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AOC Dunks On Right-Wing Ad

AOC Dunks On Right-Wing Ad

>>For some time Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
has been leading a public interest in doing something about the climate crisis. Pretty much throughout this year, often in
conjunction with groups like the Sunrise Movements, some other good politicians on this issue. And, man, every time she brings it up she
ends up getting attacked. Here is a recent right-wing group tweeted
a video about her recent commentary on the topic.>>Shallow thoughts with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.>>You think overhauling our economy to decarbonize
and save the planet is gonna be expensive? Try not decarbonizing our economy and allowing
sea levels to rise, every coastal city to go underwater, every Midwestern city or large
swaths of the middle of the country experiencing drought on a level that we have not seen. That’s gonna be way more expensive. You think artificially having to create our
food supply because the earth no longer can sustain growing foods naturally or the sun
is scorching the earth so much that we can’t grow the foods that we used to be able to
grow. That’s gonna be a lot more expensive. So we need to bite the bullet on the cost
because the alternative to not spending the money is A, death and B, is spending even
more money.>>And so that was sent out about her. She did respond to it on Twitter saying, I
love everything about this GOP attack ad. Republicans underestimate my intelligence
because I invite people into my home and talk about policy in plain English instead of DC
jargon. They think that’s dumb, so they end up paying
for ads that spread and explain our policy positions.>>So I love this. And there’s so many great ironies. First of all Republicans are like, AOC’s not
smart. You are a follower and support of Donald Trump.>>Yeah, Mr. Hamburder.>>He’s a genius.>>Okay, hilarious. Hilarious, okay, but now the second irony
they’re like, can you believe she believes 99% of the world’s scientists? That’s so stupid. Obviously all of the scientists are wrong. Who’s with me? Who’s with me?>>God, you guys. You’re such mouth-breathers. And it’s so hilarious to see you bathe in
your ignorance and say no, I’ve got it figured out and Exxon Mobil is got it figured out
and the Koch brothers do. But all the scientists are wrong and everybody
else is wrong. And even though we can see the temperature
rising for the last 17 years straight, even though the snow forests of Alaska is currently
on fire, and so is an area of the size of Vermont in Siberia, I don’t see it. Can you believe they think that’s climate
change. That’s so stupid. I mean, come on. I mean, I’m not allowed to make that voice,
right? But that’s fine, that’s almost all the remaining
concerns. And I can say that as a former Republican. Look I’m gonna get into a little bit here
of another attack against Greta Thunberg and AOC. And an interesting part of that, an epiphany
I had about it. But there’s another former conservative here,
and that’s Matt. So look, am I being too mean here or what’s
your take on their climate denial?>>Well, I mean this ad reminded me exactly
of that Fox News graphic that they put up on the screen one time that was like, AOC
favors free college, healthcare for everyone, raising taxes on rich people. Those are all positions that Americans agree
with. But the thing is right wingers they don’t
understand anything about polls. And I literally part of why I stopped being
one I was like look guys, this is what the data shows. Maybe you should change your positions or
at least modify how you talk about stuff. And they were like, no! People agree with us, look, Ronald Reagan
won in 1984, yeah.>>They literally say that. Now the people who made that ad literally
said that very statement.>>So no, no, I’d want you to understand how
literal it is. Matt used to work in the Media Research Center
that did that ad.>>Yeah.>>Okay.>>I’m not-
>>You didn’t make this one, did you?>>No, no, no,
>>But no, literally those guys have said to me, Ronald Regan won in 1984, so therefore,
we don’t need to change anything we do or how we talk about stuff.>>The person who agrees with them is Nancy
Pelosi. Ryan Grim writes about this in his excellent
book, We’ve Got People, which you can get on shoptyt.com. You could also get his, I wrote the damn bill
be sure there. Anyways, he talks about how the Democrats
are stuck in the 1980s where they got their ass handed to them by Reagan. And they’ve never, they’re like, my god, Republicans
are right about everything. 76% of the country wants to raise taxes on
the rich.>>Yeah.>>And that’s right, when Fox News puts that
up, three quarters of the country goes, that sounds pretty good. Who said that? AOC? That’s pretty good.>>Yeah, and by the way, I went and I was
working at the hill before I moved down to California. I wrote the first poll question about AOC’s
tax plan. And we found our number.>>Yeah.>>We kicked it all off and all of these other
organizations were like, wow, look at that. Let’s do it ourselves. And they confirmed the same thing we found. But the thing is right-wingers never read
polls. And so they don’t understand that everyone
hates what they think is so great.>>And one of the things that’s distressed
me a lot over the past few years is the rising, at least on social media. I know that Twitter is not representative
of literally anything, but the number of people who don’t think that polls are real. I don’t mean a particular poll like taking
issue with methodology, the sampling of one poll. I mean, they don’t think that polls are a
thing. Fundamentally, they think naturally representative
2000 people. 2000 people, I wasn’t one of them. Obviously, they have no idea what it is.>>No, no, no. I used to run a TV show about polls. And I’ll tell you, we got all the time on
Twitter I never knew anyone who has been polled, I’ve never been polled. Fake news, fake news.>>Exactly yeah, and that’s why there are
bad polls, individual bad polls. I hesitate to break those down, because I
don’t wanna play into the ignorance that leads to people thinking that all polls are untrue. The 2016 election I think caused a lot of
people to falsely believe the polls don’t work because they think, well, everybody was
saying that Hillary was definitely gonna win, and Trump ended up winning the electoral college. And so the polls were wrong. Even though the polls nationally were saying
Hillary was up by two or three points, and she won by two or three points nationally,
everybody thinks that polls are BS because of 2016.>>Yes.>>And by the way, I warn you about Pennsylvania,
cuz the polls showed that Trump was really close in Pennsylvania. So that was also true. All right, look last two things that are really
important here and they’re both about ignorance including mine. So the Republicans celebrate ignorance so
that’s why they don’t agree with all the world scientists. That’s why they attack professors cuz they
bring you knowledge. They attack polls cuz it brings you facts. They attack the media cuz from time to time
they bring you facts. So anything that brings you facts, knowledge,
they attack cuz they want them to be replaced by their propaganda. Now to my ignorance is I was reading a great
story from the New Republic called the misogyny of climate deniers, and how much they attacked
the young Swedish girl, Greta Swanberg, who’s now gotten some fame for fighting against
the climate crisis and AOC. I realized why I used to participate in that
2025 years ago back when I was a Republican. And for us the article is, why are climate
deniers the same subgroup as misogynists? That’s such a weird combination. Why do those circles overlap so much? And I think I know cuz I used to be a Republican. And this is a funny and embarrassing thing
to admit. But back then I was not as successful with
women and that bread insecurity. And that insecurity caused a person to lash
out and try to be more fake macho, right? Yeah, being in favor of climate change that’s
weak, right? Remember I’ve told you guys this recently
making fun of myself, my past self in a sense, I didn’t believe mold was real.>>What a bizarre thing to not believe. But there was this sense of bathing in ignorance
was macho, right? Caring about the world is feminine. Caring about other people is feminine. And feminine is bad because they’re rejecting
me. So I had to fight against that. And the more success that I had in dating,
the more liberal I became because not because like, okay, women to soften me up or anything
like that. It’s more like I dropped the insecurity and
the lack of confidence. And once you have a normal healthy degree
of confidence, you’re like wait.>>Yeah.>>Why am I being weirdly so-called macho,
which is in a lot of cases misogynistic? Why am I lashing out at facts? What a weird thing to do. And it’s born out of insecurity.>>Yeah, and it’s a great point and it’s actually
borne out by a lot of other people’s experiences as well actually. Because if you look at, so the rise of white
nationalism in the Republican party, there’s different vectors of how they’re all come
together. One is through the Ron Paul people, former
Ron Paul worshipers. But also, there’s a big contingent that came
out of the manosphere of the dating blog sites where they would go and tell. These were hucksters and fraudsters who would
make money telling men who couldn’t get a date and say, look, pay me money and I’ll
tell you how to how to get laid. And what’s been really amazing is that so
many of these scammers and hucksters who were doing this stuff to two men, they have now
become Nazis.

100 thoughts on “AOC Dunks On Right-Wing Ad

  1. She's not intelligent enough to be in position she is in plus she's a commie
    All she does is reapeat what these marxis professors tell her what to say during her morning coffee
    She's dumb just like this commie propaganda show

  2. 8:20 "I didn't believe mold was real" wait stop, stop the episode, we need to talk about this. I have so many questions. At that age had Jenk … seen … food? How does this even … what?

  3. I’ve been polled many times. You want to know why you and none of your friends have been polled?

    You don’t answer the phone to numbers you don’t know

    Or you hang up when you hear it’s a survey

  4. That was an attack ad? It looked more like free advertising allowing her to make her point. Some right-wingers are pretty dumb.

  5. I think Cenk hit the insecurity psychology dead center. AOC is an outspoken, strong, highly intelligent female & that alone scares the shit out of weak frightened insecure men. Throw in some overcompensating w/ 'toxic masculinity' & you've got the exact recipe for a serial killer, serial rapist or a mass shooter. Or the current Tangerine Terror in the WH. 😯😐

  6. Matt is awesome! Keep him coming back for sure. Excellent analysis and a very important insight into the ignorant minds of the right.

  7. Cenk's story about feminine/macho characterization of facts reminds me of Chris Matthews, a supposed moderate, characterizing the Democratic party as the Mommy Party for precisely this.

  8. i agree with al gore that the polar ice caps will disappear by 2014. we need to eliminate garbage disposals and white supremacist cauliflower asap! cenk you the man!

  9. Wow GOP really are a pack of retards 😂🤣. What a way to give out free advertising for AOC. And everytime one of the retards watches it, a GOP member becomes a little more educated at the hands of the dumbest people on earth – GOP Americans.

    Keep it up GOP – you're an excellent advertiser for your GOP suicide mission.

  10. Holy shit! This is an attack ad from the right? How dumb and rich are they? They try to poison the wheel by using the word : SHALLOW. Then they basically give free publicity to AOC.

  11. Could the link be simply that the earth is seen as female, mother earth, mother nature. And having feelings about women's feelings is considered unmanly.

  12. cortez was put in place via audition from justice democrats, an alt left communist led subversive group. she admits it on camera. everything she says is scripted by her masters.

  13. The lunatic right-wing, are afraid of this wonderful lady!! So they try to under mind her, with pathetic, lame videos like this! Go AOC!!

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  15. Cortez is such a scatterbrained buffoon with no knowledge how the Constitution works, that no one takes this far left clown seriously.

  16. These people, making these ads, are indirectly dunking on their lack of knowledge. That doesn't mean we can't dunk on them as well.

  17. To the shallow and ignorant; do something"NOW" because the cost of water, gasoline, oil of all types and your electric bills will skyrocket to heights you've never seen before. We have fires destroying rainforest across the globe and refuse to believe it isn't happening, someone need to line y'all up and smack you across the face with a 2×4. There's that frog again in a slow to boil flask.

  18. To : Trump/ Republican organization ,and all oppressors of humanity…
    A man can be destroyed but the spirit of mankind can not be defeated…..

  19. We're going to have to artificially create our food supply?!?!! Oh no!!! Wait…. haven't we been doing that for thousands of years through agriculture and farming? Lol, AOC is truly one of the dumbest people I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.

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  23. Ecocide, femicide, and misogyny are all the same. I think it comes primarily from raping the soil to grow grain, and then eating that stuff unsprouted and fermented into alcohol. God used to be Our Mother, back before agriculture and literacy. Then it became sky father gods.

  24. To the American people, Our Democracy is eating its self-alive. With people like Moscow Mitch, Pelosi, Schumer, Rand Paul. Moscow Mitch blocks just about every bill. Pelosi speaks with fork tongue; she is not protecting Democracy she is protecting Trump. Not filing for impeachment, which would give the House much more power in investigating Trump and cronies. We must vote these people out before its too late. Anyone who takes Pac or corporate money should not be voted in. Get money out of politics this is one major downfall with our system of government Citizens United was a major error by the Supreme Court. That one misguided ruling has legalized bribery. It’s given us our current system. IT'S NOW TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE. Or live with what we let happen.

  25. Yes, the biggest threat humanity has ever faced and how we should try to combat it before it happens…is a shallow thought…ok brothers, whatever.

  26. I had an inception how to talk to right wingers…you don't ask them: "are you all right with Trump breaking the law", because the would tell you "fake news" and laugh at you…you have to ask them, imagine if Trump would break the law, would you mind…? and if you ask them to imagine situations that are real, but making it sound like you are asking only theoretically, then you get them to say they don't actually like democracy or that they should Trump remove office (just an example)…showing them what they actually say and what they actually think is first step out of the false equivalence and the whole country getting real idea how stupid, or how not democratic some people are…

  27. If AOC was a white woman or a man saying the exact same thing, conservatives would never cover her or mention her.

  28. This is the dumbest shit ever, pretty sure 99% of scientists didn't say every coastal and Midwestern city is going to be underwater. And pretty sure any attempt to "overhaul our economy" will result in the suffering of millions. But yes yes it's because she's a woman

  29. Fake-Machos turning Nazi? You dooon't say?

    I could of told you that, every knuckle-dragging bonehead that talks hard that I saw online or at protests had very little activity on the women front; the bros at protests would congregate together in groups; you would notice that it's almost 100% young/middle-aged males.

    Knuckle-Dragging women are in short supply, not enough of them to go round and many of them are just not good-looking enough or they get bored of them being submissive to them, they want the best looking girls around, because.. Their shattered Ego demands it.

    Sad for them, those women they pine over tend to not be ignorant fascists and that frustrates them even more when they are rejected outright.

    They want what they can't have, because their bigotry gets in the way of that.

  30. I believe in everything that Bernie Sanders and AOC  believes then but the thing I don't believe is free college it should affordable but not free and that makes the republican voters freak out but Bernie Sanders and AOC  dose not know everything .  But I do agree in 98 % in what they believes in .

  31. All right wing media exists with one purpose to manipulate the simple minded members of the working class into voting against their own self interests and redirect the anger of the worker away from the rich and onto the powerless.

  32. I actually support the climate scientists, but im a little worried about what impact my invention may have on their reputation. My invention will harm physics community and with it educational science. It will be good for scientific methods because i predict the next scientific paradigm will be more reliant on experimentation and observation, but once its shown they failed in their scientific methods and gave themselves awards for it, its going to hurt. Not the end of science, but its embarrassing for the schools. Maybe best case scenario is it will allow climate scientists to push better sciences within the school.

  33. There are two important but different issues here that do NOT have the same solution. One is the massive amount of global pollution generated by all industrialized countries which lack the political will to clean up thier mess. The second is Global Warming, a different problem altogether. Why, because the alleged increase in man-made CO2 is not based on empirical evidence, but on a FAULTY computer simulation created by the USA which did not account for normal cloud cover. Since CO2 is less than .3 % of our atmosphere, it simply cannot warm the entire globe. CO2 is a coverup for the ongoing " full spectrum dominance" promoted by US Military. This effort seeds the troposphere & stratosphere with various chemical particles (aluminum, barium, etc), which actually traps heat on the planet, and drives global warming. The true purpose of this high-altitude chemical seeding is for various advanced military capabilities including Radar, weather manipulation, and laser-based energy weapons. This info is in the public domain, but is neither read nor understood by the social media crowd, who are woefully ignorant about science. As Carl Sagan said, we live in a hi- tech world in which only a small minority understand the technology —- its that ignorance that will be our undoing.

  34. Everything AOC said on that video that is supposed to be mocking her is accurate and can be backed up by facts and scientific evidence. If you ask a conservative what to do about climate change, they say it is either a fake liberal conspiracy, or that if it is real, no need to worry or take action because Jesus will take care of it. You tell me which one sounds like shallow thoughts.

  35. Republican conservatives in the United States of America are the only group of total idiots in the world that are denying it is happening. Humanity was part of nature for millennia, we started destroying it when the industrial age started. Nature does not "Off-Shore" drill for oil, nature does not "Frak," nature has never created Nuclear Weapons, nature has never created radioactive waste from Nuclear Reactors, humanity did, does, and it is never going to stop untill money is removed from politics.

  36. Side note: how many times does this guy say "literally"? Do people nowadays think that if you don't say "literally" in every sentence you don't mean it?

  37. Alaska has reached their highest tempratures in history.
    Australia had to officially add more colors to their "weather maps" a couple of years ago. It was getting so hot they had run out.

  38. Polls are EXACTLY what caused the 2016 Election results, claiming she was going win, people didn't bother to vote. "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal" 2016 was the lowest it's been in 20 years. Trump won the Electoral College, but lost the popular vote by just under 3 Million.

  39. @3:45 "Ronald Reagan won in 1984 ppl are behind us" lololololol 😆 that was 35 years Ago.. Update your statistics.😉

  40. AOC has a master's degree in economics? I think. Amazon was gonna get millions of $ in tax incentives but pulled out. So AOC says,"we can just use that money to fix things in the city😂as if the money was sitting somewhere waiting to be picked up. To have a master's in econ. she doesn't know to much about how business works.

  41. When all those $$$ waterfront mansions are underwater, no one will be calling to socialize those loses louder than republicans.

  42. No way I don't believe in climate change have a girlfriend she works at a place called happy endings and she always agrees with me dates are expensive but women

  43. there's a very real threat here and I honestly think the uber-rich just think…well we'll be able to buy our way onto the mountain refuges or private inland fiefdoms that are security defended and our money will let us survive… don't think they get its not like the films…you start building that kinda shit and word will get out and there will be no amount of security to protect you

  44. 6:23 Blue wave 2018 showed that Dems need 58% or higher to get a majority in Federal govt/electoral college. So when Biden leads by only 6%, they do know that bar ain't good, right?

  45. Imagine trying to clown someone who's referencing factual and scientific data while simultaneously presenting zero evidence that disproves what the person said🙄
    "Facts don't care about your feelings" goes both ways🤷🏾‍♂️

  46. Funnily enough, Exxon-Mobil agree with the 99% of scientists. They kept their own early 1980's climate-change findings internal, and warned those reading the data to keep from mentioning the findings to anyone outside the company, because the truth was that their predictions for the 21st century were unerringly accurate of what is actually happening and what is about to happen in the next few decades, regards the Earth's heat budget. Of course, they were a tad cautious, but that is because we have increased our CO2 output over and above their predictions. Since the unearthing of Exxon-Mobil's leaked documents it has been found that Royal Dutch Shell also knew that there was HICC going on. So they all know. But they've spent millions of dollars since making sure that there has been doubt cast on every piece of scientific data that confirms HICC. Of course, millions of dollars is but a drop in the ocean on how much profit they make in one day, so they've hardly got started. This is the real problem. There are a lot more Republicans and corporate Democrats willing to be bought out there, and Big Oil have plenty of money. They could even hand over a tiny percentage of the trillions of dollars in subsidies given over to them on an annual basis, and make those politicians rich beyond their dreams of avarice.

  47. How exactly was that an attack as against AOC? Lol all they did was show everyone what she said. They didn’t even try to disprove anything.

  48. I just realized they already plan to make huge profits off of climate change and recovery makes more money than prevention.

  49. Interesting. So that's why so many incels are right-wingers and vice-versa.

    The conservative mind is truly fascinating in it's inability to reason and think logically.

  50. I think the reason why people don't believe polls is in part because of Nate Silver — he went from incredibly high certainty that Hillary would win, down and down and down till she lost.

  51. Genk come on bro! Is this your attempt at painting those tapes of you saying all those gross things about women on when you are conservative? Or is that stuff that you said separate from what you're babbling about?

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