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Analyzing Your AdWords Traffic

Analyzing Your AdWords Traffic

The Google Analytics AdWords reports
help you understand traffic coming from Google AdWords and how it performs on
your website. The great thing about the AdWords
reports is that they’re structured just like your Google AdWords account. You can
view the data based on your Adwords campaigns, your ad goups, or the keywords within
those ad groups. Let’s start by looking at the Campaigns report. Here you’ll
actually see, in a list, all of the Adwords campaigns that you’ve created in
AdWords. They’re named the exact same thing – it looks just like your AdWords account. Now you can view all sorts of metrics
about what happens on your site with traffic from AdWords. So you can see
basic things like how much traffic you’re getting or the visits. You can see
engagement metrics, like the time on site or the pages per visit, for each of
your campaigns. Or you can view a really great metric that we call Bounce Rate. Bounce Rate helps you understand how
much traffic comes from these campaigns and leaves immediately. Meaning it goes
right after viewing one page on your site. We like to use Bounce Rate because it
helps you understand if you’re landing pages are sticky for your AdWords
campaigns. So we’re looking for campaigns that have
a high bounce rate. This means that traffic is coming from those campaigns
and leaving right away. Normally that’s a bad thing and you should look for ways
to improve it. You can actually drill deeper into the
data by segmenting your campaigns and looking at the ad groups. Now you’ll be
able to identify if there are any particular ad groups that are driving that
bounce rate higher. Now you can optimize at the ad group
level. Likewise, you can segment again and look
at the keyword level and look for the keywords that are raising the bounce
rate for the ad groups. This is the whole idea behind analysis. Segmenting your
data, drilling deeper to identify the small parts that are leading to bad things

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