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Apple Ad – Steve Jobs Tribute

Apple Ad – Steve Jobs Tribute

3.7 gigahertz turbo boost to 3.9 quad-core processor 12 gigabytes of
memory D500 graphics, these are all good things but these things aren’t what you are remembered
for. What makes your products so great is that they give each and every user the
potential to change the world. anyone can be a musician, anyone can be a photographer a web designer, a DJ, a special effects editor an author your products allow us to be whatever we want to be. And because you have removed the limits of what technology can become, you have removed the limits of what the world can become. And with the tools that you have given the world we are able to keep climbing, keep
exploring, keep discovering, and keep learning. Thank you Steve Jobs, for not only impacting the present, but changing the future.

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