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Arthur Fleischmann on Rethink Breast Cancer’s “Your Man Reminder” campaign | YouTube Advertisers

Arthur Fleischmann on Rethink Breast Cancer’s “Your Man Reminder” campaign | YouTube Advertisers

Arthur Fleischmann: Rethink Breast Cancer
is all about educating women to take care of their bodies and be more mindful. And as
a brand it stands out from any of the other cancer research foundations and other charities
in that its a little bit cheekier and a little more reverent and targets a younger female
demographic. The client was really focused on doing something that was different. And
in fact, I think the best part of the brief was when she said this is not going to be
be about teddy bears and little pink ribbons. We really need to stand out in the sea of
sameness…of breast cancer awareness. Man: Since studies have shown that more women
are likely to watch a video if it features a hot guy, I’m not going to. He is. Anthony: Hey, I’m Anthony. And I’m here to
talk to you about Rethink Breast Cancer’s your man reminder. Arthur: It’s all about changing behavior,
not just building awareness. We know, that most women know, that its important to check
their breasts regularly. Only about 12% do it on a regular basis and about 50% never
do it. So, using humor, we thought was a way of really breaking through, and creating a
change in behavior. This is a fabulously brave client who challenges the agency to continuously
up the ante. But not in a way that shocks, for shock’s sake. You have to find unique
and edgy ways of engaging people. Anthony: It’s an app that gives you regular
reminders to check your breasts from a hot guy of your choice. Man 4: Hey there. Man 5: How you doing? Man 6: Hey baby. Arthur: You know, when you go to make a joke
you can’t be subtle in this case. Right? You have to go well over the top, so that everyone
understands tongue is in cheek. Anthony: You know you can do this anywhere,
like on your bed, in the mirror. Arthur: By taking the approach of using hot
guys in this campaign, I think we took a much broader approach than had typically been done.
It broke down a lot of the stigma and stereotypes of public service announcements for this cause.
And it made it something women could talk about, share. In fact, a lot of women would
compare notes on which guy they picked, which of the six guys they picked. It made it much
easier to discuss and I think, in that way, started to reduce some of that defensiveness
and some of the barriers that can go with self examination. The reaction to the app was, I think, a little
surprising to us, in how positive it was. It made us happy because there is so much
news, and so much press out there, and so many initiatives for breast cancer, that standing
out in that sea of sameness is really hard. We knew we were onto something pretty much
right away. We had over a million hits on YouTube within the first couple of weeks.
And we are north of two million hits now. The press on it was unbelievable. Friends
of mine, friends of my daughters, not knowing we had worked on the campaign, came home and
or, you know, at a party if were talking… started talking about this really cool app
that they downloaded and how they were sharing it with their friends and talking about it
and hearing that spontaneously, has to be the most rewarding feedback you can get and
the most rewarding way of knowing that what you’re doing is making a difference. And if
today advertising is all about shifting behavior, we have more tools with digital and mobile
media than we’ve ever had in our life. So, its incredibly exciting to work in this
industry today. I think the challenge in selling this kind of work in the future is going to
be teaching clients that its not just about a 30 second ad. So much of their structure
and model is built around judging, buying, researching 30 second TV spots. And those
tools just don’t work with where advertising is going today. Most of the research, copy
research, that our clients use, is completely out of touch with how media has kind of all
crashed together and it’s symbiotic way. You’ve got TV and viral video and they are not fighting
with each other they are actually building on one another. But so many clients are using
old tools to try to measure that kind of campaign. We were very lucky with Rethink Breast Cancer
because they are a very evolved client. So, they didn’t put us through the old models,
the old testing paradigms. But clients will struggle with that, I think into the next

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  1. im 40 something snd i think this is brillisnt. Too bsd it has NEVER eord for the android htc incredible. read your comments for this app. please, pleasr fix it so it works or quit advertising it. what platform does it work on?? ive asked my friends and it doest work for anybody. your focus groyp isnt just young girls. i like these guyd too!! FIX THE APP PLEASE BEFORE I REMO

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