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Ask Yoast: Google Ads and organic rankings

Ask Yoast: Google Ads and organic rankings

Hey, Mathias emailed us saying, “Since we started paying Google AdWords
for main keywords “we’ve also doubled organic traffic,
mostly with related other keywords and sites. “Does advertising with Google AdWords
affect organic SERPs? Or do you see any indication for a correlation
between paid and organic traffic?” This is a much debated topic
in the SEO world. The thing is that as your overall site
engagement increases your site usually does better
in search as well. It doesn’t matter whether that
increase in site engagement comes from AdWords traffic, Facebook traffic
or anywhere else. If you get more traffic to your site, and more people searching for your brand
and talking about you online you will do better in search. It’s that simple. So it doesn’t relate directly to you
paying for AdWords, it relates to you having
more website traffic overall and to people talking more
about your brand. It works like that. And yes, that makes it worth
even more I guess. Good luck.

4 thoughts on “Ask Yoast: Google Ads and organic rankings

  1. So you can buy rankings with AdWords, because AdWords generate extra traffic and the whole (not only the organic) traffic is an important ranking factor? As a SEO that was always my suspicion when I see certain competitors websites who pay a lot of money for AdWords rank better although their content is weak and their technical SEO is crap (keywords neither in h1 nor title, short superficial texts etc).

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