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Hey, guys. Silvio Perez here, and welcome to today’s
video. In this video, we’re going to be talking about
if Google Ads is a good investment for small businesses. Now, to get started, let’s go ahead and get
it from the source themself, Google, and let’s look at their economic impact report from
2018. So by the way, if you want to go ahead and
look at this report, it’s going to be in the description box down below. I’ll link to it so you can go ahead and check
this out. But according to Google themself, nearly 4x
is the returns businesses are receiving within a year using advertising, digital advertising. So I’ll read it from them. They said, “Small businesses that use advanced
digital tools, such as online advertising and data analytics, experienced revenue growth
in the previous year that was nearly 4 times higher than less digitally advanced businesses.” So that’s huge potential. I mean, think about what 4x returns are. I think that’s also, it could be a little
promising. You know, you’re definitely going to go through
a learning period at first. But overall, utilizing digital advertising,
I mean … The opportunities are limitless. Just to give you an idea of some of the things
you can do with Google Advertising. You can do location targeting, small business,
right? You only want to service your local market. Well, guess what? With Google Ads, you can make sure you’re
only showing ads to people who are within 10 miles of your business, 20 miles of your
business, whatever you want to be. It could be one mile. I mean, you can get really crazy with it. You can target based on time of day, so you
can show ads to people based on certain hours of the day, so if you’re only open from 8
a.m. to 5 p.m., guess what? Your ads will only show from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You’ve just got to go ahead and set that up. You can also target people based on income. If they’re, you know, top 20%, bottom 30%,
whatever it is, you can target based on income. You can target based on how they’ve behaved,
so if they’ve gone to your website, and then they left, you can bring them back with re-targeting. So the opportunities truly are limitless. You can also target by language, so maybe
you don’t service customers in English. You do Spanish. You can target Spanish. I mean, it’s literally limitless the opportunities
you can do, and it’s awesome. And it’s, everything is controllable. There’s tracking in place. You know what you spend, and you know what
you get out of it. So it’s very transparent. There’s no, “I hope by the end of the month
it works out.” It’s, you’ll know really by the first week
what’s going on. And then from there, it is a continuous process,
and you’re making your campaigns better and better and better. Now that I hopefully have sold you on Google
Ads, I want to go ahead and show you how you can get started. So to, first and foremost, you have to sign
up for a Google Ads account. That is the main thing. You have to sign up for a Google Ads account. It’s absolutely free though, so don’t be afraid. Go ahead and sign up. It’s absolutely free, but before you go ahead
and sign up, I want you to take advantage of this. So go to Google and search “Google Ads Coupon,”
and then you’ll see here, “Google Ads Coupon Code.” Just click on that, and this is a $100 coupon
you get from Google, so there you go. Saved some money already right off the bat. So go ahead and take Google up on this free
offer when you sign up for an account. Doesn’t cost you anything. They’ll send you the coupon to your email. Awesome. So the next thing I want to talk about is
the Google keyword planner tool. The Google keyword planner tool is an absolutely
free tool that Google provides, and it allows you to research different keywords so you
get an understanding on what you can expect to pay per click. It’s just an estimate and you never really
know fully what you’re going to pay until you actually launch your campaigns, and then
you get the real feedback, the real data. And then you can see what your true cost per
click is. But the Google keyword planner tool is an
amazing way to just get started and see whether or not Google is something that you’d like
to try out and to get into. So go ahead and hop into your Google Ads account
that you just signed up for. We’re going to go click on tools, and then
from tools, we’re going to click on keyword planner. And then this is where we’re going to be able
to do all our searching. So with the Google keyword planner tool, we’re
going to really be able to find out whether or not this is something that we can even
have the cashflow to support, to get started. So just go ahead and click find new keywords,
and now search one of your services that you offer. So the example I love to always go to is DJ
services. So I’m going to search that. So you search DJ service. And then now, it’s going to go ahead and pull
up different estimates based on your targeting, so let’s go ahead and adjust our targeting
first. So if you look here, it says, “All locations.” I’m going to change the language to English. And then you can also change it based on networks. So Google meaning Google itself, and then
Google and search partners, or Google and then other affiliated search engines that
partner with Google. So we’ll just leave it at Google. And now I’m going to search DJ service again. And now I’ll get a better understanding of
different cost-per-clicks. So for example, DJ service, on average monthly
searches, 1 in 10,000 people. So also, if you’re thinking of launching a
product, or if you’re just thinking on whether or not there’s a demand for something that
you’re thinking of offering, this is a great way to validate your idea. You can come into the keyword planner tool
and see if people are already searching for your solution. So basically, according to this, a thousand
to 10,000 monthly searches, and the top of the page bid, so to be on the top of the page,
is $4.35. So that gives me an understanding, right there,
that am I willing to pay Google $4.35 per click. Can that be profitable for me? So some things to take into consideration
is when you’re in lead generation, is of all the leads you receive, what percentage of
them do you close, and factoring that in. So for example, usually, I would say, a kind
of best practice is you should get at least a hundred clicks a month to really get enough
data. So I can just take $4.35, multiply that by
100, and I know I need at least $435 to advertise on Google for the month. That’s a very easy way to go about doing it. You can definitely do a more advanced way
about calculating your budget. For example, taking in your marketing conversion
rate, what your target market conversion rate is, your sales closing rate, so you can get
very specific with it. For example, if you have a 10% market conversion
rate, and a 10% close rate, well then, that means you need 100 clicks to get 10 leads,
and then of those 10 leads, you’ll close one lead into a sale. So then you know your true cost per acquisition. Is that cost, after everything is said and
done, after factoring those different variables. That’s, you can get a lot more advanced than
that, but that’s just to give you an understanding. But the most basic to not complicate this
is just come to the Google keyword planner tool. Search a keyword that you’re thinking of bidding
on that you’re thinking of advertising on, and then from there, come look at the top
of page bid high range. The estimate here. I really never really like to go by the low
range. Usually I find that the high range is usually
low. So sometimes, the high range can be too high
or too low, but most of the time, from my experience, I’ve noticed that the bids are
usually a little bit higher than this. Some come, look at this column right here,
and then get an understanding on if this is something you can afford. If it’s something that you’re looking at,
and then factor in your profit margins and all that good stuff. So that’s going to be it for this video. If you got some value from this, please go
ahead and make sure to subscribe and follow along to the channel. I create content every week. And something I just want to close on is,
I work with clients every day doing Google ads for lead generation. That’s basically all I do, and I can tell
you from my own personal experience and working with these different businesses, that Google
Ads has become something that is absolutely a godsend for a lot of these businesses that
I work with. It’s something that’s really allowed them
to get a predictable stream of customers every month to their business and allowed them a
lot more predictability and consistency. I will say, though, that, with Google Ads,
just like anything else in life, there are no magic pills, no magic solutions. It takes work. It takes effort. If this is something you want to do yourself,
I welcome you to subscribe to the channel and follow along and watch my other videos. I definitely have a lot more Google Ads tutorials
coming out. But make sure you’re educated, make sure you
do your research, and follow best practices and things like that so you can avoid doing
costly mistakes. And if this is something that you just don’t
have the time or the investment to be able to learn yourself because you’re focusing
on servicing customers, then I do recommend that you hire a professional that knows how
to do this for you, because Google Ads can be, and really not just Google Ads, any advertising
platform, can be a double-edged sword where it can be really good, but it also can be
really bad if you don’t know what you’re doing. So just make sure you’re educated and approach
it with the best practices in mind. So that is it for this video. Thanks so much for watching. Take care.

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