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Annual Advertising Report 2017/2018

Annual Advertising Report 2017/2018

TfL has one of the largest and most
valuable advertising estates in the world but with that scale comes the need
for responsibility but we also have to recognise also the great diversity that
there is in London so one of the things that we do is seek to be very
transparent an example of that is the very simple straightforward advertising
policy guidelines and they direct and guide the way in which we we work with
advertisers the other thing is we’re very keen to support all the mayoral
initiatives that are being introduced the Mayor has recently consulted on his
London food strategy and one of the actions coming out of that is that we’re
going to restrict on the network the advertising of food and drink which is
high in fat, salt and sugar that seemed to be a contributor to the childhood
obesity problem that we have in London now these restrictions aren’t a
silver bullet on their own but they’ll work in conjunction with other
interventions that the Mayor is proposing looking to the future there’s
some great opportunities coming up for advertisers on the TfL network we’ve got
things like the digital ribbons these are a series of high-definition screens
which run up the side of escalators and it will enable a continuous free-flowing
image a tremendous creative opportunity we’re also redeveloping the the cross
track projection digital screens in stations another great creative
opportunity but it’s not just about what you might call traditional advertising
and advertising screens we’re looking to generate as many innovative advertising
opportunities as we possibly can so we’ve had examples where advertisers
such as Netflix for their Black Mirror series have taken over stations with
images on walls and ceilings really creating a very immersive experience. For
the film Sherlock Gnomes we had actual Gnomes apparently running around stations and also specially adapted public
address announcements on bus shelters we have posters that can be adapted according to the weather we’re looking at audio
advertising we’ve even got smelly posters that can
take the scents from a brand so you can see the sort of opportunities that
there are on the network it’s not just about creative opportunities it’s also
things like how we use data so we take depersonalised ticketing data and can
combine that with a range of sources such as Experian Mosaic data which will
allow advertisers to get a much greater understanding of the who’s traveling on
the network, when they’re traveling enabling them to come up with much
better planned and delivered campaigns and of course the great thing about that
performance is all that money is reinvested back in our transport system

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