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Hey everybody it’s chaseypoo today, oh today’s an exciting day, it’s June. It’s June and that can only mean two things it’s the summer and it’s pride which means all of us on YouTube will be celebrated will be talked about, YouTube will really bring out and amplify their LGBT creators and we’re all gonna live this happy family together unfortunately That’s not gonna happen. And now I’m gonna talk to you about some stuff I’m a little bit mad, quickly before getting in this video everyone say hi to Beauty, she’s right there she’s taking a little nap All right so previously I made a video talking about how my channel is at risk of being deleted because I got a strike on a video that should have never gotten a strike on. My videos are being age restricted. They’re being demonetized they’re being not advertiser friendly and I’m getting a strike because my content is LGBT related, especially trans related now there are a lot of people who are like ‘that’s not true. That’s a myth bla bla. That’s not true’ Listen. The video I just posted a couple of days ago talking about five years post-op about how amazing this experience has been for me was demonetized this second I put the word transgender in I know some people won’t believe me. So I did a little test so I uploaded the video and at every step of the way I saved it and took a screenshot so first, I uploaded it took a screenshot then I added the thumbnail took a screenshot, then I added the title and then I added the word transgender in the title. The second I added the word transgender it was automatically demonetized this is not the first time this has happened to me this has happened to me in the past. Also when I did a video about how I knew I was trans I took a screenshot and that went all over Twitter again so I’ve done multiple tests in proving that the word transgender on my channel has demonetized my videos that it’s a trigger where it triggers the algorithm being like no this needs to be demonetized and people are like ‘yeah it’s because YouTube and Google they don’t like talking about sexuality. It’s a conflicting topic.’ Trans is not a sexuality. Anyways moving on So I’ve been having a lot of issues about that but I’ve got amazing amazing messages and amazing comments from all of you and someone brought something to my attention so when I watch my own videos I don’t really get ads on them because I watch my like if I look at my own videos I don’t think I’m allowed to even get ads and press on them So I don’t think that’s legal because I’m giving myself ad revenue whatever So somebody was like ‘hey Chase did you know that this video ad plays before your video?’ and I was like wait what is this and the company was called The Alliance Defending Freedom now, I I’m not in the United States I go to the United States a lot. I have a lot of friends in the Unites States I know a lot about United States culture and politics so anything to me that ‘defends freedom’ I associate with the right I associate with like ‘don’t take our guns away, freedom of speech and all of like abortion is wrong and all of that stuff’ So I don’t have a very good association. So I was like, okay, let me watch the video. What is this? Could you believe that YouTube literally has added and I know it’s not YouTube like one person. That’s like yes demonetized yes, put transphobic video ads on some videos I know that and I know that it’s the algorithm and it’s the bots and it’s like the way that everything is coded but you are allowing an anti LGBT ad, a very homophobic and transphobic company advertise their message their conversion therapy their horrible like mean messages on my LGBT videos. So a lot of my videos are already demonetized and if they’re not completely demonetised and age-restricted, they’re all limited to no ads, which means they’re not advertiser friendly but when that happens you sometimes get ads it’s like here and there not always like there’s barely any ad revenue that happens from there like a dollar a month but there’s some ads that still show up Why is it that the only ads that are showing up on my videos from all the screenshots that people have shown me people have sent me screen recordings people have shown me the entire video are homophobic and transphobic so I think it’s a little rude and hypocritical and like ironic a little bit that it’s like YouTube is out here like oh my god It’s pride rainbow flag on the play button. Yay. Let’s have fun. Let’s have fun we love our gay creators our LGBT look at us amplify the voices And yet on the other side you’re advertising homophobic stuff on our videos that are already like limited in ad anyways which by the way means that people who are watching the video won’t actually click on the ad which I think brings in a little bit more ad revenue so it’s like you’re I don’t like this I get it YouTube is a corporation we need to understand capitalist society that we live in they want to make money but to the point where they’re like spitting on their trans creators, so I’m not the only Youtuber talking about this I’m not like all of my videos are being demonetized pay attention to me. No other people have talked about this I’ll give you one example here Gaby. Okay, they say have you been seeing anti-gay ads before our videos? Some viewers just alerted me to this and other Youtubers are having this problem, too Alright other people have talked about this like Rowan Ellis and Stevie and a whole bunch of other people have been talking about this Ok, if you go on Twitter, you’ll see it’s everywhere. People are taking screenshots screen recording screen caps sending the actual video So what I did is I asked somebody can you send me a video? Of the ad like because the it’s like a YouTube channel. You can like look at their videos I watch the video that plays before my video and I am appalled that YouTube would even say yes We’ll take your money if you advertise yes do that and I get it like it’s money, but YouTube really you’re priding yourself on being diverse what, once a month, are you kidding me? and at this point like I swear to god it is now June and you’re still gonna play those ads before my videos and before other LGBT creators in short the video basically talks about how the Bible doesn’t talk about homosexuality because it only talks about heterosexuality which by default means that homosexuality is wrong and heterosexuality is right because that’s only talked about Really? really and how a marriage is between a man and a woman like we’re still here like literally what year we in like 1810 1940 what where are we? How are we 2018 and I get it freedom of speech people are allowed to have their opinions people are allowed to have these videos play them on people’s videos who are have similar things play it on people who are anti-gay anti LGBT who are super homophobic and transphobic why are you catering those ads to my viewers and as they’re supposed to go with like it they look at your browser history and then they like look at what you liked and it shows you ads catering to what you like and Instagram does a great job at that. Yo, they send me ads for stuff I’m like, oh my god how do they know I want to buy this and I end up buying hundreds of dollars of things that I don’t really need but I want but Instagram they know, okay. It learns it knows. YouTube? Alright has been playing ads of LGBT stuff on people’s videos. It has been playing I’ve seen anti-abortion ads on my videos like in Canada I’ve seen a horrible horrible videos and instead of showing videos that could actually be meaningful for the community like I’ve seen ads for like prep and HIV prevention. I’ve seen like ehm, making marriage equality real in the United States like even though I’m in Canada. I still get ads for the United States So it’s it’s it’s there, the ads are there. It’s not like you’re like only homophobic people aren’t giving us money So we’re only gonna show these ads. No, there are so many other ones like show me Coca Cola I don’t care, you know anything but Anyways, I’m done. I can’t I can’t go through this again I’m so scared that my channel is gonna get deleted because I’m trans This has happened to other trans creators just because they are trans and their topics were trans related their videos were completely deleted in their whole channel was deleted and my channel is my life I just think that it’s a little bit of BS that YouTube says that there is such an inclusive environment For all of these creators and especially in June it’s pride month. They put throw rainbows at you they spit rainbows in your face, and it’s so great I usually love this month and I feel so proud to be a youtuber and I feel so loved This year is different and maybe it’s different for me because I’m finally seeing it but I don’t like that anti LGBT ads are being shown on my videos and other LGBT creators and other creators who aren’t even LGBT that maybe you’re just more progressive and like maybe just talking about like video games and stuff. I just I I I don’t like that YouTube promotes diversity and inclusion and then accepts money from people who are directly against what they are for I don’t think that that’s right and technically these anti LGBT organizations are literally giving LGBT people their money, though so Not that I’m happy about that and I should just be happy that their ads are playing because I don’t want people to see these ads on my videos, but we are literally taking money from you. So thanks for that I guess. Alright I probably missed a couple of things in this video, but check my Twitter I’m tweeting a lot about this and retweeting other people who have experienced this if you have experienced this on your channel or you’ve seen anti LGBT ads. Please comment below. I want to make a case. I want to build a case I want to bring this to YouTube and explain look what this has happening look what it’s doing to people please fix this. Please fix your ad algorithm, please. So please let me know in the comments below. Let me know on Twitter tweet me Instagram anything Let’s talk about this because I’m done not talking about this in being in the shoutouts. Let’s discuss Let’s open up the conversation and change stuff on YouTube and actually be proud to be Youtubers who are LGBT+ education channels and LGBT+ people on YouTube in June Let’s do let’s be proud and not be like resentful and like mmm, you know. All right, let me know what you think I’ll see you later. Have a great day. Bye Also, happy Pride. I appreciate you and I love you and I think that all of the work that you do is great even if you don’t make videos and you just watch videos and you just sit at home, whatever you do today you’re great, and you deserve the world. I love you. Have a great day


  1. Sadly this makes perfect sense. Advertisers get to choose the content they want to "associate with". Youtube almost exclusively demonetizes content that is pro-LGBT or sex-positive.
    All a homophobic or transphobic group needs to do is make their ad "suitable to play" in front of such content and they can be almost guaranteed to be only played out on such content.
    In trying to appease advertisers, Youtube has only managed to give those guys a cheap way to get right into people's faces who want them the least.

  2. Have you considered not being a disgusting sodomite anti-biological inhuman creature? Just give it a shot, Charles Darwin is on our side.

  3. I'm gonna watch all your recent videos to see what ads I get since I literally only get and ads for makeup and pregnancy tests (??) so if I get an anti LGBT ad for me that means they're paying extra to harass LGBT creators and their viewers. Stay strong, know that you have our love and support!❤

  4. The fact that there are homophobic ads playing on YouTube while pro-lgbtq videos are demonetized shows that “this [is] not a plain and simple imposition of silence. Rather, it [is] a new regime of discourses[;]. . . things [are] said in a different way; it [is] different people who sa[y] them, from different points of view, and in order to obtain different results. . . . We must determine the different ways of not saying such things, how those who can and those who cannot speak of them are distributed, which type of discourse is authorized, or which form of discretion is required in either case.” Foucault wrote the above cited paragraph 40 years ago on the discursive regime imposed on sexuality circa 1600s to 1800s. The relation between the past and the present is linear; with such linearity, we can foretell the future with ease: it will not be better unless actions are being taken now, the discursive structure upset, and authority overthrown. What an absurd promise of futurity indeed!

  5. So happy I like in the UK where we never get these hate adds.
    I think mostly cos Youtube would get a LOT of complaints. And I get adds from all over the world in many languages (I cant understand :P) but never ones from the US… thankfully.

  6. Yeah the algorithm is fucked up. I'm extremely liberal, and that's reflected in what I watch and like, and have started getting a bunch of trump and nra type ads

  7. I've seen this on multiple channels, not just LGBT+ channels. As a vegan I watch tons of vegan videos and sadly on a lot of them have meat, dairy, and egg advertisements attached to them. So unfortunately the YouTube algorithm targets any video that does not conform to mainstream ideals. 🙁

  8. I just clicked threw some LGBT videos none of them have ad revinew just straight people. This infuriates me you work so hard in your videos, and many other LGBT youtubers do as well. This is not fair and disgusts me.

  9. I am a gay male, and I pray to the God above they delete your channel. You're just pissed you're not making money. I am sick of gay people in our community bitchin all the time. Go YouTube, shut them down. Especially this snowflake!

  10. I have also found YT running Far, Far, Far Right ads running on the progressive videos I subscribe to. It is a disgrace. SOMEone with YT is pushing this. Wonder who?

  11. I am subscribe to many LGBT content creators, my brother is a proud gay man I support him and anyone like him in their rights I have seen many ads like this on videos it’s horrible and it breaks my heart that anyone would think ads like that are ok. We need to stop spreading hate and start spreading love. I have never cared about who another person loved or how they wanted to live their life. Do what ever makes you happy. I would proudly stand beside my brother and his wonderful boyfriend or anyone against any hate. Happy pride month.

  12. Wow! I literally just saw a super queerphobic ad right before a video on the Unsolicited Project channel. I was really confused about why they'd have that on a LGBTQ youtube channel. So messed up.

  13. Chase (or anyone else who knows), Do you still get revenue from YouTube red viewers on your demonetized content? If I pay for YouTube Red, I should be allowed to choose where my money goes by my views….

  14. It really blows my mind that this is happening. Like how is this even possible for youtube to do? I think they should be getting more backlash for this because it doesn't seem like anything is being done or that they are even acknowledging the problems. Does anyone know if Youtube has commented on any of this yet?

  15. I'm Pansexual and I love EVERYONE of the LGBTQ+ community! I hate homophobic people! I actually do want a sex change in the future!!

  16. This is a reminder ladies and gents that no matter what this big, multi-billion dollar corporations say they do not, and I repeat DO NOT give a single shit about you!
    They will throw you under the bus the moment they sense potential profit, never forget this and never trust them.

  17. God created us created man and woman to be fruitful and reproduce how is boy on boy or girl on girl supposed to fruitful and reproduce

  18. Homosexualty from a Christian perspective. Is it God's will?

    *1: We don’t hate gay people.
    *2: We are not trying to put a contract out on Gay people.
    *3: All I’m asking is one simple thing, is it God will?

    That’s God’s law, he took the woman from rib of the man, he formed the body of the woman, led her back to the man, the man declares:

    ✝️Genesis 2:23

    23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

    A man can not say to another man, you are bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.

    If men are going to marry men and yet God’s purpose is for children to come into this world. Regardless on how much you love to indulge “men can not get men Pregnant”.

    So to spill seed within a man, is that not of corruption, in fact you are challenging the wisdom of God.

    God is the best knowledge, God is the best knower, he comes along to make men to be the reflection of God and making woman to be the help maid of the man, then God ordained that the woman will be in childbearing.

    We can’t change that, so when men come along laying with men as you do with the woman, then if that’s justifiable, then it’s justifiable for some man to lay with Adam and cut the reproduction process.

    God’s purpose was for the population to keep on growing, let’s see what scripture says:

    ✝️1 Esdras: 4:17

    17 These also make garments for men; these bring glory unto men; and “without women cannot men be”.

    🔵Without woman man can not exist. Man comes from the woman.

    ✝️Wisdom of Solomon: 7:6

    6 For all men have one entrance into life, and the like going out.

    ✝️Wisdom of Solomon 7:1

    1 I myself also am a mortal man, like to all, and the offspring of him that was first made of the earth,

    2 And in my mother's womb was fashioned to be flesh in the time of ten months, being compacted in blood, of the seed of man, and the pleasure that came with sleep.

    There is in no part of the man’s body, that God ordained for another man to get pleasure from, not one part.

  19. AMEN I AGREE THIS IS RIDICULOUS IM GAY AND PROUD SERIOUSLY THEY NEED TO STOP FUCK HOMOPHOBIA LOVE IS LOVE 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👬👬👬

  20. Saw an article on this showing your tweet about the two trans videos not being suitable for blah blah and decided to check out your channel and support as you show @1:27

  21. Its really sad to me, I have seena whole lot of them when I go to the videos that help alleviate my dysphoria. Hang in there dude, things will get better!


  23. It’s almost like:

    Youtube: “pride, yay! Unless you’re trans, then we’ll delete you!”
    Trans creators: “wtf”

  24. Youtube: yAy pride month!!!!!!1!1!1!
    Also YouTube: demonetizes Igbt videos, and the one time they let their creators make money from ads, they’re spitting on their creators

  25. Every time someone says only the "Right" is for gun rights, my 2A-lovin lesbian heart breaks a lil bit.

    That said, what happened with the ads and the demonetization thing is fucking wrong >_< Thanks for speaking out on it.
    Love and hugs, and happy Pride Month!

  26. I actually get the PREP and other AIDS ads ALL THE TIME…actually ad nauseum…except I am happy to see those I have never seen the other. They suck You don't. Keep fighting.

  27. Like all or nearly all commenters I am glad you called out YT on this. It disturbs me that anyone would come to think that "freedom" is something only the right cares about. In the United States of America the LGBT movement is all about Freedom. Freedom is the underlying, foundational, principle and concept of our country. EVEN AS WE DID NOT LIVE UP TO IT AT ALL TIMES… freedom.

    It is not the property of the left or the right. Thinking it is would allow SOME on the right to take it from us.

  28. Hi. I'm a mew subscriber and I am bisexual. Anti- lgbtq+ ads are bad enough,and then they have the nerve to DEMONITIZE AND AGE RESTRICT lgbtq content! That is the most horrible thing I have seen! Lgbt adolescents like me should not have to watch people saying its wrong to be who we are. Everyone should just accept people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with transgender or homosexual for that matter! And then saying that we arent equal to heteros? That is awful. I'm with you on this! I wont stop supporting you no matter what!

  29. Conservative channels have been demonitized a bad erased. So who exactly is YouTube supporting? Who are they not demonitizing or erasing?

  30. I'm not really Christian, but him down with co-existing. But if your going off the Bible, then, it does refrance homosexuality bit it also says, 'Man shall not sleep with Boy.' Not refrancing to homosexuality bit pedophilia.
    Also, didn't god/the gods make queer people for a reason?

  31. Hiii Beauty Hey Chase Sorry you’re still stressing over this crap I wish I knew what to tell you but unfortunately I don’t have the answers I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers I think what you do is admirable

  32. I absolutely haaate those Prager U ads on my videos lol. Or whenever I'm watching any vegan videos I get all these pseudoscience nonsense ads and the youtubers I watch are against that lol

  33. I recently started working at a digital media agency that runs ads on YT, so I can add my knowledge from the process of putting ads on YT: it's not the algorithm. You can target what kind of content or even specific channels that you want your ad to run on. There is a lot of control in terms of how you can target things and what and it definitely seems that LGBTQ content is specifically being targeted.

  34. I look at a lot of LGBTQ+ videos and YouTube puts anti LGBTQ+ commercials in the LGBTQ+ videos I watch. And sometimes on other videos. It’s bs.

  35. I personally have had not just anti lgbt videos but even ads for things like condemns as well and I am an under age trans boy who doesn’t want these ads

  36. I am from the netherlabds and i never had any homophobic ads on video ś (not on any of the videos on youtube) and in place of 18+content i see knowlige (i probeply wrote that wrong but as in learning from it) so i think that its diffrent in evry country and sometimes i can also see some video ś that are aparently demonetized in diffrent countries so at least youtube netherlands is not homophobic at all but yeah its stil a big problem in other places aperently so that is sad but we wil fight back until straight and lghbt+ are as inportans as eatchother.

  37. Jason blaha has a fitness channel with 100 thousand subs where he constantly makes gay bashing jokes and brags about still getting paid by youtube despite arguing that Latino Citizens of the US should be 'catapulted over the border' please help get him deleted. He is a walking hate crime.

  38. Do not be too upset.
    There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of rhyme or reason as to what ads run in what videos. For example – At work I turn on youtube on my phone and listen to heavy metal music from the 80's. Sometimes bands that have fallen back into obscurity. Now what ads always seem to come up? Some stupid-ass commercials mud-slinging some politician. What in crap does politics have to do with 80's metal?
    Metal heads and politics just don't have any connection. Of course sometimes it is a random ad about some dumb movie.
    Point is – there just isn't much rhyme or reason.

  39. Lgbt is the worst thing that ever happened. All of them should go to hell with a finger and thumb up there ass

  40. Thanks for making this video and letting us know about these anti trans and anti LGB with their ads that try to destroy us. Don't give up. We're everywhere and we're not going away. We're here to stay and will follow you, so keep making videos.
    I love your cats. Hi Beauty ! How many ?
    I've a dog n cat. My babies. ✌️🏳️‍🌈 We need a Trans(s) flag emoji. Hmm…

  41. Trey some ppl are assholes and are ignorant they even police right wing shit too they think right is KKK I sit in the middle I see both sides I'm not far left or far right I hate political conversations it always causes arguments so I don't talk your content is fine you don't cuss or talk perverted shit to kids your fine some ppl are ignorant asshats nobody makes fun of you I would tell you cause I like you you make me laugh so it's assholes that are backwards and inbred that's what I call them

  42. I first want to say that i completely agree about hating that those videos even exist and are allowed to be played as ads. It is super hypocrite of youtube.
    But I thought that you had a good point with freedom of speech. Then you mentioned that you think it would be ok to just play those ads on fitting channels. Hmm. I think thats dangerous thinking. Of course i dont want to see that bs, but i also dont want people who are in that anti bubble to stay there. If i could choose between me watching conservative shit and them having to sit through more diverse ads, too, vs each one staying in their bubble, I prefer the way where everybody sees different opinions. Imagine for example some christian kids who never hear another point of view and than at least seeing some ed ads about same sex marriage or hiv rather than being sucked deeper in.
    So i would rather argue that those ads shouldnt be allowed at all if they are against american standards over just leave them in there bubble (i am argueing super hypothetical here though because i am european and that shit you showed about homophobia and conversion is illegal here and while it is still happening there couldnt be ipen advertising. Lucky us)

  43. Gay marriage was a thing as far back as 1600 on pirate ships. I love how people act like its new. Shakespeare wrote about gays. Romans and Greeks were bi. This is not new folks.

  44. You might as well get used to it because I'm absolutely bombarded with offensive LGBTQPervert ads on my non-LGBTQPervert-related videos.

    If anything, traditional, family positive ads are far more censored than the degenerate stuff you want to see.

  45. As for the ads you are being shown being the trans phobic ones it is unacceptable why whould they show you acceptable although if you watch an anti flat earth channel you get flat earth ads

  46. what can we do as your watchers and supporters do to help prevent you from being deleted? I love your videos, they are so well done, so informative and helpful

  47. I'm a fricking tree-hugging hippie and it goes "Oh, you like politics. Here's Donald Trump." It does nooot know the difference.
    It also doesn't know the difference between people who are pro and anti violence, pro and anti war, pro and anti racism…

  48. This need to be fixed.

    Video – has "trans" in title
    Bot – anti-trans has "trans" in the title.
    YouTube – no wait…

  49. I see anti Gay and Racist videos that have Not been Demonetized but they are Demonetizing LGBTQ videos regardless of there content. It does NOT make any sense to Demonetize Videos for having "Adult" content because adults have Money to BUY Goods and Services and children do NOT. Shows how STUPID, Racist and Homophobic these Corporations really are. Thank you YOUTUBE for showing the World your TRUE Colors.

  50. okay you morons listen up, you know how porn features transgender people in it, yeah thats why you fucking retards, youtube auto demoninitize

  51. OH NO!!! You mean the LGBT is…. JUST. NOW. going through what we’ve all been going through since 2016?? And they are playing “Anti LGBT Ads” on your videos like when they play Bernie ads or TYT ads, or queer kid story time ads on Phil Robertson vids??? Oh… So? Get in line dude! We have a 3 year head start

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