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Amazon Product Research | WRONG Products REVEALED! | TOP Products to AVOID!

Amazon Product Research | WRONG Products REVEALED! | TOP Products to AVOID!

What is going on everyone?! Thank you so much for visiting my channel. In today’s video, I want to talk about the
number one biggest mistake to avoid if you are a new seller on Amazon. Lately, I have been seeing this problem happening
a lot lately to newer sellers. If you are an experienced seller and you’re
launching a second product, I have seen some experienced sellers go through this as well
and I don’t want you to make that mistake. And a lot of times we often oversee this because
we are so deep into product research and looking at the revenue, and the sales volume, and
everything involved that we are so appealed by it that we forget about this one thing. So, what is this one thing? It’s not differentiating your product enough. Now, I know you hear this around, but what
does that really mean? To me, it means that your product looks way
too similar to your competitors. And if your product looks way too similar
to your competitors, customers are going to start buying the cheapest product. I notice this for myself as well. If I’m online shopping and I see two sets
of tennis balls, and they look exactly the same, but their price is different, well I
am going to go with the cheapest one, if there is really not much difference about it. I know that some of you guys have bundled
your products, which I found to be… it’s a pretty good idea but not all products kind
of make sense when they are bundled. So I’m going to show you inside my computer
some products that I find look too similar and it will get you in trouble. And a lot of members that I have coached along
the way, some of them are doing this and there’s really no way to kind of go back and reverse
that. You already made your payment to your supplier
on Alibaba. Your product is almost in the warehouse and
these sellers that I have talked to, I don’t know how they’re going to fix this problem. But let’s dive into my computer and take a
closer look at these products that look too similar to each other. Okay guys, I’m going to show you the top four
products that I came across that look way too similar, and they don’t differentiate
themselves enough to make themselves stand out as a seller. Now, I’m sure, maybe some of you are already
selling these products. I hope not. But all these products, I have heard of other
sellers selling these and they are not doing well. Some of them are saturated, and some of them,
they just look way too similar. So, the first one I am going to talk about
is unicorn party supplies. I am sure everyone, almost everyone, that
is an Amazon seller is familiar with this. This was really hot last year. However, it is not hot anymore. The industry is really saturated and a lot
of them look the same. So what looks the same? So if I am scrolling past here, this is a
party set and that’s a party set. And I am just going based off of pictures,
and then when I scroll down here, these look really similar to me. Like, that’s a 16 pack, that’s a 16 pack. They don’t look different enough enticing
me to buy as a customer. So, if I am scrolling all the way down, some
of these don’t even make sense. I mean unicorn party supplies, that keyword
is so vague that you could be selling any type of party supplies. And when you’re using keywords like this,
when you’re using the words “party supplies”, you’re not niched down enough for customers
to be in a shopping mindset. So, there’s something called a browsing mindset
and a shopping mindset. When I am browsing on my lunch break or whatever
as a customer, I am simply just typing something like “unicorn party supplies” and there’s
so many different things. Like we are having headbands, balloons, dresses. So in order to make a sale on this first page,
it’s going to be quite difficult because the customer isn’t searching something that’s
really niched down. And not specifically shopping for balloons,
they’re not specifically looking for plates, or cups, or whatever. But, when I look at this, they just all look
the same to me. It’s so hard to tell these apart. So I would not get into unicorn party supplies. Stay away from this niche. I mean this dress here. Let’s just look at the second page. Just a little curious. Yeah, this set, it kind of looked like the
other set on the first page. And these headbands, they look like the headbands
we just saw on page 1, I swear we just saw it. We just saw these on page 1. So you know what I mean is, it’s like they
are the same thing, and then as a customer, I am starting to get confused. So I personally know some sellers that was
selling this niche and they have stopped because it’s oversaturated. Another product that I found that was saturated
and everything looks the same, are party balloons. So, party balloons, when I look at these two. As a customer, I see that is a 32 pack, and
then I start to get a little confused because this one says a 144 pieces. Wow, this one doesn’t even have a price on
it. Okay, whoever is still running their ad when
there’s no price here, they got to stop running their ad. But if I keep scrolling down, like this sort
of looks like this. This is a 15 pack for $8.99, this is a 20
pack for $8.99. The only thing different about it is color. So we are not differentiating enough. These two sets look the same if I look by
category. And if I keep going down, this here, the 500
pack, kind of looks like this, the 100 pack. And obviously, when you’re selling something
as big as this, you can’t fit 100… 500 balloons in one photo, it just doesn’t
make sense. So, when I look at party balloons, it’s so
confusing as a customer that it’s a little overwhelming. I don’t even know what to buy here. And these colours kind of look similar, a
12 inch, 18 inch, okay, that’s kind of different but here we go again, this looks like this. Okay, it’s the same person. But you get what I am trying to say. All of these pictures just look the same. And page 2, wasn’t this just on the first
page? Jarty Party 30 pieces, and Jarty Party 30
pieces. Okay, I don’t know how they made it onto page
2 as well. But this is very confusing to me. And all of these balloons. The 32 pack, didn’t we just see a 32 pack
on the first page? 32 pack, 32 pack, right it was this one I
believe. You see how they’re like the same so I would
stay away from party balloons. There’s not much differentiating you can do
anymore because so many people have started doing this that there’s only so much you can
differentiate. I mean, you can make different numbers of
pieces that you’re offering, but the colours, everyone has this colour already. Everyone’s doing the rose gold. Yeah, another gold confetti, just saw that
on the first page. This one kind of looks different. And then there’s this guy and then these are
like, they just look the same. So a lot of the sellers are just repeating
what other sellers are selling. And look! We have the unicorn headbands here where we
just saw it in unicorn party supplies. So we want to stay away from party balloons. Jade rollers. Okay, I haven’t spoken to anyone that sold
a jade roller. However, I have heard that a lot of people
are doing this, even from Zonjump. I think Zonjump sent out a post on their Facebook
group saying that there was literally 10 sellers doing jade rollers, and they were all launching
it at the same deal site. Not good. Jade rollers, you can’t really differentiate
this unless you’re throwing something in it. So this one looks a little different to me. Well, I don’t really understand this product
only because it looks like they have this here already but then they have another one
here. That makes me wonder a little. And then, if I were to go down. You see this looks like this, except it is
different packaging. There’s not much differentiation you can do. This is a two pack, this is a one pack. Okay, so that’s different. This is just… this comes with gold eye mask. Okay, this is not bad. This one, they actually threw in something
here, the collagen patches to make it look a little more appealing. And that’s probably why they’re 4.5 stars
with 147 reviews. This person did a pretty good job. This looks like this. This
looks like this except it’s a two pack. No, looks like this. So this jade roller looks like that jade roller. So what I am trying to say is, when products
look that similar, and the price is lower. So this one is $15.98, and this one $14.99. Myself, as a customer, I am going to go for
the lower price. And that’s where you are going to lose all
your sales. You’re getting into a price war, and you don’t
want to get into a price war. So that’s why we have to make our product
different. Wow, this one is $25.99. So this one looks like this one. Of course, as a customer, when I see these
two, I am going to buy $17.50. That is a really big price difference. They look the same to me. I am not going to click in because it is a
sponsored ad, I don’t want to eat up people’s ad spend. And then there’s one here for $11.99, and
didn’t we just see one up here for $14.99? So this is what I mean by price war. Don’t get into a price war. It’s almost impossible to get out of one now
because all these sellers that launched a jade roller are all selling the same thing. This is this, right? $10.88, maybe they’re liquidating? Maybe this guy is liquidating this product
which I kind of suggest that you do. So that’s what I mean by price war. We don’t want to look identical to our competitors
and then have our customers buy the cheapest product. Baby drool bibs, this one… I looked at this product when I was a newbie
seller on Amazon. And when I first looked at it, the numbers
looked amazing, the sales looked amazing. But I didn’t know how to differentiate this. I have absolutely no clue. Because even though the colours are different,
it’s really just the pack that you’re offering. This is the 8 pack, that’s a 10 pack. This is for boys and girls, and this one says
it’s only for girls, which I sort of understand, the colours here are kind of girly. But I don’t know why they would only sell
bibs for just girls. That means you’re missing out on all the boys. So this one looks like a big winner and I’m
right. This one has 850 reviews, this one has 374
reviews. So whoever this person is, they did a good
job by selling to both boys and girls. But when I look at this, it’s so similar that
I am getting into a price war. If I was selling this product, I would feel
like I am in a price war with all my competitors. $19.95, $19.95. This is a 4 pack, that’s an 8 pack. Well, obviously as a customer, I am going
to buy this one. It’s just not very smart to put your ad on
the first page, if you’re selling a smaller pack beside someone that’s selling an 8 pack. So that’s another thing to watch out for. You can adjust your PPC campaign to show up
on whichever page that you want if you’re doing an exact keyword search. Let’s see. This is an 8 piece, this is an 8 pack, the
only thing different here are the colours. So, this is what I mean, this is a price war
going on. So I did want to show you guys this because
these are products to stay away from and if you’re thinking about launching other products
that just look too much the same, and not differentiating enough from your competitors,
do not sell that product because you’re going to find a really hard time trying to compete
with others that are selling the same product for a lower price. If you can’t beat their price, then chances
are no one is going to buy your product. I hope this video has helped you guys. Please subscribe if you are new to my channel. Please give this video a thumbs up if you
liked it. If you have any questions for me, please leave
a comment below and I’ll see you guys next time.

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  2. If the only thing that differentiates your product from another person's is price, the customer will probably go for the lowest priced product. Therefore, make your product more unique.

  3. Funny… I was actually very interested in jade rollers as my first product. My thought was, yes, a lot of the products look the same, however if I made a bundle that customers wanted, improved on the things that customers didn't like, and marketed my product better than all my competitors, then I would be able to stand above the rest… but now I feel like a fool lol

  4. The biggest problem is most “gurus” are telling potential sellers to “look for products that are selling well” as the first step and then making variations to it. This should NOT be the first step. The first step is to solve an ACTUAL consumer problem and creating a UNIQUE solution that others CANNOT easily replicate.

  5. Thanks for sharing I’m in a process to decide my first products and it will be women underwear pack of 3. I’m afraid I’ve read a lot of review about clothing department being slow in term of selling. Thank you for your input miss Tee😘💃🏻

  6. great videos i guess so many people try to promote hotselling items/fads however i think building an brand and having an audience is the key.

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