept and act on the reality that I'm in. I do acknowledge the fact, however, that I could have a very different life, for better or for worse, had I made different decisions. I try to harness this idea and use it to make better decisions in the future.

  47. totally agree with the all time greatest show 🙂
    my biggest miss probably hasn't been in my career but in my degree. Always loved marketing but got an accounting degree because it was "safer". got the accounting job but after 2.5 years – I'm doing marketing and loving it 🙂

  48. QOTD: I walked away from a graphics firm to take another job. Now all I enjoy is graphic design and cartography. Should have stayed there.

  49. #QOTD: Not starting a decking company in Ireland 20 years ago when nobody knew what a deck was, even the biggest limber dealer in the country said "What" when I asked if they sold decking…

  50. QOTD. Investing in a particular South African artist #Lionelsmit before he was famous and now he has an exhibition at union square NY and his art is selling for a lot more than what i would have paid a few years back.

  51. Love the concept that the World is evolving around how communication is different than when I was a youth. AND that evolving isn't necessarily downward! #the50yroldman

  52. great episode!!! QOTD Answer…. hhmmmm definitely not starting sooner… wasted too much time dwelling and dodging my passion.

  53. The biggest miss I made was not focusing enough energy and time on actually making a business out of cutting my neighbors grass every week when I was a teenager in high school. I could’ve built that to be really big and still went to a community college near my mom’s house for a lot cheaper than going to a 4-year university like I did (and currently doing), which is a another miss I had. I should’ve went to a community college near home which would’ve saved me a lot of money!!!

  54. 7:24 Ha over stimulation, maybe I'm not the only one that wants to read content inside night clubs and bars….

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