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My, hair looks so weird, what the heck Uhh, Surfs up hey, everyone welcome back to my channel okay so today um i wasn’t really sure what i should film but i did a little poll on instagram and I ended up, going with a q&a i mean i have done a q&a before i think I haven’t done one in a really really long time I thi- I don’t actually know if i have i think i have wait yeah, i think i have i just got a few questions off of instagram The gram you know i’m just going to ask. i’m not gonna, ask them that’s not, nope i’m going to answer your questions first question this one is from breydenchestnut and it said if you can, marry any fictional character, who, would it be very obvious Troy Bolton He’s just been My, celebrity crush since i was five years old no biggie this one is from margor_t i think that’s how you say it They said tell us about your diet that’s funny because i don’t have a diet I Definitely try to eat healthy for the most part unless i’m with friends or unless i’m just like Bored i will eat junk but for the most part i like to get salads like not just because i force myself to but just because i really actually love salads and like grilled chicken and Vegetables like i’m weird i just love all of that stuff more than like, burgers but, trust, me if you, ask me to eat unhealthy i will do you proud xlucystallard I Don’t i’m sorry i don’t know How to say that what’s one feature of Mackenzie’s you, would like to have i would definitely say her lips i know I know That’s kind of weird but she has very? Juicicky? Juicicky? Jucicky? and like Scrumptious lips and a lot of people pay money to get those lips, so she’s just blessed with the best you know No, but honestly i just wish i had Mackenzie’s face Just because she’s perfect. I love her to death and um i would love to look, like, her when i’m older Yasmine.kabbani said WHATS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR the reason I’m screaming is because its in all caps *laughs* And every time i see a comment or something in all caps i literally always, feel, like, they’re screaming i don’t know My, favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate Chip ice cream and my favorite place to get it from is either book *makes noise* is either baskin robbins or Haagen Dazs i also am obsessed with Dairy queen you can find them like all and pittsburgh more on the east coast more than the west coast and i get a Chocolate, chip blizzard with chocolate sprinkles added in mixed together with, extra chocolate, chunks Sorta.abby, asked, what’s your favorite memory with Jack, i can’t really say i have like just one favorite memory with him only because like every memory We have together is really special but um i would say one that like, why do my Arms look so weird i would say one that like really stands out Would probably be our one-year anniversary it was also on new year’s because, we started dating on january 1st so it was cool We had a really nice day, we were in australia and he took me on a picnic And just like surprised, me the, whole day with all of my, favorite things and it was definitely one of the best memories we had together because its a big deal to hit one year i think _Brooklyn_ asked WHAT DO YOU USE TO TAKE YOUR PICTURES? i was screaming again, because of you know the caps I use, my phone and then to edit them i use vsco cam if you see any Like professional photos on my instagram like this which were taken by dylantakesphotosforyou, you guys should go follow, him he is an incredible photographer i feel like, you guys all know Who, dylan, is he’s summers boyfriend i hang out with them all the time they’re, like, my parents honestly like He doesn’t know him give me a shout-out, but, like his pictures are really good and i think you guys should go follow. Him laura poog, laurapugh3 asked do you wants Jenzie to be real and i love you i love you too, laurapugh and ellie-gre-seth greseth elliegreseth i’m so, sorry i’m really bad at pronouncing all of your guys, names favorite tv show, right now My, favorite show right now is end of the freaking, world i’m not gonna say the actual word but You, get what i mean it’s so incredible, me and jack literally watched the whole series in two, days only because there’s like Nine, episodes and each episode is like 20 minutes long and it’s so Dark and crazy but so hilarious at the same time i really think you guys will like it if you’re into that The two leads in the show are absolutely incredible like, their performance their comedic timing just Everything, was so good oliviacorr_10 asked What do you get at starbucks a very berry hibiscus *gasps* huh my post mates is here one second K groans Kz-what? every time i film a video Kz- Hi I was talking about how, if i had one feature of yours what, would it be Kz-What is it? Mz-what do you think? Kz-not mine nose, that’s for sure *laughs* Kz- I don’t know , maybe my lips, Mz-yeah your lips and i said you’re whole face cuz. You’re perfect Uh-huh, funny, you’re perfect. Look at your hair You’re so cute Where is it? okay bye anne_ Giannini, gianini (anne_gianini), Your favorite restaurant My favorite restaurant, would have to be katsuya Japanese restaurant. You guys have, to try it out it’s so amazing and their Crispy rice and spicy tuna you will die over b.braileykay asked What is the hardest part about having a long-distance relationship the hardest part would definitely be the time difference obviously can You, be a little quiet? Kz-I’m sorry It’s okay, most people would think like the communication, is hard but, we facetime literally for hours every day And we text each other non-stop so it really works out because that’s like our normal you know the reason that A long-distance is really important to us because it makes the time, we have together Way, more special and it makes us Um appreciate, each other when we’re together ashley Bolga how, do you say this name? Kenzie come here, what are you eating? Kz- Eggs ashley bulaga Okay, beulaga, bulaga, bullyga (ashleybuliga) something, like, that anyways CAN THIS BE THE LAST QUESTION? There you go! Kz- There ya go Thank, you guys so much for watching i hope you, enjoyed i know i say this all the time but if you guys have Any, suggestions on what you would like, me to do in some of my, new, videos just let me know But anyway thank you for watching have a good, day or night or wherever you are Bye *laughs*


  1. [ would you ditch your boyfriend for a Samurai, Ninja, Sumo-fighter, etc.? I am none of these but willing to become one if it makes you dating me. Thanks hugs]

  2. Talk about you time at dance moms why did you leave and why you dont speak to abby she raaly love'd yoy in the show

  3. I love u so much i have watched every dance moms episode and ur always top of the pyramid and then i celebrite it always idk why

  4. 0:06 Does anyone else think that was the picture "The Things" youtube channel used to make Maddie look upset in their clickbait?

  5. Maddie, if you are reading this just know im not trying to be a hater when I say this but get over yourself, you act like your a queen and can do anything you want you act like your the world's biggest star and you not so get OVER yourself!

  6. Haha most ppl only but their questions in capitals so they can be noticed haha it worked for me with Kenzie

  7. Kenzie and maddie have the best sister relationship in the worlllllllld everyday I wanna kill my sister😂🥰

  8. Kenz was so insecure and wanted to look like Maddie and now Maddie says she wants to look like Kenz I mean they are perfect omg

  9. who else hates when someone acts weird before introducing themselves in a video like wtf start🙄 not funny , im not hating anything but seriously NOT FUNNY!

  10. OMG,Maddie, your toats awesome!! I had a dream last night when I saw you and Nia and I was just crying not being able to breath!, by the way, please reply to me! I'll be so happy! Bye!!

  11. Maddie and Kenzie on dance moms :always fight

    Maddie and Kenzie now:looks like you guys are best friends

    So cute 💙😭

  12. Hmmm actuly i want madie and mikenzie but clhoe is no beutiful shes ah sneak abby said i hate chloe

  13. Allah'ım türkçe altyazı varmış ve ben bunu daha yeni fark ediyorum😅😅😅.
    Neyse video çok güzeldi. I love you Maddie💖💖

  14. hi maddie i know i commented a little late but i want to let you know that i am a huge huge fan of you i love you so much i am 12 yrs old yah i just wanted to let you know that

  15. Do a video on explaining what you did after dance moms because I watched dance moms since I was a little girl I’m 12 now I have watched since I was 4 and you where 9 I was inspired so much by you i wished I was you and could become like you but instead my mom took me horse riding and that’s what I did and this weekend I am getting back on a horse for the first time in over a year I wished you stayed on dance moms for a bit longer love you xxx

  16. Who’s here from Chandelier? Idk if you will see this but how long did you normally practice the choreography for sias song? Also who is your favorite dancer?

  17. You are both so special and you definitely bring out the best in each other, between Mackenzie's beautiful, big personality and your calm, chill character.

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