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Asian Americans Get Photoshopped Onto Blockbuster Movie Posters

Asian Americans Get Photoshopped Onto Blockbuster Movie Posters

(upbeat music) – [Voiceover] We are recreating
blockbuster movie posters with Asians. (techno music) – Maggie and I are going to be recreating the cover of Mr. And Mrs. Smith. There aren’t many movie posters with Asians on them and even if they are, usually they’re accompanied
by other people. – You know I just really
wanted to see Asians being represented as the
people that I know in real life who are a) bad ass, b) like super smart, show that by recreating movie posters where we are the heroes for once instead of the sidekick. – I’ve never been described as sexy, never been described as suave before. People call me cute, friendly, and funny but like never sexy. The male lead and the romantic interest. – Angelina Jolie embodies
this perfect human being. She’s sexy, she’s smart, she kicks butt. (techno music) – Brad Pitt like to think I could even like share the same space with him was absurd to me growing up but I’m gonna do it now and I’m gonna kill it. – Brangelina, we’re coming for you. (techno music) – So today I’m doing the movie poster for Jurassic World. You know growing up you sort of look at the media and you
can relate to other people who don’t necessarily look like you but to wake up every morning and look in the mirror and just know you look one way and to look at the world around you and realize oh I don’t
look like anyone else. Then that can be very isolating. It would have been nice
for me to sort of know that okay I’m not alone. I do have more aspirations. I can look outward and I can see that there
are so many different things that I could do or could done. It would have just
allowed me to dream larger and there’s a lot of perceptions tied to what it means to be an Asian that are not seen as desirable as leading person material. But we have Asian Americans who are not necessarily being written in based on assumptions about
what an Asian is or is not. (techno music) We just need roles that are human and are written to be human. (techno music) – Today I’m going to be Harry Potter in the Deathly Hollows
Part two movie poster. When I was told I would do that, I was like oh do you want
me to be Ronald Weasley and then I was told no
you’re gonna be the lead. – Seeing three Asian like leads in a film is so cool. – I am a huge Harry Potter fan. There are two Indian characters that I remember in Harry Potter. I mean I loved reading
about them in the books and I loved that they existed. I obviously related to other characters in the book as well but they definitely stick to me as two that I really remember. – Growing up there was never
kind of that role model feeling in Hollywood because we look up to everybody
that we see in the media. – The only Asians I saw growing up was Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Even now there aren’t
any blockbuster movies starring a Asian lead. It changes the perception
of a certain community to the rest of the world too. (techno music) – It’s not like oh I only like them because they look like me, but it does kind of make you feel like oh like maybe I could do that. (techno music) – Today I’m doing the Mockingjay poster which I’m a little bit nervous about. Like thinking about how a Singaporian Chinese
American immigrant like me could one day be some sort
of Katniss Everdeen figure was impossible. It’s not just about
putting people of color in situations where they aren’t normally. It’s about bringing a
diversity of perspective of culture of background
to every role in Hollywood. The culture that you grow up in it informs every decision that you make and as creative people, it informs all of our
creative decisions as well. As for mainstream American media, the lack of Asian identity is not just missing out
on a whole perspective and culture of people
who are willing to add to the conversation, it’s doing a real injustice
to younger audiences who feel like that’s something that they can never attain. When simply that’s just not true. (techno music) Whatever they see on their screen, they can accomplish. They are interesting enough, they are talented enough. All we have to do is keep trying. (techno music) – Really it isn’t that we necessarily need more of one thing. It’s that we need more roles that are written in a multi-layered, multi-dimensional way. – I think I’m as sexy as Angelina Jolie and I believe it. – It’s super important for us to encourage future generations. You’re capable of doing great things. You are capable of doing this or that and you’re worth it. – We might not be the
Katniss Everdeens today but it’s going to happen. – You done? – Yes. (laughter) – All right ya’ll. Well I’ll see you tomorrow. Oh God. (laughter)

100 thoughts on “Asian Americans Get Photoshopped Onto Blockbuster Movie Posters

  1. bro they just added like ONE indian American in the video that they threw in so we wouldnt complain. People forget that we're Asian too

  2. Whenever I call an Asian hot or sexy, I always get odd looks. It's like, "Sorry for thinking they look good, but DAMN"

  3. Dont understand why people still care about hollywood these days anyways these days? Its literally a propaganda machine for the government.

  4. 5.6% of United States is Asian.
    5.3% of characters were Asian.
    Is there a problem here? Seems like proportional representation.
    And I'm Asian.

  5. Do they realize that movie characters aren't solely based off race, their based off acting abilities, so really it's not because asians aren't being represented, it's because the asian actors out there aren't trying to be represented, their just complaining that they aren't. And I know that their might not be very many 'asian roles' but have you ever thought that some roles don't become 'white roles' until after they're casted? Also, rather than complaining that you aren't represented by media, represent something more important than a celebrity who has an easy way of life. WORK HARD, instead of wishing that you didn't have to. You' re already empowering people you don't need media to make you feel good! YOU ARE ALREADY AMAZING, INSPIRING PEOPLE!!

  6. I can't understand how that one woman who does NOT look Asian in this video could be discriminated against? I can just imagine the people who actually look Asian bursting to scream at her.

  7. Also, movies or tv shows are considered 'diverse' when there are about 2 black people. Where are the asians? The hispanics? Where is the diversity?

  8. Agree! We need to put more ethnicity out there because everyone has great talents and skills that can be fantastic on a screen also it shows so much diversity power and bring people to be more together.

  9. There is No point in making these "Asian-American " vids actually bcoz u urself r making asian americans seem as if they're facing racism n stuff….when actually they're not…

  10. no one does this with white people, just saying. your response will likely be either because of you or because there are so many white people in the movie industry. it's not my fault that I was born white, just like how it's not your fault you were born whatever the skin nationality you were born with. anyway, good video.

  11. As a Korean American, I couldn’t care less who Hollywood casts for their actors because I don’t see color. Also, if I wanted to see Asians playing badass roles I’ll just watch Asian films from my homeland. Also, the reason why majority of the roles go to white people is because they are 75% (might be wrong on the percentage but I know it’s somewhere around there) of the population. Just like in Asian countries, pretty much every single actor is Asian and theres like no other person of any race. Bunch of self conscious cry babies

  12. This is kinda hypocritical. So Now have Americans be photoshopped into Asian movies, since you like diversity, right?

  13. What are these comments, tho??
    Comments: Why did they have to do this?
    Me: Because of you. AANNNDD, Why not?

  14. As an indian I feel like indians are way too underrepresented like so many people think of Chinese Japanese korean etc. like India, pakistan and Afghanistan etc. are countries in Asia too

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