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Amazon PPC Advertising Campaigns | Should You STOP Running Your Ads?!

Amazon PPC Advertising Campaigns | Should You STOP Running Your Ads?!

What is going on everybody? Welcome back to my channel today. In this video, I am going to be talking to
you about should you stop running your Amazon PPC sponsored ads? My name is Tamara Tee. I am a 6 figure Amazon FBA seller and coach
and I teach many students how to successfully make money on Amazon. Now, a lot of people who have been running
their Amazon PPC sponsored ads, by the way, if you guys are new and you don’t know what
Amazon PPC is, it’s Amazon Pay Per Click advertising meaning you are paying Amazon to run your
advertising on their marketplace so you can get more sales. Amazon PPC is really challenging especially
to new sellers who don’t know what it is, never had experience with it, don’t know how
to analyze keywords, and don’t have a strategy in place to really make their PPC take off. So why do sellers even run PPC? Let’s start there. Let’s start with that first. And at the end of this video, if you continue
watching till the very end, I am going to explain to you whether or not you should really
stop running your campaigns. A lot of times people just burn a lot of money
through their PPC but that’s because they don’t know how to run it and make it successful
in the first place. People run Amazon PPC sponsored ads because
they want brand awareness. They want to launch their products. They want to find longer tail keywords. They want to make sales on repeat without
doing a lot of heavy lifting. Whenever you are doing advertising online,
whether you are selling on Amazon, maybe you’re selling something else. If you’re watching me on the internet, you
have to run some advertising so people know who you are, right? And without advertising, people are never
going to recognize you or your product and it’s going to be really hard for you to sell
whatever it is that you are trying to sell. This year, Amazon PPC has been really popular. They added a lot of advanced tools so you
can really get your PPC up and running. I am sure Amazon knows that there are a lot
of giveaway services that they no longer want you to do. When you are running a giveaway service, you
are basically trying to cheat the system to get ranked onto page 1 for a lot of keywords. I’ve been teaching everybody to successfully
launch their products only using PPC for every single product that they’ve launched in 2019. Not only is this safe, but it is 110% organic. You are making sales through Amazon themselves
on their marketplace and Amazon couldn’t be happier. But, one of the biggest problems that almost
every single seller faces is they come to me and they say, “Tamara, I am spending a
lot of money on Amazon PPC. When can I stop running my ads? Should I stop running my ads? Can I stop running my ads? Is it smart to stop running my ads?” I want to clarify this specific topic today. I want to share with you two stories from
my own students and how they were able to successfully stop running their PPC and still
make a killing selling on Amazon FBA. And when I say a killing, I mean within a
time span of 6 months, they’re able to profit over 5 figures per month on repeat with zero
PPC. Now hold on! You’re probably wondering, how is that even
possible? Going back to what we were talking about,
Amazon PPC is used mainly to rank keywords. Everything on the internet, you’ve heard me
say this and I am going to say it again, is made up of keywords. You need to get ranked for as many keywords
as you can to gain visibility. Once you have visibility, everyone is going
to see you on Amazon and hopefully if you have a really good product, they are going
to buy your product and you make that sale. And in order to even get to a point where
you no longer have to run any PPC, guess what? You are going to have to invest the money
in the first place to get ranked very, very high and gain a ton of visibility on Amazon
before you can even think about stopping your PPC sponsored ads. Let’s talk about Loi. My student right here, Loi, by the way, he
goes by LD Way in my Facebook group, I’ve done a success story with Loi because he absolutely
killed it with his very first product in just under 6 months. If you want to learn more about Loi’s journey
then watch that video. How was Loi able to finally stop running PPC
and still make a killing every single month selling on Amazon? Well, that’s because he invested some money
into PPC for the first 5 months. I believe it was 4 to 5 months where he was
running an automatic campaign and every single manual campaign to really make sure that he
was targeting the right keywords and knowing all of his main keywords and where he wants
to sit organically for those main keywords. You see, when you are running PPC, all you
really want to do is rank high to gain visibility. Visibility on Amazon is everything. People see your product, if you have a good
product, they will buy your product, with a good price. If they don’t see your product, if you’re
not running any PPC, then don’t expect any sales. Also, Loi wasn’t afraid to lose money with
PPC. And every time when people say, “Tamara, I
am losing money with PPC”, I don’t really like that term, I mentioned it before and
that’s because when you are running advertising for your business, for your products on Amazon,
it’s an investment, right? You are investing your money into something
to give you a bigger gain long term later on, like what Loi is doing. Right now, he runs zero dollars on PPC and
he still ranking for a lot of longer tail keywords. How does he do it? That’s because he’s ranked for a lot of the
main keywords and eventually customers search long tail keywords that are in his listing. He has a really optimized listing and that’s
how he is still ranking for keywords organically without PPC. Pretty cool, right? I have been teaching this to all of my students
since day 1. Another student that has really killed it
with her PPC game is Kat. Kat, right here, is a single mom. She took a little longer than Loi. I believe she took under 8 months, if I remember
correctly. But Kat invested a lot of money into PPC as
well at first to get ranked very high for her keywords. After she was ranked, by the way, you guys
should be keeping track of your keyword rank in Helium 10. Keyword tracker in Helium 10 will track the
positioning of your keywords. For example, if my keyword “beach ball” is
in position 20 today, I want to check tomorrow, or maybe in a few days, if it has moved up
the spots, right? We want to keep moving up and up and up so
customers can see more of our product. You should be tracking your keywords. It actually really surprises me when I get
calls from people and they’re not tracking their keywords. Well, how do you expect to sell on Amazon
and make it a success if you’re not tracking your keywords, right? You need to know how far your keywords are
increasing and if your keyword rank is decreasing, that’s a problem as well. You need to fix your PPC to really work on
your keyword rank to ensure that your keywords are moving up or they are steady and they
are not going down, depending on what type of keyword it is. Also, same with Katherine right here, my success
story with Katherine right here. She no longer runs PPC and she’s been selling
on Amazon for over a year now. Her keywords are all ranked on page 1, especially
the main keywords and she’s still finding new keywords every single day, spending zero
dollars on PPC. Even for myself, I spend about $20 a day on
PPC with an automatic campaign just because I’m really interested in knowing more of the
organic search terms and people are searching. And that’s why I have money down on automatic
PPC. But, if you guys are launching your product,
that’s a whole different story. That is when you have to run both campaigns
and really try to rank your keywords as high as they can possibly go. If I can recall, I believe Katherine took
a few months as well with her PPC, knowing the strategy, knowing when to run your campaigns,
and really knowing how to optimize your campaigns. You guys, you have to be optimizing your campaigns
every single day. You hear me say this a lot but it’s very important
or else you’re just blowing a ton of money on keywords that are not converting for you. If you guys want to know more about Amazon
PPC optimization, then you are in luck because I have a video right here. There’s a lot of video recommendations in
this video and that is to help you to really get to understand more about your PPC. Now, don’t get it wrong here. I am not saying that every single seller should
stop their PPC. In fact, I think if you have your PPC under
control and your ACOS is low, you should actually keep continuously running your PPC so you
can find more and more unknown, organic keywords. However, if you are already ranked for a lot
of main keywords, you can stop running your PPC. You really can if you wanted to. Like I said, a lot of these sellers stopped
running their PPC and they’re still getting ranked as long as you are getting sales, you
are going to maintain your keyword rank. That’s really all it is. But, if you are a new seller and you are launching
a product, you have to be running your PPC at least, at least 4 to 6 months. And I am not just coming up with this timeline. I don’t even know, I haven’t spoken to every
single seller in the universe obviously but I am just making up this timeline of 4 to
6 months because based on people that I have coached, that’s a fair timeline of when I
saw the results from them. That includes myself, as well. PPC takes a while. It takes a few months only if you know how
you are supposed to be running it. And when your keywords are nicely ranked,
you could stop PPC, if you want. Now, if you stop PPC and you notice your sales
are declining, that’s another problem. That means there’s probably a few keywords
that are relying heavily on sales every single day and you shouldn’t stop running your PPC
if that’s the case. You should continuously run it until you are
ranked even higher. Whatever the issue may be, you should always
run your PPC until when you stop running your PPC, you are still making steady sales. That’s when you know that you’ve beat the
PPC game. That’s when you know you’ve came to a point
where you are just organically selling now with no legwork. Absolutely no work. And believe me, like I said, I witnessed it
myself. One of my products are exactly like this,
where you don’t have to run anymore PPC. However, I do know a lot of bigger sellers
as well that still runs their PPC and that’s fine. Like I said, as long as your ACOS is under
control, is below your profit margin, you are not losing money, right? Every time your ACOS is below that, you are
safe and you have to think long term. The more sales that you get through PPC, especially
through campaigns like an automatic campaign, a broad or a phrase match, where you are constantly
researching for a lot of other keywords at a low ACOS, you should keep going. I hope that kind of explains it to you whether
or not you should stop running your PPC. You absolutely cannot stop running it when
you are launching your product. That’s absolutely no. I know a lot of sellers, they invested money
into PPC and they’re just dying to stop it because they think, for some reason, that
they’re wasting a lot of money, they’re going to go broke from PPC. But what you don’t realize is, like I mentioned,
when you have the right strategies in place, PPC is going to print money for you. Okay, it’s going to print money for you. Just like Facebook ads, just like Google ads,
whenever you have a winning ad, a winning PPC strategy, it’s just going to print money. Should you stop running your Amazon PPC sponsored
ads? It depends where you are at in your business. When you are launching your product, absolutely
do not stop. If you are now in maintenance mode, and everything
is under control, and your ACOS is below your profit margin, and you are making steady sales
without PPC, let’s say you turn off your PPC for one day and you’re still making the same
amount of sales, you can turn off your PPC and really see how that goes. You can still get ranked for a lot of other
keywords as long as people are finding your product on page 1 of whichever keywords that
you are ranked on. The last thing I want to touch base on and
I think I am going to make a YouTube video separately about this is when people ask me,
“Tamara, my PPC ACOS is so high, why is it so high?” Just to clear the air, every single time you
create a new campaign with absolutely no sales history to prove which keywords are converting
for Amazon, your ACOS is literally, usually, typically going to go through the roof. And that is because it’s a new campaign, it’s
a new product, and you don’t have any keyword data to show Amazon which keywords are actually
ranking, which keywords are converting, which keywords are people clicking, adding to cart,
and giving you the sale. Amazon likes that because they make money,
right? Every single time you create a new campaign,
you have to keep in mind that your ACOS is going to be higher than usual because you
have no keyword data, like I said, and it will take time to optimize and really lower
that ACOS. Also, if you have a campaign that was converting
really, really well at a low ACOS, instead of creating a new campaign, you want to keep
running that campaign. Let’s say you decided to turn it off for a
day or a few hours or whatever it is, the little toggle button, you want to continuously
run that same campaign. You don’t want to run a new campaign because,
like I said, every new campaign is new to Amazon’s eyes and you may get a higher ACOS
even if you plug in the same keywords. You guys can give this a test if you don’t
believe me. And the same goes for a poor converting campaign. If you have a PPC campaign that’s converting
very poorly, like example, you have an ACOS of over 150% for weeks in a row, that’s high,
you want to stop that campaign and create a new one once you know what the problem is. You don’t want to try to fix a bad campaign. It’s just not going to work out as well. I have tried this myself and creating a new
one from scratch with a new strategy or tactic or whatever plan that you have in place, it’s
going to out a lot better from a fresh new campaign. I hope today’s video has clarified for you
if you should stop running your PPC sponsored ads. Some people should, some people shouldn’t
and it depends on where you are at in your Amazon FBA journey. If you guys have any questions for me, feel
free to drop me a comment in the comment box below. I respond to everybody. You already know that. I do not ignore anybody. And subscribe to my channel. Give this video a big thumbs up and of course,
I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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