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Ask Yoast: advertising on Adwords or Facebook?

Ask Yoast: advertising on Adwords or Facebook?

We had a question on advertising. “If I only have a limited budget, would you recommend advertising
on Adwords or Facebook?” Well, this might not surprise you because I have been telling people to use
Facebook advertising for a while now. But Facebook advertising really
is a ton cheaper than Adwords. So unless you’re very sure that you can
convert traffic from Adwords better, and this is something
you should test, then usually Facebook advertising
is cheaper and gets you a lot, a lot more people
to your site for the same buck. So I would start with Facebook
and if you can make that convert, you can also look at Adwords later on. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Ask Yoast: advertising on Adwords or Facebook?

  1. I beg to differ. Not because I'm an AdWords specialist, but because of my experience with advertising on both channels.
    Imho advertising with Facebook is way more expensive, especially when you (have to) limit your targeting to a specific target group, location, etc. With Facebook Adverts it seems that the narrower your target audience, the more you pay per click. While with AdWords you usually pay less per click when you target more specific. Just my two cents per click 🙂

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