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*** You can turn these captions off using the CC button We’re proud to present the Apple Skin Twist! It twists your skin, okay Now if you just leave it on there you can surprise yourself cause it can make up to 50 percent more flaps yeah look at that pretty neat huh? now you’re gonna love the Apple Lickamaforbus and yes I know that it sounds like a sex robot — that’s not appropriate no the Lickamaforbus is really a plant based guitar and as you see, it has walnut spores great, right? yeah, they’re really just a fancy touch so we can trend-set but there’s more to… uh oh…. dang it I gotta pee! We’re happy to finally announce the Apple Handsome Anthony Yep Now Anthony can take you to a museum or to the Snowcone Palace but if he ever asks for Geppetto, then you need to destroy him forcefully first thing it’s vital okay Apple Wings are Apple’s hot wings, and they’re meaty and they’re juicy and the names are like “Mystery Colon” and “Soul Snatcher” and “Aye Aye Kevin” mmm hmmm they’re gonna be
great… now we also have socks let me explain So let’s talk about the Apple Hole Now this is indeed a mini black hole so it
could have many uses For instance, you could time switch four mini checkers into one weredonkey yep, okay? now this is our fanciest tetra-fusion hole at this point The only thing is it’s not portable yet Let’s talk about the Apple Garfenafuten Tuten-Juten Exiobalexis Or as we like to call it, “Garf Exi” So I intended to show you what it sorta does, but it’s really stumped a few of us So instead, I get to announce something else I give you the Apple Wish Prince [crowd cheers] Hello, Wish Prince. Do you have a wiiiiiish? I wish that my Wish Prince would just give me seven diamonds GRANTED! and there it is… it’s done So what you see before you — Do you have a wiiiiiiish?? No, but thanks Wish Prince, so anyway Do you have a wiiiiiiish?? Uhhh, yeah I wish you’d quit doing this Do you have a wiiiiiiish?? yeah I don’t know what’s happened, ’cause
he’s supposed to quit asking, so it’s like – Do you have a wiiiiiiish?? Tyler, can you help me? Can’t you guys move it forward to the next section? You can’t? Dude, you’re a tech guy — is it
really hard? you suck Do you have a wiiiiiiish?? introducing the Apple DeBonk DeBonk, a musical can opener that- The truth is when I was 8, I was 12 and then I started work at the backgammon store, and as the new guy, got in a fight — Apple Toast is a magnificent
cinnamon toast, and that’s important today — …and that’s when I knew that the judge could sense that I’m Roman … eyes on the soon-to-be legendary Apple Windmill! …the woman’s name was Linda Foop a loud Irish woman with hard tooth enamel… …I’m really excited to introduce the Apple Steven Forkhead! As you probably guessed, you
stick forks in it and then you hear a doorbell Check it out! Hey is this boring? ‘Cause wow, I mean ’cause what I’m seeing on your faces says it is ‘kay

100 thoughts on ““APPLE PRODUCT LAUNCH” — A Bad Lip Reading

  1. Do you suppose Federighi would laugh his ass off watching this but Cook would give a fake smile and then go talk to his lawyers?

  2. I tell you what is an Apple Product Launch:
    That guy in the thumbnail’s Adam’s Apple 🍏🍎🍏🍎

  3. Help, i have my apple wings, it suddenly stop working last night, I charge it just before going to bed, in the morning it just stopped working, i tried reseting the os but still nothing happen.,😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. If not for Japan, Chinese and Indians consumers, Apple would've been dead before Steve Jobs. With all due repsect to Jobs.

  5. Love how they made it look like they were really saying all this stuff, am I the only one who likes the music after these sketches?

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