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Are Traditional Ad Agencies Old News?

Are Traditional Ad Agencies Old News?

– [Man] With the way Facebook is going that’s what interested me the most. – What do you mean with
the way Facebook is going? – [Man] With Facebook, you know, you’re supposed to be able to on Facebook be able to get what people
need in terms of sales and all that all that sort of stuff and there is that happening. Facebook has massive fraud problems and so does Google.
– No it doesn’t. No, not to that extent. It’s not massive. – [Man] You really disagree? – Yeah. We do, cause I see actual results. We sell shit for clients at scale. Like what do you mean, right? So that’s the problem. Because some agencies
can’t get fucking results so it makes our industry
look stupid as shit. And then they just burn capital by buying a bunch of banner ads cause it’s the only way
that they can deploy that level of media, that’s the problem. That’s the problem. Because nobody can get results because they’re lazy and don’t wanna change
their business model. Those agencies will go out of business.

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