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Argument ad Venezuelum

Argument ad Venezuelum

so all across the bastions of the internet you will see the same tired argument being used time and time again socialism can’t work have you seen Venezuela well if we want to figure out whether or not to come true socialist or not it’s best to look at how the economy’s doing and by that I don’t mean wherever not the economy is shit I mean one of the main functions that put together the economic structure now if you look at the economy of Venezuela it’s actually quite interesting as to who’s in charge of it for the most part and we find that two-thirds of the economy is run by private industry seventy percent of the GDP gained in the economy is gained through private industry we find that 50 percent of out-of-pocket health care spending is done in the private sector an 80 percent 80 percent of the workforce it’s done in the private sector so this is the great Republic of Venezuela the great socialist Republic of Venezuela and the overwhelming majority of the people involved in the GDP and the entire economy is in the private sector so damn now whenever you attempt to say that a country isn’t socialist for whatever reasons you will immediately get the reaction of what are you saying it’s not true socialism um well let you you can’t just go to any country you see in the world and say look at it in point right socialism and then I say well actually that’s not and then you say oh so it’s only socialism when you want it to be look I can definitely tell you that when an economy is 70 percent of it is in private hands 80 percent of the people who work in that workforce are in private hands and Chavez was elected 19 years ago we still haven’t seen any reduction in that well you can’t call that economy socialist right I’m sorry but I’ll be honest I get tired of just repeating the same old argument of whether or not Venezuela is socialist amuck so it’s beef only honest call it whatever you want you call it’s our horses and unicorns okay but what I’m more interested in is what is causing all the damage in that country Chavez was president of Venezuela for 15 years so he must ask how come he didn’t bring about any form of socialism well the reason comes down to the common chicken egg scenario when it comes to establishing a socialist society when you want to try and put this into an existing system which favours profit and greed over human need and solidarity then this can come with some technicalities many of the problems you’re seeing in Venezuela right now come down to the mode of transition which Chavez calls himself as chavismo or socialism of the 21st century now what you see here is that in the past in the socialism of the 20th century you normally see our big workers revolution they take power over the state or from the state and they bring about a workers revolution now chavismo is very very different to that it is far more based on reform style methods so in many ways you might want to call Venezuela as a third world social democracy because that’s basically how it functions so nationalization better health care welfare nets housing programs you name it okay it’s all there and this socialism is one that accepts and tolerates private property simply wants to make a more sort of collective nationalized or whatever economy as well but it’s still fundamentally accepts prior property in its economy and this is the main problem in Chavez ‘im there is no workers revolution instead they want to demonstrate to the rest of the country who are unconvinced how their society can function in the free marketplace of ideas now of course the problem with this is that most of the economy is still owned by the capitalists so much so that two-thirds of Western Europe has more state employment than Venezuela does now but of the history lesson here back in the 80s and 90s Venezuela really did accept that good old neoliberal free-market that’s right like capitalism that some conservatives like to boast about and he did them more well for the economy ok the the poverty rate went from 15 percent to 45 percent in a matter of about 15 years and this is part of the reason why we don’t like to talk about capitalism in South America and for a cure in Asia because a lot of the time we doesn’t really work very well over there for some strange reason they don’t work in the southern hemisphere I wonder why now it only kept on going like this until Chavez came along and implemented some reforms that made things a bit better for the 80% of the poor in the country and boy did they we’ve been just 12 years of Chavez being in power unemployment halfed infant mortality went down by a third GDP per capita increased to more than double and extreme poverty went down by two-thirds in education illiteracy was eradicated in seven years and today four million Venezuelans attend higher education compared to 1 million at the start of millennium now lots of this came at the height of an oil boom which allowed Chavez to use the money gained from that to prevent the problems that were occur from private firms and their counter aims in the society but there’s a reason why many people like me on the Left would say that this isn’t the fault of socialism at its roots but simply there not being enough of it and here’s why so the troubles in Venezuela started in 2002 when Chavez nationalized or attempted to nationalize the oil this triggered a coup our coup not from the masses of disenfranchised people not from the downtrodden but from the middle income earners above and their elites this was also a coup that had the CIA and the West’s fingerprints all over it why because the u.s. is Venezuela’s biggest important they want to have cheap oil and what’s good for a potential fascist Carmona is therefore good for America there were two marches in Caracas on that day one Bolivar Ian and one opposition and after some intense scuffle there were soon sniper attacks that happened on the marches and afterwards the corporate media the opposition media using manipulated footage including speeches that were recorded interestingly enough hours before the actual attacks occurred to rally support for the opposition and they soon stormed and besieged the capital when the us back opposition were in power for one day a single day that’s all they had the police were pushed out in full force to crush another Bolivarian peaceful protest march killing many people in the process so you can see them from this why this has not been Venezuela trying to prevent inflation trying to improve the lives of the poor there this is of course not new the same thing happened with the Shah of Iran back in 1953 when they wanted to nationalize oil because they were having a very very bad deal from the British and well what do you think happened a coup occurred strange all these things seem to happen whenever there’s oil and really Venezuela has more than a ride to be afraid of us evolved and considering the history of the u.s. involvement on the continent and these things happen all the time similar things happened in Chile with IND things happened in Grenada with Bishop and things happened in the Banana Republic countries of Nicaragua Guatemala and Honduras all of these events have America’s grubby hands of them and so it’s very fair to expect that maybe this has something to do America as well in fact as we can see America is already given 50 million dollars to the Venezuelan opposition and many of the people who were involved in the 2002 coup like Leopoldo Lopez are involved in this one as well now every boom there has to be a bust and Venezuela isn’t no exception in 2014 there was a massive crash in oil prices now Chavez was too busy using all that money to fund stupid things pointless things like you know social welfare programs and he wasn’t saving enough of it or using the money to diversify the economy so when the crash happened there was literally no where else to turn now you can criticize him for that if he won that’s fine but don’t think this is something innate to socialism social democracy because it isn’t it happens in oil-rich and resource rich countries in the southern hemisphere all the time not to mention even after Chavez had spent four years building up his political movement he came into power in one of the most corrupt countries in the entire world and therefore inherited all the baggage that came along with that as I’ve already said market fluctuations are not a fact of life they’re a fact of capitalism and so it’s infantile to blame socialism even though this isn’t socialism for these problems caused when it wants to get rid of that and hand back the power to the people you can actually see similar things happening in the good old USSR when Reagan and his friends attempted to cripple the USSR’s oil exports by artificially lowering the price of oil and thereby bankrupting the USSR’s economy what you’re happening right now is very similar to what would have happened if I end day in Chile had fought back against the capitalist saboteurs and US imperialists when their coup occurred back in the 70s when you’re finding happening right now is basically sabotage from those people in the capitalist industry the people who have the power over the economy and don’t want to lose their stake in it because they’re scared and believe me it’s shocking there are billionaire elites who are in direct support of the opposition and the Western media is saying that these guys are our heroes come on where are the standards here a common trend amongst those who detest Venezuela is that there’s a shortage of food and this is socialism’s fault so indeed many of those supermarkets are empty but this is very similar to what again happened in Chile in 1973 when they sabotage the infrastructure that led to a food shortage although the Socialists those lovely socialists who can’t innovate did just manage to invent something called cybersyn which helped to centrally manage the economy and sent about 70% the resources to where they need to go even though they had a fraction of the trucks and the infrastructure needed to do so interestingly still there is plenty of food available in street markets and for the fact of the matter many supermarkets as well and in the poor areas there isn’t actually as much fighting or rioting as you’re seeing and fought to believe on the media in most places the rioting is happening in middle-income and above areas and just remember we have bread lines in the UK as well we just don’t call them bread lines we call them food banks don’t get me wrong there are indeed shortages in flour oil and of course toilet paper but it’s very interesting that despite there being a shortage in toilet paper there’s plenty of kitchen roll and Kleenex towels available pretty odd isn’t it well part of this is due to many of the resources being owned by just a few companies a few oligarchs as it were and so when the Socialists come along and make life live it harnessed a little bit harder they go no I don’t like that I’m gonna make life harder for everybody else and they restrict the supply and to add insult to injury want the biggest employers industries over there in process por la have discussed deals with the IMF to get interventions sent over to help the opposition so again these are our heroes of course in though there is a lack of supplies for the upscale opposition there’s always a party to be had at the affluent anti Maduro districts of ciaochao we also have evidence of Venezuelan companies purposefully hiding food from consumers literally this is disgusting the Russians have a word for these kind of people you know despite all this by the food and agricultural organizations levels on food security Venezuela was not as secure as it once was people are still getting enough food overall so yes I do admit when it comes to food there aren’t shortages and most of it is caused by sabotage and greed but Venezuela is not mass grave starving like the narrative wants you to believe we don’t see hundreds and hundreds of photos of people just dying on the streets of starvation and believe me if there were you would see them because the media would get their hands on them and they would put them out there because they know what sells we also love to point to this idea of black market says oh look at the struggle of the people and don’t get me wrong you know black markets aren’t great but we need to look past it is simply a buzzword because remember these black markets are selling legal goods that those companies that would have sold them in the supermarket’s that some of them are empty would have normally sold so why is it that they can’t just do it there’s a reason the black market are doing it rather than the companies so I think that kind of shows a bit of sabotage going on there so in line with common media manipulation in the West let’s actually see what’s going on in Venezuela right now so as you can see they’re just throwing a few things you know big chaos going on blah blah tacking the cops cops drawing guns on them yes he’s real shit oh sorry right hang on no this isn’t Venezuela this is Brazil from six months ago yeah that’s right these events have been happening up and down Brazil every week in anti-austerity protests in fact back in April estimated 14 million workers went on strike I’m not fiddling you that’s only half the working population they were protesting the proposed labor reforms affecting millions of Brazilians bita mayor the right-wing undemocratically elected president who has been found to be bribing ex officials to stay quiet about reporting his corruption he by the way only managed to get into office because the right-wing managed to remove President Dilma from her position due to an verified corruption whilst being impeached by the people investigated for corruption easy goes so why is no one talking about this this is a huge amount of the population pretty much the entire population of Venezuela’s Worth who are distressed were downtrodden by the regime and the corruption going on but all of the news is going straight to Venezuela instead this sounds a bit ideological don’t you think and even in Venezuela you may you see all those riots happening all over the place well whilst they do seem leather big old smashy smashy most of the time it’s just for show these groups of people going around causing destruction in front of news media and they’ll wait for the arrival of the police and the military to showcase the oppression they’re receiving then the images come to us and the rest writes itself despite these demonstrations there hasn’t been an awful amount of police and state violence most of its becoming from the opposition itself I mean if in America people were protesting and rioting outside a military base you’d see more than the tear gas that was thrown you see bullets and it’s really freaky not because there are groups in the West under the guise of black hoods who are doing similar things to the opposition and they’re getting demonized but when it happens in Latin American countries that are run by dictators as we’re told who were also democratically elected by the people then suddenly we stand by them and we support them and we call them heroes and the poor people those standing up against this oppressive regime and we’re never ever shown the masses and masses of Bolivarian marches who are supporting the government there because they know that what’s going on is sabotage and he come on we’re told that the opposition is somehow the rightful proletariat who is standing up against these dictatorships what they’re attacking housing Center’s cultural centers community centers of food warehouses they’re burning them down even though apparently there’s a shortage of food going on and probably the most sickening is attacking Maternity sentence I mean come on why why just just why did to the baby support Maduro in any other Western country people like sargon of akkad and Paul Joseph Watson would be demonizing these people and calling for them to be deemed terrorists deep history of propaganda that the US has done in Latin America with countries that we don’t like and so they’re oh this is the Americans fault yeah I think based on most of stuff I’ve been talking about here that’s kind of true Karl I mean you can’t just moan about us keeping on going about telling the truth and frankly the opposition have always been dicks in addition to the coup when Madeira was elected by a Democratic majority the opposition didn’t like that accused him of fraud despite zero evidence on the contrary and then they launched a violent protest which killed a fervor six people so once again 40 million people strike in Brazil radio silence 150 million people strike in India radio silence a couple hundred middle-class NEETs who live with their parents and the laughing his revolutionaries go around smashing stuff after attention get your fucking camera on the ground so I think there is a lesson to be learned from Venezuela as well as many events before it you can’t be nice to people who have the ability to hoard away all the resources that you need to survive from the poor and downtrodden when you have a tiny percentage of people on the top who have the ability to control the economy and put it in their favor they’re not gonna look at you very nicely when you don’t fall into their aims and you go around nationalizing stuff left right and center you’ve really got to push it to the man socialism of the 21st century did do a lot of good for a lot of people but it also didn’t challenge the flow of capital in any effective way my point in this video is that you can’t just go and say socialism is bad look at Venezuela cuz as I’ve discussed most of the problems out of the hands of pretty much anyone and Chavez mo pretty much resembles social democracy as opposed to any effective socials massive economic crises are not something innate to socialism like we keep on being told indeed capitalism had the biggest financial crisis in history in 1929 with 25 percent unemployment massive civil unrest across America that of course was in the dim and distant past and we eventually just recovered from it and forgot about it which is why we say it is a blip we don’t pay the same respects to current events happening in poor countries that are apparently supposed to be socialist and just in case you’re not convinced his list of the significant crashes that happened during the 20th century enjoy I know you might still say that capitalism would never bear its economy on one resource well I’m afraid to say that’s not entirely true mrs. free-market herself Margaret Thatcher heavily relied on a North Sea oil boom so that she could fund tax cuts for the rich not fund social programs but we don’t get told about this because this is new liberalism that we live in now and it doesn’t go with the narrative champa has tried to help the poor as much as he koude through social programs and the rich did not like this and they try to strike and they tried to sabotage in any way they could so that none of this would succeed if you’ve got a gripe you’ve got a great with that yeah I’ve got a great with people who are actually trying to improve the system and the sad fact of the matter is if Maduro is eventually deposed and replaced by someone like Lopez then the US will free up its sanctions the oil markets will eventually return to normal and Venezuela will be a thriving free-market utopia once again just like the US did wave Chile of course I can’t defend people like Chavez and Maduro for too long at the end of the day they were the people who allow themselves to get taken advantage of and allow the cronies to have too much power could it have been done in a different circumstance under different conditions I don’t know at the end of the day we make history but not as we please so Wow a lot of people have been really generous on picture on this month I’m just really really thankful so here are some people that I’d like to give a real special thank you to as well as all they have ones going down the left-hand side of the screen and that would be Alex W the original squid boy Ali S Curl gamble Damon Gant Daniel Vincent Chilton days of summer doctor Kropotkin Evy gray Fred just Fred gray area Jason Jew Marc gené Mathias Hamza Maria’s forefathers I’m sorry I’m sorry Michele Cox no-name Parker Anderson and Ramon Shama thank you so much it’s been really great and just in case some of the people who might be coming was this might wonder well hang on that maybe how can he be a socialist and have a patreon account well look socialism has nothing against you using your own labor to make money it only has a problem with other people taking money off of your own labor you know like patreon the the company them the place that takes money off me from my donations you know that kind of thing so there we go [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Argument ad Venezuelum

  1. Just something to add: that oil glut that crashed the Venezuelan economy wasn't just the "ebb and flow" of the market. The US had Saudi Arabia ramp up oil production in 2014 so that the Kremlin couldn't use their oil profits for their military and natural gas pipeline projects. The oil glut in 2014 was US and Saudi economic warfare aimed at Russia but that affected Venezuela as collateral damage.

  2. So Venezuela’s problems are caused by private enterprises that purposely relinquish their profits there because……? It’s fun? To prove a point? Boredom? Because why not I guess?

  3. The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Spanish: Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, PSUV) is a socialist political party in Venezuela which resulted from the fusion of some of the political and social forces that support the Bolivarian Revolution led by President Hugo Chávez.[11]

  4. Its a socalism that coexists with private property, exactly as Yugoslavia was, and in Yugoslavia it worked extremelly well, that was actually the reason why USA and Vatican had to bring the country down, so no sucessfull leftist economy would be mentioned in history books.

  5. What a shock, the problem with Venezuela is more complex then what the eight trillion broken ideologies and "isms" are saying in the cesspool of the digital screechbox and the mass media world.

  6. Bolivarianism, or Socialism of the 21st century, is just one more experience, one more step towards the Socialist Revolution. The bourgeoisie and the middle classes started around the 15th Century the revolutions that eventually made Feudalism morph into Capitalism. It took them a while to get to where they are now. The first socialist revolution was in the late 19th century with the Paris Commune and the first revolution to overthrow the bourgeoisie was in Russia just over a century ago.
    Marx learned from the philosophers of the Enlightening, from the Utopian Socialists and from the original doctrine of capitalism and after his research he and Engels formulated a new theory in 1848 when the Communist Manifesto was published. People like Rosa Luxembourg, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky (yes, even he), Bukharin (yes, even he), Mao Tse Tung, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, Kwame N'Krumah…and many more have been making their theoretical and practical contributions. The process is not finished yet.
    As a communist, I salute every attempt to make the life of the working class better as well as any challenge to the imperialistic policy of the US, Europe and their strategic allies and I think we should support them, but we must keep aiming for a full socialist revolution.

  7. 80% of the GDP of venezuela is run by the state own oil refineries and oil digs, of those only those awarded goverment contracts can work on this sector wich is the only one that would garantee access to the also state own supermarkets that are well supply. Example if you work in the "private" sector or more better said, you are self employed trying to survive, you can
    access to a limited ammout of stores wich in term anre supply by the goverment, the bigger ones wont allow you to enter or buy anything on it without a ID of either the Maduros Party or one of the goverment companies. How do i know all of this? I worked in Venezuela for 1 years before I was expelled for being Colombian, as many of us were believed to by "terrorist" or spies against the "revolution". Your naivity is just priceless

  8. Even at the date of production, this video is ill-informed. I'm not an advocate of socialism, and I have fought relentlessly against Hugo Chávez/Nicolás Maduro's governments. For more comprehensive and well sustained arguments about Venezuela's economic model, look elsewhere, like VisualPolitik right here in youtube. However, I get the point of this video. Venezuela is a total misrepresentation of socialism and used as pro-capitalism propaganda, when it's simply a Frankenstein mixture of totalitarian practices and controls that can throw the richest country into bankruptcy.

  9. It's called controlling the commanding heights of the economy, if you look up Yevgeni Preobrazhensky you'll find this pretty much describes Venezuela. Swing and a miss for BMP.

  10. I don't think it's valid to treat opposition (foreign and domestic) as an outside factor. How a government deals with the opposition it faces is an important feature. It's really easy to say that a given plan would work if only nobody opposed it.

    Chavismo has failed to produce long term positive outcomes. To chalk that up to the Venezuelan right and the US's support of it is a copout– the system either works or it doesn't.

  11. every country that doesn't play by America's rules are basically "socialist" according to idiots…….. change my mind , I dare you capitalists , nationalists and imperialists 😉 ………. seriously you only need to not do what uncle Sam wants and you're basically called socialist , communist , anarchist and who knows what next XD

  12. So you're okay dismissing the entire failure of socialism in Venezuela because some people own their own business.

    Yeah…. Mmk…… You're dumb.

  13. BadMouseproduction, You are making a mistake, Chavez did not nationalise the oil, PDVSA was already state run company, and the 80% of Venezuela´s GDP comes from oil, what he did in 2002 was clean PDVSA of corrupted people that were doing everything wrong!

  14. Socialism mostly is failed because a socialist country can hardly survive in a capitalist world, only if it is isolated.

  15. Have you been there? have you experienced it beforehand? Do you have any idea? Probably not good friend, I have family living there that tell me day after day how situation gets worse and worse.
    Ad Venezuelum, more like common sense, friend.
    Its absolutely nerve racking how uninformed you are regarding this topic… umbelievable…

  16. Interesting so Venezuela is actually less socialist than Nordic countries where half of GDP is government spending.

  17. It's hilarious how Venezuela was perfectly, wonderfully, totally socialist back when their failure wasn't so obvious. Socialists weren't telling us over and over again how "capitalist" or "state capitalist" Venezuela was back when they were explaining that "the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina," that Chavez "show[ed] us that the poor matter and wealth can be shared," that it was the "historic liberation of Latin America… destructive to the rich oligarchy," that "Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of vice president Nicolas Maduro," that he was a "great hero to the majority of his people and those who struggle throughout the world for a place… hated by the entrenched classes," that he "eliminat[ed] 75% of extreme poverty," etc., etc., etc.

    It's only now that it's proven to be yet another miserable failure that–quite suddenly–it turns out Venezuela wasn't socialist after all. Just like every other socialist regime to ever exist, it turns out Venezuela wasn't a True Scotsma–er, Real Socialism.

    Also, Badmouse is (as usual) lying through his teeth, in that there was no "oil glut." Oil boomed through the latter half of the 2000's, but when the price came back down it came back to the same price it had been in 2004, adjusted for inflation. At the time entrepeneurs in America–along with other free countries and even some not so free but not socialist like Venezuela–were making fortunes providing oil, and yet we're supposed to believe that Teh Ebil Rich had gone and made oil unprofitable.

  18. If you give your citizens free gas, then you are not running your countrys economy in a sensible way, which we now see the result of…

  19. Economically capitalism and Communism/socialism need each other work. They complements each others. That's why outsourcing to China works so well. Corporations cut costs and profitability by manufacturing goods in another country with with less democratic policies.

  20. 0:50 Isung those arguments there is no Socialist country in the world… and those who are, are a fucking totalitarian mess
    20:20 Yep, and why there is no socialist alternative??? well… basically because it doesn't work

  21. Nothing I love more than white Westerners trying to say how Venezuela's 'not actually that poor there's plenty of food you guys!!!' with no actual sources or evidence

  22. WTF ?! You call yourself a communist but receive donations?? THAT IS MONEY !!!!
    … just kidding. Keep up the fight!! <3

  23. "We have bread lines, they're called 'food banks'"

    How did I never put that together before! Thank you for that piece of ammo in the capitalism debate.

  24. it is so freaking sad that this 1 1/2 year old video has become only more and more important in 2019 and in fact a must watch. I tip my head to you, Sir BadMouse. Learned quite a bit here.

  25. Venzuela's economy crashed becuse they built their whole economy on oil and heavily placed sanctions and regulations on the private companies so, eventually when oil prices dropped the economy went to shit

  26. Succesfull countries in The southern hemisphere, Chile, australia, new Zeeland, new caledonia(France). So they exist allright

  27. Anyone noticed how /r/venezuela is purely rallied behind a certain side? Have to wonder if that's because of their moderation concealing the other side.

  28. Most capitalists are very ignorant of history, specially of the history of third world countries.
    Long before Chavez was even an adult, the right wing secret police of Venezuela, DIGIPOL, destroyed newspapers such as Clarin, La Tarde and La Hora.
    And what about the Cantaura Massacre, it was the year of 1982, when the government of the time, that of Luis Herrera Campins, brutally murdered a group of people who were protesting. The Cantaura massacre, carried out on October 4, 1982, ended the lives of 23 young men and women between 16 and 30 years old. At the time not a single newspaper in the United States questioned the capitalist system of Venezuela because of the massacres.

    One day Tuesday, September 18, 1984, in room 06 of the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Venezuela, in the Maracay Campus, in Tazon the national guard decided to machine gun, buses full of students who were protesting against the government. 35 fell.

    At the Miguel José Sanz High School, young people from high school decided to start a student protest. President Rómulo Betancourt (1959-1964) issued on February 13, 1961 the order "shoot first and find out later" the high school students.

    The Digepol assaulted political prisoners and took them from hospitals where they recovered from torture. The mayor of San Cristobal who said it is necessary to kill a thousand less so that they do not protest. But no, Venezuela massacres of the past perpetrated by the right wing does not really count.

    What about the disappeared during the government of President Leoni which later in the 90's were found buried in mass graves, caves and secret cemeteries.

    In the presidential elections for November 1952.
    President Pérez organized a pro-government party, the Independent Electoral Front (FEI), which erroneously believed that he would be victorious and thus would legitimize his government.
    Candidate Caldera conducted a conservative campaign as the COPEI presidential candidate, and Villalba candidate of the URD carried out a fierce anti-government campaign. When the first electoral results made it clear that the URD was far ahead of the government party, Perez ordered that the count be stopped, nullified the election and declared himself president. The other candidates of the other parties were sent abroad "on vacation", and in the end all the leaders of the URD and COPEI joined their colleagues in exile.
    Once when the Central University of Venezuela became a center of opposition to the regime, the president, Perez, simply issued a decree to close the university for two years…
    Now compare that with the elections of Chavez and Maduro. And yet, not a single voice of dissent was heard in the western media at that time.

  29. There is no "leftist" support when it comes to ideas that "help" the "left", use proper terms like the "poor" and "rich".

  30. I don’t want to nit pick here, but ad Venezuelum is incorrect if one assumes that Venezuela is a first declension feminine singular in the accusative case. This is super mean and pointless, but, as the single most pretentious person in the universe, it is my duty to comment this. *Venezuelam is the correct declension for the Spanish form, but the word Venetiolam is more correct. Venetiola is the modern Latinized form. «The more you know». Don’t actually care about this. This is completely devoid of meaning.

  31. We should remember that private companies went BANKRUPT and failed to deliver goods to people, so the government was FORCED to take control of those companies, to deliver goods to people.

  32. It's really scary how people really believe this creepy-ass looking dude, even though the statistics about "private" ownership is actually a lie, because the "private" sector is actually the government cronies, but yay for socialism though. Pathetic.

  33. Market fluctuations can happen in any form of economy when a new technology is developed or there is a large population change

  34. Please give the sources of these figures as they are quite surprising to me as someone who is not very familiar with Venezuela.

  35. Socialism nearly always compromises with capitalism except in the most extreme forms of Stalinism or Maoism. In which case you are then told it is not socialism because it is state capitalism. What matters is redistribution of wealth and control of society and politics being concentrated in the hands of a small capitalists class.

  36. The western powers definition of communism in developing countries is economic nationalism. They want countries broken open to foreign investment, especially their own US/UK investment. In other words if a country has anything worth money they want to own it and control it.

  37. I strongly agree that however privately owned the Venezuelan economy is, the nationalisation of oil is enough to earn the ire of the west.

  38. It is a good demonstration of the manipulation and insincerity of BBC & ITN news in the UK that report after report about the economic problems of Venezuela NEVER even mention the 60% collapse in oil prices in 2014. However they always offer the opinion, stated as a fact, that all problems are due to mismanagement by the government.

  39. As far as the private ownership of the Venezuelan economy goes, you need to look at how much is owned by local Venezuelan capitalists and how much by US investors. Giant global capitalism is to some extent in competition with local national capitalists, and is more powerful with deeper pockets.

  40. The irony is that Trump is a kind of 'Communist' in the view of global capitalism because of his economic nationalism, which threatens the global trade and investment by high global capitalists maximise the returns on their investments, by threatening to raise up barriers. This is why the mass media in the west hates Trump so much. Not as perverse as it sounds.

  41. The Cold War was not about human rights and lack of democracy, it was about Communist countries closing their economic resources to foreign investment.

  42. Make your bed properly you dirty socialist. The United States is the parent and these countries are our children who we occasionally have to smack around. Nothing to see here, keep it moving and God bless the Petro dollar.

  43. Your title on the video shows your ignorance as to what Socialism even is. Socialism is not determined by the employment in a sector. It's determined simply by who owns the means of prouction: the physical machinery, resources and land used to produce goods. Financial instruments like money and labor ARE NOT necessarily elements of Socialism. They can be. Are you purposely spreading ignorance?

  44. All political and economic ideas will fail because they so not take into account the animal instincts within humans. You can't write algorithms for such complex species as human.

  45. Ok? So? One country has slightly better socialism. Doesn’t change the millions killed in the USSR, North Korea, Vietnam at one point, China, and in Yugoslavia, where it actually worked until it turned into a civil war.

  46. This is an older video, so I’m just gonna say it. Venezuela has become far more authoritative. It was promised when he was elected that Chavez would leave office if the people weren’t happy. Guess what? He didn’t. How’s that for undemocratic?

  47. I am Venezuelan and you are an absolute FOOL!!! Communist China has a vibrant corrupt capitalist class and it is still communist. Even in the Soviet Union, the state sector did not completely dominate the private sector. There were still private industries even under Soviet communism. So back to Venezuela, THE GOVERNMENT IS COMPLETELY DOMINATED BY PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela) and they refuse to leave power!!! Day after day they are tightening the noose on the private sector. Please buddy, come and live in Venezuela and see it for yourself. Since 2017 Venezuela has taken a nose dive!!! YOU ARE COMPLETELY CLUELESS!!!!

  48. Dude I'm sorry, I'm Venezuelan AND a socialist, I agree with you that Venezuela is not and has never been allowed to run fully as it's own autonomous socialist state,
    but that doesn't then mean you have to excuse the faults of the Venezuelan government (which there are many of especially under Maduro) as "but socialist isn't bad".

    My family in Venezuela, eats a bowl of rice and a sausage maybe every 1 or 2 days. I was lucky to get out the country when I was younger so I'm currently not suffering there, but when I hear that my grandmother and my mentally disabled aunt don't have medicine or food to keep the house going, and that the government is running over and killing protesters in Caracas, the place of my birth… I am not looking at Venezuela as a great success, so please stop with this deflating of the crimes committed in my country.

    When you say these things you're sounding like another privileged white westerner who LARPs as a communist revolutionary, when you're just a meek little white boy sitting in your room benefiting off of the luxury your privilege has afforded you.

    This is not good rhetoric, it just hands ammunition to the right wingers. PLEASE STOP

  49. 70% of gdp is private? in an economy 90% depended of oil (state owned) and in a country with currency and prices control=? are you fuckin retarded?

  50. I'm a communist, and a Venezuelan, and I can't support you on this video. It's just wrong. Sorry. You need better sources.

  51. Sounds like that coup in Iran lead by the US and UK that overthrew the democratic elected and popular Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddegh in 1953 when he tried to nationalize the oil industry, and was replaced with the Shaw and then the Islamic Republic of Iran the same nation the US has made servial false flags on

  52. "I wonder why capitalism doesn`t work in southamerica?"
    mmmmmh, I don`t know, maybe it`s duo to the huge history of america trying constantly take over all the land and resources just for themselves in southamerica, they dont giving two shits about us. one good example are all the times that america tried to privatize the water from numerous country in all south america, the people had to paid taxes for cleaning the water from their roof sewers of their own houses when it rained, and they had to take a license to drink water from their own wells. and they are still trying to privatize all the waters from south america. without mentioning all the terrorist attacks performed by americans in southamerica territory like the ones carried out by Michael Townley ordered by the USA president back then, who by the way, he killed thousand of people all around south america.
    and then you keep asking us why we don`t like you or your people, or why we want your people out of our countries?
    you can go fuck yourselves for all I care, and leave us the fuck alone.

  53. Sooooooo…And correct me if I am wrong…This means its all Americas fault, right? ONORE, AMERICA!!!!!!

  54. Damn i can't waite for africa to elect socialist president so finaly we will discover the reason why peole there die from starvation and why they have the worst healt care in the world

  55. I agree with some parts of your video but recent events truly show the scale of how opressive the goverment of maduro is 2 million people have fled to country. Maybe also people were scared of being jailed if they would go and protest so that is why you dont see a lot of people just a thought to think about

  56. Are you aware of that patreon founders are doing something to provide you a functionality you need? As well as any other founder of private company. They would not exist, with their capitals, if there were no people who consider their contribution worthy. People who need products they had developed.

  57. Me : Socialism works
    Free Market Retard :
    starts levetating , eyes start glowing , a force field of pure market forces forms around him
    B U T V E N E Z U E L A

  58. The people in a third world country: Elect a socialist
    Socialist leader: fixes lots of things
    The people in the same third world country: have hope
    The U.S: Oh you sweet summer child proceeds to install ruthless dictator

  59. We can't forget that Chile had 2 financial collapses in the 80's, read "Chile's Free Market Miracle: A Second Look"!

  60. TWowowowowowowo
    Big mistake there 5 minutes into the video
    Venezuelan oil was already nationalized decades before Chavez was ever in the picture. It was nationalized in the 60's during the first presidency of Carlos Andres Perez (who was a socialist btw, though he embraced neoliberalism for several reasons that aren't worth getting into because I'm not going to defend the decision).
    Also I think it's dishonest to claim that we can just blame the current situation of Venezuela on a coup that happened 15 years before the publishing of this video when the opposition has been mostly ineffectual since then.
    Also allowing the foreign oil companies to extract the oil was actually okay for us because demonstrably we don't have the infrastructure to do so on our own, which is part of the reason why we're currently so fucked :v
    And you glossed over all the authoritarian shit Chavez and more importantly Maduro pulled before and after the coup (moreso after the coup)
    And you greatly exaggerate the level of US involvement in Venezuela. Say what you want about The US fucking with Latin American socialists in the past, if the US wanted Chavistas gone and had taken steps to make sure he was gone, they'd be gone, people wouldn't be throwing rocks at tanks.
    And you're overlooking other international powers besides the US that exploit the country such as China and Russia which greatly benefit from the shitty economy and the Chavista oligarchy (they literally get free oil from us)
    And you absolutely misrepresented the cause for the existence of these black markets. Price controls. You might want to think that the companies are being forced to sell their goods at a low-profit margin so the people aren't exploited, I get that, it would be amazing if that was the case, but with the level of inflation that exists (and this can be directly linked to the government indiscriminately just printing money at random) a price control simply means they are actually losing money. Ergo, two types of black marketeers arise:
    The companies themselves actually having to sell stuff under the table at market price in order to function at all.
    People buying stuff in bulk and then selling it at market price (or smuggling it across the border) to make profits.
    Both of these things happen constantly.
    And speaking of price controls, that's something people who point at the level of private industry miss. A lot of the economy in spite of being formed by private industry, these industries still get hit with regulations on a level that makes the economy as a whole resemble a highly inefficient centrally planned economy.
    And the US hadn't imposed any significant sanctions on Venezuela by the time you made this video
    As for your map showing that rioting "tends to mostly happen in medium/high-income areas", I think that might not correlate with the income of the local population but with the concentration of industries and population surrounding those areas compared to the rural regions
    And the opposition is very ideologically diverse, being opposed to Maduro's authoritarianism doesn't make them squarely right wing, strong right wing factions haven't existed in Venezuela for a long time. COPEI (the classic center right party) has lost most of the power it once held pretty much since the moment Chavez took power and everything that is left is a bunch of left-center left parties whose only real association is opposing the ruling political class.
    And there is something to blame on Chavez on the fact that he eliminated many of the government institutions that already existed, mostly trying to enforce party loyalty among the people who ran the ones he kept. So again, a lot of Venezuela's economy is to blame on the authoritarian precedent set by Chavez

    So yea, I think you made a few mistakes there

    Look, I agree that the problems of Venezuela can't just be blamed on anything an informed person would recognize as socialism, but acting like the Venezuelan government is not overtly authoritarian and mostly to blame for the state of the economy is just ridiculous.

    Also Maduro is vastly unpopular by now and most definitely not legally entitled to the presidency anymore, and he has mismanaged the social democratic elements of the country to a point that I don't think should be defended by anyone who calls themselves a socialist (including by implementing austerity on many of them) so at the very least I implore you to look at the country now and not defend this regime anymore.

  61. Venezuela is a horrible dictatorship that changes the law for it's own purpose, hires only loyals to administration, kills opponents, steals the wealth of private enterprise.

  62. i think the right knows that Venezuela wasn't completely socialist but exclusively uses that as an example because it is an example of a failed state with social democratic policies which most left wing politicians have compromised on.

  63. No matter how frequently you define socialism, people who were brainwashed during the Cold War and their progeny will claim that your definition is false. You cannot teach people facts, when they don't believe in facts.

  64. A nation's wealth, if in the hands of a private individuals and corporations which comprise a very small percentage of a nation's population, is NOT the nation's wealth. Some things are not so obvious, even if they should be !

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