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App ID vs. Ad Unit ID – AdMob Quick Tip #6

App ID vs. Ad Unit ID – AdMob Quick Tip #6

you register an app and create an ad
unit in the AdMob UI, you get not one
but two ID values– an app ID and an ad unit ID. So what are those and
how are they used? Well, an app ID is
a unique identifier for an app using AdMob. They’re one-to-one. The value doesn’t
change, and its main use is in the call to
initialize the mobile ads SDK when your app launches. An ad unit ID represents
a spot within an app where you might show an ad. That could be a location
in your interface where a banner’s going to be or one
of the moments in the flow of your app where you’d like
to show a rewarding video ad, such as at the end
of each game level. It’s basically an
instance in space or time where you’d like the
option of showing an ad. That’s an ad unit. By having different
IDs for your ad units, you can track and report
on them separately and use different
mediation groups, depending on what’s generating
the best revenue for you. So there you go. App ID is for a whole
app, and an ad unit ID is for a spot within that app
where you’d like to show an ad. [MUSIC PLAYING]

5 thoughts on “App ID vs. Ad Unit ID – AdMob Quick Tip #6

  1. Sir i have create ids issues in ad mob… how can i resolve this.?
    Please provide me an email so that i sent the issues videos and snashots…
    i have search every where, but did not found answeres…
    when i create ad units it did not proceed me up to create banner and inters….l.
    what i do sir?
    please help out..
    or sent me admob customer support email. so i sent them the issues..! please

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