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America’s Got Talent 2019 Auditions! | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global

America’s Got Talent 2019 Auditions! | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global

Come Hello, welcome to America’s Got Talent, what’s your name? I’m Cody I Am 22 years old Who are you? Yes, who are you I’m mom So, what are you gonna do here for us today? I’m gonna sing a song for you on the piano Tina tell us a little bit about Cody Cody is blind and autistic well, we found out that he loved music really early on he listened and his eyes just went huge and He started singing and that’s when I just I was in tears because that’s when I realized oh my gosh, he’s an entertainer He was able to withstand living in this world because when you’re autistic, it’s really hard to do what everybody else does it actually has Saved his life playing music We’d love to hear you go for it, you ready? I’m ready Yeah I’ve been to so many places in my life and John Sol’s in a mate’s Embarrassed 10,000 people watching Well now I’m saying to you Or does her spacertown, I love you from my life Well, first of all, I will tell you that all four judges and everybody in this room were up on their feet I will tell you that Not only do we feel the authenticity of what you do but you’re a great inspiration and a great talent I Know Everybody needs a voice in an expression and I’d really feel Your your heart your passion your voice blew all of us away So I just want to say that I heard you and I felt you and that was beautiful Simon the see what just happened there was extraordinary. I mean really extraordinary I don’t know what it’s like to live in Cody’s world all I can tell is is that you obviously have an amazing relationship the two of you and Your voice is absolutely fantastic You have a really beautiful tone And thank you so much for trusting us on this show For the rest of my life I’m a new judge this season and I’m also a new mom this year It’s the toughest job I’ve ever had and the most rewarding job I’ve ever had you Just want to give your kids the moon the stars in the rainbows and tonight I’m gonna give you Um Cuz I It’s quite amazing Hello, how are you? I am so jazzed I could see that Okay, what’s your name, please my name is Greg Morton and how are you I’m 60 years old. Are you really Well, I do a lot of different voices when I when I was really little I used to do voices for action figures You know And yeah This is what you’re gonna do today. This is what I’m gonna do today And is this your full-time job what you gonna do today or do something else? Well, I’ve had several different jobs, you know I was a PA announcer at a department store, and I was a mobile disc jockey for a while I had my own van with the face on this side and Greg Morton that crazy deejay But I want to do this full-time. This is what I want to do and America’s Got Talent is my big break that I’ve been waiting for. Oh, no, I mean this is it There’s a million dollars up for grabs. Oh, good luck. Thank you so much you guys Here we go a Long time ago in a galaxy far far away Join me join me on the wrong side I’ll never join you You can do Red leader to vote leader standing by organs Yes, go ahead young Skywalker killing me your father and the dark say to the four Do not there is no try I I’m so excited to perform here. Yeah My name is Patricia Otto and I’m a classical pianist from Italy so What do you do to prepare for your performance? Yeah, I’m When I go as a child I was very quiet and shy so my mother put me on piano class and I fell in love with it Yeah I’m inspired by the classical composer and one of my biggest inspiration is Beethoven When I hear is music, I feel so much emotion. You can be Angry, you can be said you can be happy you can be quiet you can be strong It’s everything for me Maybe it’s because I’ve been here for ten years, but I bet you we have a piano player coming up next Whoopi I’m a little bit nervous, but I think this is a chance to show the judges to America my music and my passion What’s your name? My name is Patricio. Where are you from? I’m from Italy What are you doing here? What are you doing at America’s Got Talent? I Start to play the piano when I was young and today I wanna share my music with you And with America No, it’s classical music, okay. I hope you like it My name is Eric Chen, I’m 26 years old and I’m a magician from Houston, Texas Growing up. I liked watching magic shows on TV It really did make me believe that there is magic out there in the world. I Told everyone that I’m going to be a magician a lot of people doubted me, but that’s all I wanted to do So I just focus on my dream Magic help me get through tough times After college, I was called back to Taiwan from military service and My whole world is flipped upside down. I couldn’t bring any personal stuff. No cards, no coins. Nothing I could no longer do magic and we couldn’t do anything outside of military duties and it felt like I just lost my identity So when I came back out I didn’t have my confidence and I kind of lost who I was and I tried to find myself again So I’ve actually only started performing Recently, and I’m still trying to learn how to deal with big audience I know last year’s winner of America’s Got Talent is shim Lin and that really puts the pressure on me I’m following in the footsteps of one of the best met worlds and it’s a whole another level of nervousness I can’t stop shaking my hands. This is the biggest performance of my life and I don’t have one shot of doing this So I’m just gonna give it my all and I really hope that they enjoy Mack tonight. There you go, brother. Hey make it happen Take a deep breath take it all in and tell me your name. My name is Eric Chen And what do you do? I am the magician Okay, you do that for a living I’ve only started performing for the past six months and Here on AGT magic is king. Yes. I saw Symons act but I think we’re two very different people and Who’s better? Yeah, you know what good luck Most magicians do that kind of suave kinda like that. I got you. You look more confused than any of us You’re looking like where to go. What is it? And I love that. Thank you so much I think I’m just as baffled as the audience like how Eric You are magic. It is your time to step up and claim your place amongst the best The fact is you don’t have to compare yourself to anybody and I’m really glad that you showed up as you Know Eric Genuinely, I mean this was in a different level. It was actually Unbelievably good and what I really love about you as well is that you’re so humble. You don’t even know how good you are The future is in your hands from this moment on because I think you’re one of the best we’ve ever had Alright let’s vote I’m giving you your first guess Gabrielle – yes it thank you, Julian Simon Fitz poesis Everybody welcome good evening or afternoon no idea Tell us your name I’m Jackie fabulous and where are you from Jackie? I’m from the Bronx. I’m from Bronx, New York Boogie’s And what do you do for a living I’m a full-time touring stand-up comic yes So what got you into comedy, you know, I went to law school I’m a lawyer. Oh, alright total disappointment To quit my lawyer job because I got fired So it made it awkward being there every day it out of me So when you got fired were your parents supportive no, no no What I’m doing, they don’t get it. They don’t understand who leaves being a lawyer to be a stand-up comic they’re like Why are you doing mr. Your life? I? Don’t want to wait any longer Take it away Jackie. Alrighty Uh, my Jamaican mother wants me to lose weight, but she doesn’t know how to tell me she’s in, New York She comes to LA. You know, how you see your parent you become a child again She’s like Jacqueline lotta Mercia fact You are you Ethan people I Don’t like weight-loss TV shows if you love that show The Biggest Loser you and I can’t be friends You know how to show work? there’s somebody’s overweight you lock up on island and they have to work out eight hours a day seven days a week and oh Yeah, when I make you were a small spandex bra and baby panties and what you want to scale. That’s the cattle on national TV Where do you lose weight who’s losing this contest you want to impress me get a bunch of fatties a locker with a donut shop The first ones are not going to a diabetic all my wins, that’s the show Waiting them over I don’t like Facebook. It’s too much work for me now It’s cool till you find that friends went too far back. Yeah, he finds you they’re like, oh my god, I found you What did he been doing? I’m like last time I saw you I learned how to read learn how to write new but he was wrong close this And he said you news you don’t need did you need an assistant Mary Ellen passed away I’m like with you am I her age? She was 88 g a wizard. Is he a warlock? I’ll choose dead Should’ve been dead 30 years ago Hey guys, how are you? cool I’m Sophie pakora. I’m 15 years old. I’m from Danville, California, and I’m a senior in the songwriter you excited Yeah, I’ve always loved singing I used to like pretend I was on stage and sing songs in front of a mirror But growing up I was a little shy and quiet so I felt very insecure when trying to make friends So I started posting YouTube videos I really wanted to Relate to people and express my feelings and then I started posting my own original songs But back then I think I probably had like eight views Tonight I’m singing a song I wrote about my own experiences at school I think a lot of people have gone through some form of bullying I really want to make it clear that everyone experiences it it’s not just you I am definitely nervous the judges they’re not in school. So maybe they won’t understand When I read my songs I’m just in my room by myself So to perform this in front of millions of people is just so nerve-racking My biggest dream is to tour around the world and sing my own songs and with being on America’s Got Talent Right now that’s just that much closer thank you so much for being with me on this journey has so so Wait, but thank you Hello How are you? Really excited nervous. This is crazy. Good excitement. Yes. Okay to tell us who you are, please My name is Sophie pakora, and I’m 15 years old Welcome, Sophie Tell me what you were thinking when you woke up this morning. What was the first thought that went through your head? OMG Okay, so I’m guessing you’re gonna say Yes, I’m going to see an original song. Oh, wow, what seventh grade and it’s about school and this is you Yes, ah Sophie do your friends know you’re doing this No, okay. Well, it’s just you and us right now, okay. Yes. Okay. Well, good luck I Was torn down in the seventh grade All the things people used to say it stuck in my mind now, it’ll come for me Ain’t word sometimes they’re so powerful, but not mine when I try to talk I say I’m fine no one ever really knows I’m lyin sitting in the classrooms worse than crying and try to hide it my face is burning up my Teacher says no test today. I act excited. That’s what everyone else is doing I gotta get through and hold my pencil in my hand so tight I think I get some bruises out that clueless Back, please You’ll be safe out to talk down on myself, but that’s what everyone else is doing How do these people that don’t know me hurt me so bad. I might just be too sensitive Why am I always so sad? But all day I had my son is waiting down inside my heart and if I show it to anybody They would rip it all apart. No, we’re not paranoid Just learn to be you know, we’re if they act all nice at first and even save you up a chair What do they want? This is the trick. This is a trap I can’t belong hide in the bathroom till they’re gone the way someone would actually want me I Was torn down in the seventh grade All the things people used to say and it stuck in my mind now, it’ll come for me My used to be It’s getting hard to even say anything it’s stuck in my mind now it’ll come for me And now I know to feel well it’s okay I’ve heard the words won’t take them to my grave. I Was torn down in the seventh grade Gabrielle, what do you think man? We ask for artists to come up here and bare their souls and allow us and honey. You did But you spoke to me and I’m 46 A special gift you held us all captain Thank you Wow, first of all, you’re really unique and you dance to your own drummer But yet that drummer is really relatable I get it and everybody in the room knows what it’s like to be torn down and It was real and wonderful, and I thank you so much for being here. Thank you What you just performed for us was truth and it was something that was from the core of who you were and that’s what resonated with all of us So Obviously, it was a very very emotional song You were telling something from the part and I could feel how much this means to you And I think you have this delivery, which is really cool. I Like you a lot Howie yes Yes, so see bokura you have four yeses Oh They keep coming Welcome Hey, how are you? What’s your groups name VN meetable, and where are you from Mumbai, India? What’s it like there tell us more about you where you’re from Life in Mumbai. It’s like very hard the life in slump. They don’t get proper water and everything they like They are V unbeatable dance troupe or group consists of 28 dancers is 12 to 27 and we are from Mumbai, India Many of the members of our group live in slums The slums are very crowded very dirty and they don’t get proper electricity Often 7 to 10 people are staying in one room. It is very challenging to survive over there Each day, we pray for his better life, but in the slums, there is very little opportunity for us When we dance we forget all the tensions in our mind And we feel free For the past two weeks we are not able to sleep This opportunity could change our life and everyone wants to succeed to give back to the families We used to see the America’s Got Talent on YouTube We were like, can we go here like some day we were just dreaming about it. And today we are here I Can’t explain it in words It’s our dream come true If you win America’s Got Talent, what do you want to see for the group We want the world to know it was being beatable Good luck Let’s see what you got Please take the mic I’m Brian miser and I’m Tina miser his wife and I am the human fuse When I was a kid I used to do stupid things, you know jump out of trees jump off the house roof I’ve always been a thrill seeker in a daredevil Throughout the years I’ve had quite a few things were wrong You need to breathe I’m a registered nurse I didn’t start going to nursing school just to be his personal nurse, but that’s kind of how it’s turned out to be I’ve broken 18 bones in my 22 year career and be in 55 My body’s telling me it’s time to stop doing this crazy stuff. I Am a little bit nervous because he’s not feeling 100% right now he’s tempted fate enough I am just so ready for him to retire so I can stop worrying All you have to do is win America’s Got Talent I’ll do my best They’re ready for you, sir. Go right on out Hello Hi on who you please? My name’s Brian miser also known as the human fuse. What’s that mean? I built a giant human crossbow and with the help of my wife they are going to light me on fire And then shoot me through the air wait a minute. So this is like a rocket Somewhat. Yeah. Okay, and why did you build that I got bored with shooting out of a cannon so close The crossbow and light myself on fire like it it And is this something which is dangerous yes, I’m actually injured at the moment Oh, I kind of embarrassed to say this, but I was running in the rain I went to stop real quick in my Feet came out and I landed and I was in the hospital yesterday you were in the hospital yesterday. Yes with bruised ribs Because you slipped in a puddle Yes, pretty much. We’re gonna be on fire shooting across though Okay, how dangerous is this on a scale of one to ten ten? Give me I’m flying through the air with no strings attached. Well, it’s not raining. That’s true So we gotta follow you outside, yes, let’s go Outside the theater of America’s Got Talent with the human fuse. Oh my goodness that listen Brian is About to light himself on fire shoot himself out of this crossbow fly a hundred and ten feet into the air and Your wife is going to light the fire now. I’ve one question for you What are you gonna do when you win 1 million dollars? Retire The human This is making me nervous I do not want to see this miscue. Oh no that it’s going up Let’s get his angles together There’s a lot of space but you could miss that bag easily Speaking aim I do not want to see any accidents today Brian the human fuse Safety is off. Oh my god Pyro ready Power up Countdown He’s on fire Huh To talk to us or you How do you feel right now Excited and I’m hurting a little bit but the excitement stakin over. Okay, let’s go inside and see what the judges think Your life Thank God for that, I’m gonna start with Howie I’m fascinated with the fact that you told Terry if you should win a million dollars Most people say I want my show in Vegas. I want to make this my life your reason for winning This is so you can quit exactly It’s thrilling. I was on the edge of my seat and you entertained us. So thank What did you think we asked ax to come out here and wow the audience I love that you don’t let age to find what your capabilities are and you win for it Bravo It was ridiculously amazing and I do have to say That I am really proud of you for doing something so crazy and I think that you are inspiring all of us Well, where do you go next Toledo next weekend If we put you through How do you top that? I don’t know. Are you prepared to jump over something that could eat you they could eat me? Yeah, yeah, sure. Okay. I have some thoughts Okay, let’s go how are you sooner See the next row Get out, how you doing? Hey, hi, my name is Jin’s illa Jin’s illa. Where are you from? I’m from Sydney, Australia How old are you my lady never reveals her age I’m ageless go. There we go And what do you do for a living just looking at it? This is that I’m so expensive, right? G’day, I’m Jim Silla and I am a 7-foot ginger bearded glam monster all the way from Sydney Australia. I Was born to a family of three sisters and thus very strong mother Margaret got a shout out to Margaret yeah, yeah I was a big baby this giant a little trouble love with big chunky face. I was like that doll So they’re like dressing up in doll’s clothes and it was so much fun When I was growing up I had so many people being intolerant to me Jim Zilla to me is absolute freedom. I get to be so much bigger so much more passionate I’ve used all the things that I used to be bullied about being too tall or Being ginger being effeminate. I’ve turned the dial up to 1,000 Jin Zilla is like the love child of Jessica Rabbit and Chuck Norris all put together, you know, like I’m just like a Love Machine know I will know I’m successful as Jin Zilla when three things ready one I have a doll in Japan – I’ll get invited on yachts And i’ma free like a Mariah Carey Christmas album Oh get it So, what’s the dream, oh the dream to perform in front of these and many people every night, yes And to take over the world So, what are you gonna do here for us tonight? I’m gonna sing you a little song Oh take it away She’s got crazy she’s a weirdo For me seriously Right You’re so entertaining you’re such a good performer you’re funny you’re different you’re confusing You know, I think you’ve got a possibility of going really far in this contest. You are amazing. I love to think I can absolutely see you in Vegas right now owning a show I would come Simon I have to tell you I was like what the bloody hell is that? But this was fantastic It is exactly why we created this show to find people like you This is a great audition. Good for you Thank You Simon Jen I’m here for the whole thing I love a faux ending and you gave us three you get used to this kind of reaction Yes This is easy you got three What does this mean to you right now it means I get to show my stuff to the rest of the world You know I come from Australia I’m come from a smaller suburb and Here I am in the biggest stage in the world like come on. It’s amazing I loved it and I love what you said like it’s comedic You

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