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Aquarius Mid June 2019: Communication & Apologies Aquarius ❤

Aquarius Mid June 2019: Communication & Apologies Aquarius ❤

hello Aquarius and welcome to in June 2019 mid month reading this is for Aquarius what is going on with Aquarius what is going on with Aquarius if this resonates with you Aquarius please like share and subscribe and leave me a comment make sure you give the thumbs up button for me I would greatly appreciate it if this does not resonate with you at all with query and please do check your moon your rising and your Venus sign as this will not resonate with every Aquarius out there please keep in mind that some of these energies can be vice versa or interchangeable so however it resonates with you this is for Aquarius for June 2019 for their mid month reading this is for Aquarius this is for Aquarius what is going on here with Aquarius what is going on okay Wow so communication communication communication all right so I got Lieber here I got you here got fired here the hangman here got a lot going on here a lot of major arcana here earth here all right so I'm gonna read the energies of the cards so if the sign of the persons who are dealing with or have dealt with or will be dealing with in the future if their sign pops up then all the better right keep in mind that time is fluid and some of these energies can be vice versa work or interchangeable so you I feel like this is kind of you you know what you want but there's not much you can do communication needs to happen I feel like this is a very self-sacrificing energy you're waiting on some and you're definitely waiting on communication here Aquarius for real okay I do feel like you want an apology from someone and again this can be vice versa and you're just kind of seeing what's gonna happen you're not reaching out clearly because you're your arms are behind your back and you're not making any moves here you're not making any moves you want this situation to move forward I feel like you want this person to reach out to you but you yourself are not making any moves all right so the situation hearing from someone communication passionate communication page of Wands asses fire energy Aries Leo Sagittarius that is the situation we're waiting our communication is it going to come is it gonna go I feel like it is I do the challenge I feel like decisions I feel like karmic lessons and I feel like apologies okay that is the challenge here getting a balance between you and this person it's like it's it's not you see those livre scales right there it was not balanced before and now you have withdrawn and now you're keeping your hands to yourself with this hangman energy right I feel like yes you would this is the next card behind the hangman you would like a reunion here you would like to celebrate and spend time with this person but not making any moves maybe waiting on an apology definitely communication for sure right what is this person gonna do this like you're saying what is your move I've done I've done I've put in the effort I've put in the work I've said the things that I needed to say now what are you gonna do what is your move that's it's like that's what you're saying to this person because you withdrawn the advice three of Pentacles so this is you know let's work on things together okay I do feel like this person is going to come back around I do feel like there could be a partnership here I feel like right now there is some watching from a distance maybe you're watching them maybe they're watching you that kind of thing but I feel like working together this could be somebody that you work with or know like your school or something like that right so the advice is work on it if this is what you want then let's work on it you know maybe this person needs to put in effort because I do feel like it was a very one-sided type energy so this is a partnership this is working together right three of Pentacles this is Earth Taurus Virgo Capricorn the focus is back-and-forth communication right it's almost like you were putting in all the effort to make this thing happen and they were just like okay well I'll call you when I call you the kind of thing you know what I mean so it needs to be back and forth it needs to be balanced it needs to be equal and I do believe that the communication is most definitely the focus here this person could live at a distance from you this is very fast-moving energy you could have met them on the Internet all that kind of stuff right eight of Wands here this is fire arias Leo Sagittarius it's almost like you were always the one reaching out you were always the one trying to make plans you were always the one you know putting in all this effort and they were just like oh okay you know so now it's like you have withdrawn from that and you're kind of putting your hands behind your back yeah you still want to be involved with this person you'd still like it to work out here but are they going to put in the effort that they need if there's an apology needed are they going to apologize for just kind of and I want to say you know maybe sometimes like blowing you off or you know just kind of disappearing or something like that the outcome is the stark art so this is you all over the place this is a lot of healing energy here this is wish fulfillment I do feel like you're going to hear from this person and it may be passionate communication could be an apology here but this is faded this is destined the stars are aligning here and I do feel you know that you will hear from this individual and I do feel that it is going to be a wish fulfillment for you and I do feel you are going to heal from this situation Aquarius okay so let's clarify that let's clarify the star card here for Aquarius what is going on here what the query has what is going on here yeah then we have the impress here right so this is Libra Taurus energy so this is the potential for a new beginning very slow moving I want to say but it's like it's it's gross so we're going to nurture it it's it's like we're going to take our time with it and it's we're gonna see what develops here right because this person has been wishy washy back and forth undecided doing a juggling act and it's causing you know it's it like I said it's it's it's a lot of back and back and forth right I mean one minute they're in it the next minute they're not one man's are in it the next minute they're not it's kind of like that energy two of Pentacles here this is Earth's Taurus Virgo Capricorn so I do see that you have kind of withdrawn from this person and you're going to allow them to come to you and I do feel like that is going to happen and I do see growth here in this situation the potential for a new beginning should you choose now this could be a decision this could be a decision that you're going to have to make because the two of Pentacles is all about trying to decide if we're going to allow this person this potential new beginning but they I do feel like they have been undecided back and forth but it's going to come in when you least expect it so expect the unexpected here Aquarius that card keeps popping up so I do see the potential to work together but that is the key thing let's work together you're not going to do this whole thing by yourself you're not you know and I think that's why you have withdraw from this person so let's see what the romance Angels have to say for you the query is for June 2019 mid months reading this is for Aquarius this is for Aquarius for June 2019 for their mid month reading this is for Aquarius this is for Aquarius let go of control issues allow this situation to unfold naturally Wow Wow and then we have playfulness to recapture romance allow your inner youthful spirit of fun to shine so this is definitely saying then there needs to be a lighter energy here maybe this other person was trying to like control the narrative to control like the communication to control the effort that was involved here and Aquarius you know I you have stepped back from this situation to allow this person to come to you and I think that is your best bet right because it was it could have been like too much too soon for this person but I do feel like things are going to get playful again between the two of you there is going to be potential new beginnings here but it's I feel like it's going to go slower it's going to be a slower process and maybe that's your best bet here but we it's like you have to allow the other person to come towards you okay because it was not balanced it was not equal here okay so definitely got a good like go with the flow of the situation and I think the other person needs to – I mean they feel like they need just kind of step up step up the effort you know if this is what they want and I feel like it's going to unexpected communication is going to come in so if that's you know communication is what you're one then I do believe that is most definitely gonna happen apologies right alright Aquarius that is your June 2019 mid month reading I hope you have enjoyed it I have had quite a few technical difficulties and that we've been dealing with this week on top of trying to get ready for our road trip so it's been nuts but I will keep you posted and I'm going to try to get as much content out as I possibly can for you all so yeah it's been a wild week over here I hope you have enjoyed your reading Aquarius communication coming in possibly apologies so expect the unexpected right go with the flow just go with the flow that's all I can tell you all right you guys have a great week and I will talk to you soon okay god bless

31 thoughts on “Aquarius Mid June 2019: Communication & Apologies Aquarius ❤

  1. This is so happening to me. I am having a relationship with a scorpio for 7 months now. It is so hard for me, he just can’t communicate and he never apologize for anything – I’m so stuck… and I am still with him.

  2. I felt every bit of your reading in my love life right now..I'm going to let go of my control issues and let things happen naturally

  3. I’m trying to think what I need to heal from but I think I know. You kind of nailed it for me♒️♒️♒️

  4. I have done my healing his apology is worthless to me for what! actually no commucation from them ever is good for me…..good luck Aquas think before you act…..make sure you feel your worth…like your reading,

  5. All I want is a ❤️ to ❤️ conversation with my Saggie. I think if we both explain how we feel, we will understand each other better.

  6. This reading really resonates. I really hope he comes back and give equal to the relationship and apologise. Thank you for all of the messages. ❤️🙏

  7. Ah. Sagis dream boat..hidein in the rear unknown to me since 2012 ..then others jump in all while a bad heart stalls me .just to find out sagi is the one doing what shes told..she pulled the last strings setting me up while i continue my quest to safegaurd a child .lol..sooo funny .sorry but i dont see anything funny about it..she is disgusted my seeds are stronger .her problem yours didnt stick..and yours..even if i didnt catch you.i would have told her scat…she told me whats up .long time ago to .we are who we are ..i do not want to change a person im with .if we are not compatible the party is over .she is decided .her greatest wishs are not aligned .she is not child safe controlled by any ..i am not looseing my family ..someone pushing and get in my family?? Knee jerk….i called …she obeys any guy but me ..demand axcess ..from her …apology wont return damages to a child for others humor

  8. this is true happens with me
    im aquarius woman nd my bf pisces.
    He confused me all the time, i was hoping this relationship will worth it but seems he has traumatic

  9. This freaked me out! It's so on point, it's like you can see what is going on in my life! This was exactly what I needed to hear too!

  10. double spot on ….deja vu…last 2 men-in 9month were from past tried -couldnt/wouldnt communicate once they had my attention devotion and heart both backed away when i agreed to moving to be with them–still moving closer to the last –have thought the 1st was preparing for this 1 to do the same-

  11. Love this reading you are spot on. definitely resonates. 🙂 Yes there is a Virgo and a Capricorn that I am waiting for an apology from. I hope they broth come forward, especially the capricorn.

  12. Yeah, I must say ur Right ! It's tough! Dont kno what to do stay n my Marriage or Leave Him ? Give it to God ! Wait / See wat Happeneds !!!

  13. Hangman?? Communication is wide open.free will and slavery. Continued interferance with family children and happiness.restoration of a damaged childs life overrides a sick dope hoes quest .apology?? Will not restore physical and psycological wounds to children .who cares about mine .hoe comes back in the next life i paid my ticket

  14. I stop caring i guess my moon in Scorpio says to let it die and keep moving. My Aquarius rising says there is always a new day so keep going.
    I just stop caring to be honest my cold switch is on and i am ready for a new chapter. Yes!

  15. Damn, I feel like this was for me. My sun sign is Aquarius and my moon sign is Cancer. I had been involved in a situationship with a flaky ass Taurus for over a year. It was totally one sided and he always had an excuse. I told him that I was done recently. I still have a thing for him, but I'm over my efforts not being reciprocated. I would even consider just being friends buuut he has to reach out to me.

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