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Amazon PPC Product Targeting Ads Strategy Tips & Tricks With Helium 10

Amazon PPC Product Targeting Ads Strategy Tips & Tricks With Helium 10

Alright, it’s recording. Give them a big smile! Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my channel today. Thank you so much for stopping by. Today, I have Bradley from Helium 10 again
with us. Because he just loves you guys and we are
actually going to do, we’re going to try to make this a monthly thing. Bradley’s going to join us once a month because
I’ve been getting really good feedback from you guys who are all using Helium 10. Amazing tool. So, Bradley, why don’t you tell them why you’re
here today. First of all, I just had an idea that came
to my head. Do you still have any t-shirts that you could
give away to any of your…? No, I gave them all away. Okay, I’m going to get you a couple more t-shirts. But let’s do a contest today. And this just, I just thought about it because
of what we were talking about a few minutes ago. So how about the person who guesses my age
is going to get the t-shirt. Because you were surprised. I don’t want to give any clues about whether
you were way over or way under. But how about that? Is that a fun little thing that they can do
in the comments maybe? I think that’s fair Bradley but be prepared
for some… My feelings won’t get hurt either way. You guys say I’m 65, well, that must mean
because my wisdom is so great, I don’t know. So don’t worry about you guys hurting my feelings. Alright, so what are we here today? Oh yes, other than age shaming me, we are
here to talk about PPC and specifically about the newer product targeting that Amazon has. And how you can use Helium 10 in order to
find some great products that you can target for your ads. Yeah, PPC has been very hot this year you
guys. Please watch my last few videos, it’s all
about Pay Per Click. Also, make sure you watch this video to the
very end because, as always, I am giving away something to you guys. But Bradley, let’s get started. Let’s get started, alright. So, let me go ahead and share my screen here. Share. Do you see my Amazon screen? I do. Tons of Valentine’s theme here. Speaking of, I see some flowers in the background
there. Yeah, you guys, it may be a little too late
to start targeting Valentine’s Day but… Alright, let’s see, alright. Give me something to search for. Let’s see. How about, what is a good… oh, how about
the posture corrector? Oh, okay. Posture corrector. I’ve seen tons of those before. Posture corrector for women, let’s just do. I need a posture corrector, my posture is
really bad myself. Alright, so let’s say you have a posture corrector
and it’s for women. So this is the main keyword and you just want
a list of ASINs that are all like maybe the top 100 selling, or not selling, but the top
100 that show up on the results because you want your ad possibly to show up on as many
of those as possible. And this is not my idea. Someone asked me this, one of the top sellers,
his name is Paul Miller. He’s the one that makes Cozy Foams on Amazon. He’s a 7, almost 8 figures now brand on Amazon. But anyways, he asked me maybe 2 months ago
on Facebook. He’s like, “how can I just an easier way to
get all the ASINs like in the first 2, 3, or 4 pages on Amazon?” Because even with it, as you know, having
the Helium 10 extension already makes it a little bit easier to copy and paste ASINs,
right? Cuz I have it right here. Yup. But still, imagine doing this, you know, for
every single one for like 4 or 5 pages. Ain’t nobody got time for that, right? So, we click here on the Helium 10 chrome
extension and hit ASIN Grabber. And what this is going to do is it’s going
to pull up the top 100, not just here on the first page, it goes to the second page, it
goes to the third page, it goes to the fourth page, and sometimes even the fifth, to get
an entire list of all of the products here. Just without all of those details, like X
Ray. You know, most of you guys are probably using
X Ray all the time and have completely skipped over ASIN Grabber. So, this is the way to get a whole bunch of
ASINs. So, still you just copy and paste, it would
take a long time. But look at this button right here. It allows you to download it into an Excel
file. And then I am going to open it up. And here it is. So here is every ASIN that was on the first
few pages that are… what is it that we were looking at? This is a posture corrector, right? So then, right here. Look how easy this is. I just copy, if I just want to send it – target
all of these guys, I just copy this, I’ll paste it right into my Seller Central campaigns. So, that’s way number 1 that you can get ASINs
to target with your product targeting. What are some other ways? Let’s go into Helium 10 here. Have you started using for any of your brands? Product targeting ads. I mean, it’s pretty new. I have, yeah, actually I was going to add
in a comment. For you guys who are watching this, make sure
though, if you are using ASIN targeting, make sure that ASIN is your product. Because sometimes on page 1, you know what
Bradley did, he downloaded all the ASINs onto an Excel sheet. But sometimes on page 1, if you don’t go through
it thoroughly, it’s not your product, you don’t want to be targeting something that’s
not your product. Indeed, indeed. Alright, so let’s go now into Blackbox, alright? So first, I am going to use the original Blackbox
to show you how you can find products to target. So we said that this was posture corrector. My spelling is really bad so I am just going
to copy and paste this because I know I would misspell it. Alright, I am going to put that in the title
because if I am looking for other posture correctors, I mean, 10 out of 10 of them are
going to have that in their title. So I am going to paste that right here. And then now, I am going to look for ones
that have, that are selling at least a 1000, that’s hardly anything. How much are these posture correctors? $23. So 1000, they’re only selling a few a day,
right? I just want some activity. I don’t, that’s the thing with, it’s just
like when you’re targeting keywords, right? You’re not going to target a keyword that
nobody’s searching for, that’s getting 0 searches. But at the same time, you don’t want to target
an ASIN that is getting 0 sales because nobody’s ever going to see that product nor your ad. So the very first thing that I am going to
do is I am going to say, “are there any that have really bad listings?” Because this, what we are doing now is trying
to find prime targets that we have a better chance to convert to us if they see our ad. You know, if I go on a page that’s fully optimized,
7 images, a video, amazing bullet points, and 5 stars, and 1000 reviews, and they see
my ad, chances are they’re never going to click on it, alright? So I am looking at prime targets, the low
hanging fruit here. So I am going to say, “show me ones that have
3 images or less that are making $1000 a month.” And there, there’s 127, alright? Let’s take a look at some of these. Here we go right here. Let me, how much is this guy making? I forgot which one I picked. I picked CKXKX, there is it right here. So this guy is making approximately $3000
a month, right? And then usually, if they only have a couple
of images, their listing is probably bad too. And sure enough, look at this listing. This is just like barely any good bullet points
here. Only 3 images. 1 of them is a size chart. I mean, what is this guy doing, you know. Where’s his description at? Decent description, but still. This is not appealing to me. I need more images, I need more information
here. So then, if I scroll down here and I saw all
of a sudden, this one. I am like, well first of all, this is a muscular
guy. Let me take a look. Whoa, wow, look at all these images. Ooh, look, there’s emojis. Amazon’s choice. Like right away, I am going to order this
one. You know, that other guy, this guy, where
did he go? What is this brand name? Oh right here. Yes, ZSZBACE just lost my sale because his
listing is not great and I saw here, there was one. So, this is a perfect way to find ASINs to
target, ones that have bad listing quality, alright? Because again, of course, if you only have
3 images too, and you have a terrible listing, well, you know, you’re not going to do very
well. But this is of course assuming you have taken
Tamara’s course and really know how to make a good listing, well you’re going to be able
to take advantage of this. What is another thing that we can do? Let’s go ahead and take away this filter. Well Bradley, I am thinking now, maybe I should
start flexing in my product listing. There you go. You won’t find me doing that because I have
chicken arms but if the suns out, guns out, alright? Watch this. I am going to say, “show me ones that have
less than 2 reviews.” Meaning that they’re brand new products maybe,
or maybe they got their reviews taken away or something. And here’s 137 products. Let’s just look for a different one. Well, this guy’s got some nice back here. I love their… the way that they’re trying
to relate somehow having a good posture would give you muscles. It’s appealing. I don’t know how that works. But this guy has got 0 reviews, alright? Actually he’s out of stock even. So, let’s see another one here. Adjustable posture corrector. Spud casual bowtie posture corrector. So here’s one. This guy has double things wrong with him. He’s only got 2 images but this is one that
I have searched for. Only 2 reviews. So if I see this, how much is he selling? He’s selling $3000 a month, that’s crazy. So let me scroll down here. So if I saw this, and I scroll down, and then
I see, wait a minute. Here’s one that looks exactly the same, he’s
got 224 reviews. Here’s one that has 1232 reviews. I am probably likely to click on one of these
sponsored ads. Because this is like 2 reviews, I am not convinced
that this is a product that is fully been tested by my peers, right? So there’s another thing that we could use
to filter out. Another one? Let’s go over right here. Review rating. Are there any that are selling at least $1000
a month but have less than 3.5 stars? And there’s tons of them. Look at all of these. Let’s look at this one. This guy is selling $1000 a month, nothing
great, but look at this. 3.2 stars. Me personally, I don’t know about you, but
me, personally, I only buy as a buyer, I only buy stuff with a 4 star, preferably even more,
right? So if this guy is selling $1000, you know,
and he’s only got 3.2 stars, again, what is somebody, one of these customers who lands
on this page, obviously he’s getting some traffic. And I am just scrolling down here and I see,
“whoa, look at this one that has 4.5 stars, oh, look at this one, it has 4 stars.” Every single sponsored ad right here has a
better star rating than this. So again, if you have a product that’s 5 stars
and real similar to this. Again, this is a perfect one to target. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re always going
to get the sale. I would say 80% of people never even scroll
down to this section. But it doesn’t matter. If nobody’s clicking on it, you don’t get
charged. So it’s free. I mean, the only ones, the ones who click
on it, they’re more likely to buy. So even if only one out of every 100 people
see your ad down here and click on it, and you get that sale, it’s worth it. Because you didn’t have to pay for all the
impressions. So that is the other way to find ones to target. Now, one cool thing is we get to product targeting. Now, I don’t know if we have any information
in this category but let me go look at this again. Let me look, what is this called? Posture corrector, right? Posture corrector. Posture corrector, let me get a guy who’s
been selling a lot. Alright, so here we go, best seller. There we go, that was easy. Alright, so here’s the best seller. So, if I am going to take his ASIN, and by
the way, I just clicked on product targeting. This is brand new. If you haven’t used Helium 10 the last couple
of weeks, or you have never used it, it’s the same. Because this is brand new. I am going to paste it right here. And I am going to search. Let me see how many products I find right
here. I am going to explain what these results are. 261, perfect! Alright, so I am going to go over each of
these. The first one I want to go over, oops, this
is the wrong one. The first one I want to go over, I am clicking
on Source, is right here, it’s called Frequently Bought Together, alright? For those who don’t know, let me go to this
one right here. Where is frequently bought together? Where am I going to find it here, Tamara? Just on the bottom. Scroll, scroll, scroll. There we go. Exactly, right here on the bottom. Explain to us while I catch my breath here,
I am talking too much. What is Amazon telling us? Frequently bought together are products that
customers are buying together in one shipment. If they bought your posture corrector, the
other products likely compliment the product, the first product that you see there, or each
of them. And this, and this is amazing. I am glad you picked this because you might
think you know your niche, right? Oh, people are buying a posture corrector
so maybe they’re going to buy a back massager too, or something. Look at what the top things that are bought
with this. Keto pills. Sometimes you’re going to find things that
you would have never realized people are buying together with this. Again, this whole concept here is maybe you’re
coming out with a posture corrector, and you want to see what have we detected has been
frequently bought together with the top guys’ posture corrector. And, there are others, here. This is what I would think, lumbar support. Look here. For some reason, knives have been bought with
this particular product. That is odd. Right? That’s odd. Maybe it’s a gift. Who knows, right? Yup. Derma roller, okay? That’s for your face. I don’t know why people would buy that. Here’s maybe they bought 1 posture corrector,
then they just wanted to buy another one, that makes a little bit of sense. Lumbar support, that makes sense. Somebody interested in their posture might
be interested in your lumbar. But then this is something that, “hey, if
all of these guys, or the buyers of my top competitor, were all buying these products
together, maybe I am going to reverse engineer that, reverse psychology and put my ad for
my posture corrector on these products.” Alright, and then who knows. I might be able to sell something. What else do we have here? That’s very interesting. I’ve never used the product targeting yet. I’ve always been doing the manual work because
Helium 10 didn’t have this feature. Now that they do, it makes your life 10 times
easier. Right? Now, take a look at this. I just did customer also bought. Also, this comes from Amazon. And where is that? We just scroll down here and right here. Customers who bought this item also bought. So this isn’t necessarily in the same session,
or even in the same day. Let’s say on Monday of this week, I bought
a posture corrector. And now, today, I go on Amazon and I buy a
pet nail grinder. You know, in a few days. So, this just shows the history of buyers
and you might find interesting things. There’s actually tons. Like look here. Look how many there are. There are tons of, there’s more keto products,
I don’t know what is going on with people buying keto products with a posture corrector. I guess that’s kind of a hipster thing to
do. You know what I found? Another thing I realized was that the customers
that bought this item also bought, that section that we’re looking at right now. I assume that those all from a giveaway website. Some of them are. Some of them are. But I mean, there’s only maybe 1000 to 2000
products doing giveaways a day. But just think how many, tens of thousands
of products are added. So the people who are doing giveaways is very
few. But at the same time, yes, I have noticed
that same thing too. But remember, there’s 14 pages of stuff here. So, you know, even if you find one that’s
from the giveaway, it’s not all going to be from there. Right here, with Helium 10, you’re getting
all the visibility. You’ll find stuff that you’ve never thought
about like fish oil. Wow, you know, this is not to guarantee that
if I… excuse me, if I target this fish oil, or this hair dryer with my back support or
posture support, that you’re guaranteed to make a sale. No, but it’s worth a try. You know, because you actually do have history
that somebody, or more than one person at some time, has bought fish oil with… because,
if only one person have ever bought fish oil and then bought the posture corrector, it’s
not going to show up in those list. So, there must be at least a few. So it gives you a better chance. Last one that we have is Amazon suggested. By the way, some of these are double. Or it qualifies under 2 of them. So right here, that’s what these little letters
are. If I put my mouse over here. F means frequently bought together. C means customers also bought. Let’s go to the last one. Cool, right? What would Manny say in the AMPM podcast? How cool is that? Alright, Amazon suggested. Here’s another 132. So where does this come from? This comes from Amazon. Amazon rates different ASINs as it relates
to your ASIN that you’re trying to do. Like, if you were to go in and do a manual
campaign that is going to target product ASINs, well, Amazon is going to give you a whole
list of ASINs that it suggests or recommends that you target. Any of you guys that have fooled around with
this in Seller Central know exactly what I am talking about. So what we have been able to do is for any
item, we have been able to extract those suggested ones based on Amazon’s suggestion. I mean, again, this is not to say that this
is guaranteed success but this is what Amazon’s algorithm is saying that you should target. Or that is related to your item. So you have another list of products that
you might want to target. And again, this is from Amazon. So that has what, that was 133 products that
we found. You could also just say, “hey, are there any
that showed up in frequently bought together, they showed up in customer also bought, and
Amazon suggested?” Maybe that’s a way to narrow it down. Let’s see. I am not sure. There’s none, on this one. Okay, so sometimes that might be the case
where Amazon suggested and frequently bought together and customer also bought is something
that will really give you a hyper targeted one. In addition, all of those, there’s 261 here,
so like maybe you don’t want to target all of them. Or maybe you don’t want to target them if
they have more than a 4.2 rating. Well then, you’re able to use all of the regular
filters in Blackbox to start narrowing things down to how you want it. So, there you have it guys. That’s the way to do product targeting using
Helium 10. I hope that helps you guys out. Yeah, thanks a lot Bradley. I actually, I haven’t even used this, I haven’t
played with it a lot myself yet. I have been manually doing it, just because,
you know, that was the old way. But this is really great. I am going to start getting my hands on this
right away. Cool, cool, excellent. Any other questions about PPC in general,
not just product targeting that you wanted to go over or we good? Oh I think we’re good. I’ve been doing a lot of, for you guys that
are watching, I’ve been putting out a lot of videos on PPC. It’s been really hot this year because there’s
some many changes with PPC. And PPC is definitely not something you find
overnight success with. So you want to really learn everything and
use tools such as Helium 10 to really make your life easier. I get questions all the time, “hey, I am manually
doing things.” And I know we’ve all been, 2 years ago, when
we didn’t have all these tools, that’s what we would be doing. But now with these tools come out, you really
need to start saving time and get started. And it’s great. So what’s the giveaway, other than the shirt
for guessing my age? What’s giveaway number 2 today? So aside from guessing Bradley’s age, we are,
I am giving away one hour free coaching call for you guys if you follow these simple rules. Obviously, you have to subscribe to my channel. Like this video. And give Helium 10 a try, use the code “FBAWINNERS50”
and let me know. Send me a message. I am going to pick out the winner and send
you a message on Facebook and we’ll get started. I really want to help you guys with PPC this
year. A lot of new stuff is happening, like I said
and we need to get on track. Awesome, awesome. Alright guys, make sure to take advantage
of that. That’s pretty valuable to be able to get a
– is that a one on one that you’re willing to give them? Yeah, usually how my coaching calls work is
everything is screen share you guys. I mean, all my consulting calls, there is
screen share. So I am literally picking at your Seller Central
advertising campaigns. You can see my screen, I can see your screen. Absolutely no reason why you should not be
succeeding on Amazon. Absolutely, I 100% agree. Well, thank you for having me on again. Is this the second, no this is the third,
right, that we have done? I think it’s the fourth. Fourth? Wow, time flies when you’re having fun. We’re going to do this every month now. I have just had really good feedback with
Helium 10. That’s why I love you guys so much. I am sure my audience knows I don’t talk about
any other tools. Yes, yes, awesome, awesome. Alright, bye guys, thanks for watching. Bye.

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