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Amazon Marketing Services’ New Name – Amazon Advertising (2018) Live Replay

Amazon Marketing Services’ New Name – Amazon Advertising (2018) Live Replay

(dynamic rock music) – What we’ve come to
expect from Amazon lately, it’s the unexpected
and what perfect timing that they announce the change
of Amazon Marketing Services to a new name and a fresh
look on a global scale. You wanna learn more
about that then make sure that you stay tuned. (dynamic rock music) Welcome to self publishing with Dale and, if you’re new here,
and you wanna learn how to publish your books
and build your brand, make sure that you subscribe
and turn your notifications on so you get all of the latest content. This past week, Amazon
announced the change of Amazon Marketing Services to the new name of Amazon Advertising. But, rest assured, if you’re already used to the Amazon Advertising
dashboard here stateside, there is no noticeable change, just the name has been changed. However, on a global
scale, over in the U.K. as well as in Canada, the
dashboard has changed, leaving a lot of people curious, confused, and having tons of questions, That’s why I thought I would invite a very special guest back
for his 2nd appearance here on this channel so we
can talk a little bit about Amazon Advertising
and how we can make the most out of our books campaigns on the Amazon Advertising platform. Some of you may recognize Marco Moutinho from his AMS Ads Profit
Formula when I reviewed it not too long ago. I, of course, gave rave
reviews on his course and, boy, does he have a
lot of work ahead of him and he’s doing some course
updates as we speak. So I thought, let’s bring
him back to the show so we can talk a little bit
about Amazon Advertising and how you can make the most out of this. And, of course, what we can expect from his AMS Ads Profit Formula course in the very near future. So let’s go on over to the live feed that’s starting right about now. Alright, welcoming to the
show again, return guest. Not too many that have
this feature, buddy. Marco Moutinho, how
are you feeling, Marco? – I’m good man, it’s nice to be back. – Yeah, man, I tell you,
I’m, I’m pretty stoked. You and I have been talking about this for the past since the change
of Amazon Marketing Services but before we dive in real deep on things, I want to kind of give a
shout out to the live chat. Those of you that are watching this live or on the replay, do us a favor, load us up with some questions. Marco, you’re up for
some questions, right? – Oh, a 100% – Excellent, excellent, excellent. So I’ve got a few myself but let’s kinda, let’s lay the groundwork
of why we’re getting connected today. Tell me about the email
that I got this past week about Amazon Marketing Services and does it affect us at all? – Okay, so Amazon decided
to rebrand and, effectively, get rid of Amazon Marketing services and just call it Amazon Advertising. – Mm hmm. – And, essentially, no, the, functionally, it’s still the same, the
only thing they changed is the headline ads is now
called Sponsored Brand, or Brands,
– Ooh, okay. – But, again, functionally,
it’s still the same. So, functionality-wise,
it works exactly the same. Amazon is just rebranding. – Nice, nice, okay, so it’s, it’s still gonna be fairly intuitive. Something I’ve noticed and,
I don’t wanna go too far down this path here, is,
is there has been a change in the dashboard but
it’s not in the dot com. Can you explain a little
bit about how the dashboard has changed elsewhere, where it’s been at, and how different is it? – Mm hmm, so yeah, so the
U.K. and even in Canada, they got a massive change. Their, their interface on
the dashboard is actually a lot more appealing now,
it’s easier to see things from a glance, you kinda got your, like, overall sales right when you
log in, it just makes it easier to kind of see how your
ads are performing overall, as a whole and I find it,
personally, much more appealing. I’m, I could see the U.S. going that way just because now in the
U.S. when you go crazy ads it’s different, it looks
exactly like the U.K. So it has that similar update,
– Yeah. – It’s just the interface of the dashboard is still the original. I can’t wait till they make that update. – Yeah, yeah, exactly, I know
that some people are probably not very familiar with the,
the AMS dashboard that’s over in U.K. and Canada. Hopefully we can kinda
shed light on how they can kinda do that. Obviously the people who have your course, the AMS Ads Profit
Formula, know a little bit of the 411 as well as the
Facebook group that you have. Dude, that group is
popping, like crazy, man. There’s a lot of great knowledge in there coming for free in that group. – Yeah, it really is,
it’s really taking off which is awesome, right,
and we have some people doing amazing things and
they’re getting crazy results. It’s really, really crazy. – Yeah, absolutely and
just so I lay it out ahead of time here, we’re gonna
definitely be talking about your AMS Ads Profit Formula. I’m just a huge fan, you
know I am, obviously, I have already done a review
on here, so everybody knows. Though there is an affiliate
relationship between Marco and myself, it does not influence
the way I feel about it. I literally love this course
and I get 100% behind it. So, we got it out of the
way, the question is, though, is it still AMS Ads Profit
Formula or are you having to rename it now that it’s no longer Amazon Marketing Services? – I have to rename it,
I’m working on that. I have to go buy a new domain, I have to. – Ugh! – There’s a bunch of updates I have to do. It’s kinda my fault, I shouldn’t
have had that in the name but, you know, but yeah
that’s something that I have to work on, I have
to get a new logo and stuff. So I’m working on that. – Here’s a free one here, how about this? Anybody that’s watching this right now, let’s give Marco some
ideas, I’ve got a good one, how about The Book Ads Profit Formula? All you gotta do is just move out the AMS, the AMS portion there
and you’re set. (laughs) – Actually, yeah, I like that. I really, I would love to
hear anybody’s input, really. – Alright, well let’s go ahead,
let’s see how many people can give him a good recommendation
to rename his course to something appropriate. Alright let’s, let’s get the
train back on the tracks. I’ve got some great questions here for you and I’ve already kinda loaded you up. And the good news is
everybody’s thick around because we’re actually gonna
do an actual ad again live but we’re gonna be doing
it from the AMS U.K., oh good lord, I’ve gotta shake that. The Amazon Advertising U.K. version. – Yes.
– So everybody can see what the dash looks like. So you know, as well
as a lot of people know that are watching this right now, Create Space is currently
merging with KDP. Is it a good idea to run ads
to your Create Space books despite Create Space
merging with KDP Print? – Mm hmm, the, the good
part about that merger is it, it’s actually not
going to affect in it, well, it shouldn’t affect just
because whether you put out a Create Space, publish to Create Space or you publish to KDP Print, the ad runs from the book on Amazon. So it doesn’t matter who’s
in the backend, who’s, who’s putting it out there
whether it’s Create Space or KDP Print,
– Mm hmm. – It, it doesn’t really
affect the ad itself – Okay, excellent,
excellent, and I already see some questions are kinda going, but, but Marco, how do
we get onto AMS U.K. and how are we able to do
the Create Space books, and we’re gonna just talk a
little bit that here very soon. What’s the best way to run ads on your print books right now? – The best way?
– Mm hmm. – Can you elaborate a little bit more? – So what’ve you seen
the best results so far on your print books be it sponsored ads, product display ads,
– Oh I see! – So on and so forth. – Definitely sponsored, yeah, hands down. – Okay. – You can get, here’s
a cool thing actually. Amazon is, they revamped
their product display ads and they’re, the new system
is absolutely amazing and it’s something that I’m
starting to really focus on a lot more now because the old system was, it didn’t work very well. unless you are on, like, if,
if your book was fiction, because it really targeted the devices and a lot of Kindle Unlimited readers, a lot of them read fiction. – Yeah. – But now there’s new ad types that display for product display ads within Amazon’s website itself. So they’re changing that and
I’ve been getting amazing results and that’s actually
my next move is to show how to effectively take
advantage of those ads. And the best part about those ads, they’re a lot more passive. – I like that, you’re talking
my language here, man. I, I’ve got another question
for you but since we’re still on just getting the
ads on the print books, something I commonly
run into is some people don’t utilize KDP Print so
they’re not able to natively send ads through AMS. So what’s the best way to run
ads to non-Amazon published books fulfilled on the Amazon platform, does that make sense? – It does, you’re gonna have to, well, unless, unless you’re using the U.K. – Mm hmm. – Or the Canadian platform,
you’re gonna have to have a kindle version of that
book and what you do then is you run the ad to the kindle version. – Okay. – And from there, like,
you know, the options are still there, right, whether
you want to go paperback, or audiobook, the
customer can still select and that’ll drive the sale from that ad. – Okay, excellent, very
good, and what about, I’ve seen Amazon Advantage as an option and I know it costs, would
you recommend me opening an Amazon Advantage account to run traffic towards my print books? – Probably not
– Okay. – Just because directing it, if you direct it to Kindle, the, the customer is still gonna choose their preferred platform regardless. So, personally, from my experience, it works really well.
– Yeah. – So I wouldn’t go and pay and start using the Advantage program. I personally find it unnecessary
just for that aspect. If you want to do other things, okay, but just for that particular
reason, I’d say no. – Excellent, very good,
so there’s no need for me to throw money down the hopper
– No. getting an Amazon Advantage account if I can just direct traffic. That makes complete sense
because you drive somebody over to Kindle, they’re gonna
want paperback which that’s kinda like I am. I get an ad, I’m not gonna just, you know, go (exclaims) they don’t have a paperback, I’m gonna look for that paperback
of a particular book, so. – Right.
– Makes complete sense. How many people would
agree with me on this one? Definitely would love to hear from you, let me know how you would
interact with the ad if you disagree with
our perspective on this. Amazon Advertising isn’t
just limited to the U.S., you gotta tell me what
you’ve found so far outside of Amazon.com and, of
course, this was something you kinda covered in course. So you don’t need to tell all, but give me a little bit of 411 on that. – The U.K., more
specifically, the U.K. market is, there’s almost, there’s
very little competition. So right now, if you’re on there, you can take advantage of very low rates and high sales numbers. It’s, it’s actually pretty
fascinating the kinda results you can pull off on there
just because the competition’s so much lower than in the U.S. And then with Canada,
the problem with Canada is that you can’t run sponsored
product ads yet to books. Okay, only for products. You can run sponsored brands which is used to be headline ads. – Yeah. – And you can run product
display ads which is what I’m leveraging right now to get
some good results in Canada. So and that’s what I’m gonna like move, like that’s the next thing
I’m gonna be teaching within the course is the
new product display type and how that works, it’s fascinating. – I can’t wait, I know that
you said you’ve been rolling, you’re gonna be rolling out some updates. So this is very big for the
students that are in the course. And it’s, it is just exciting
and I know that you’ve been communicating a lot of
this within the Facebook groups. So, kuddos. Alright, so now,
literally, that’s as simple as my questions get. We’re gonna come over and address some of the questions here. First, I want to kind of
take everybody through what we do for an AMS ad or
now Amazon Advertising ad in the U.K. So is it cool that we start
to transition over there? – Let’s do it!
– Alright, so, lemme go ahead, it’s gonna take just a
second for me to transition through of a window and There we go, we’re gonna
minimize this puppy on down and there we go. So I’m already in my AMS
dashboard over here in U.K. Can you see this okay, buddy, or nope, you’re still looking
at my face aren’t you? – No I, yeah. (laughing) – He’s like, I can’t see anything, Dale. (laughing) Let’s do this, alright,
now can you see this? – Yes.
– Wonderful, excellent (laughs) so you can see, alright. Full disclosure, I’m gonna tell everybody, I stopped ads a long time ago. Marco, why did I stop the
ads, I’ve told you, right? – Right, yes, it’s just cause
there’s a lot of tracking, you have to pay attention to it. – What, I can’t just passively
let it sit there? (laughs) – No, you can’t, unfortunately but a new strategy that I’m gonna teach will give some passiveness to that. – Nice. – So, I’m excited for that, yeah. – Okay, so, you’ve already
loaded me up with a little bit of things so can you walk me through this? I wanna run a campaign on my
stretch workout plan book. – Okay, so the first step once
you log into the dashboard, is we’re gonna go to create campaign – Okay. And it’s getting ready to process here, all right, very good, next step, buddy. – Alright so we’re gonna continue with the sponsored products. – Love me some sponsored
product, man, that’s my favorite. – Oh yeah, that’s my
favorite too. (laughs) So campaign name, I have a
naming convention that I follow which usually is like
a book, the book title, (computer keys typing) To dash and then I split
my research into phases. So this would be like research one, this would be the first
research ad that we’re creating. – Okay.
– So it’d be RS1. – Oops. – Oh, sorry.
– Nope, nope, I’m typing wrong here. (laughs) Okay. – And then generally the date,
– Okay. I would just have it there. – Alright.
– That’s my preference. – Alright.
– There we go. So for start and end date, I
generally don’t put an end date unless I’m testing something specific or if I want it to start as
soon as the book goes live or something like that
– Okay. – Then I would mess with the dates, otherwise, I don’t bother. – Okay. – For daily budget, I recommend
a minimum of at least $5. – $5, you know what,
I’ve got a little more discretionary expenses, is it okay that I go 50 pounds on this one? – Let’s do it, oh yeah, this
is pounds, sorry. (laughs) Nice, alright, so we’re gonna
– Okay. For this ad, we’re gonna
go with manual targeting. – What, I’m not gonna do automatic, why am I not gonna do automatic, man? (laughing) – I don’t know how well
it’s gonna do, you know? – Okay. (laughing) So we’re left at the mercy of them deciding what’s gonna be our keys words. It’s better that we select them ourself. Alright, so you’ve sent me
ahead of time some keywords. Tell me, how did you get this? – So I, for this, I
actually used KDP Rocket. – Okay. – And I was able to collect, I think you have about
1500 keywords there. – Oh, sweet! We don’t really need all 1500 do we? – No, just the, just 1000,
we can only enter 1000, that’s the max
– Okay. – For a single ad, but yeah
that was the tool that I used. I also use it in conjunction
with Google Keyword Planner. – Oh, okay, one of my favorites. – Yeah.
– Okay, so I can just hit copy on this correct? – Right. – And then…
– And then, actually, the first thing we’re gonna
have to do is find your book. – Oh yes, that’s correct. So we wanna make sure that we go over into All Amazon Products, correct? – Correct.
– And then I’ll just type in the stretch workout plan and it should be able
to pull that product up. – Nice.
– Okay so – So. – Go ahead. – I like to, generally, I
like to send all my traffic to paperback, the paperback
version version of the book just ’cause that’s where I
make the biggest royalty. – Yeah. – But I’ve noticed, now I’ve
noticed this awhile back, I don’t know if they’ve fixed this yet – Yeah.
– ‘Cause I still noticed it recently where if you
only do a paperback book, your ad might not actually take off and you might not get impressions. So, recently what I’ve been doing is I’ve been adding both
paperback and Kindle. – Nice, so it’s a good idea to add that. But what, I can’t tell
you how excited I would be if they finally opened
audiobook for crying outloud. – Yeah. – That’dbe so nice wouldn’t it? – And they may, they may, let’s hope. – I hope so too man. Alright, so we’re scrolling down here, and I’m into the default
– Alright. keyword bid and I know
you’ve got a little bit of a strategy on that,
can you speak on it? – So, I like to start low bid ’cause here’s the thing,
we just collected, or I just sent you 1500 keywords. I have no idea how these
keywords are gonna perform. – Okay. – And what I’m trying to find is keywords that cost very little that
can drive a lot of traffic in sales for me. So that’s the initial strategy
here with the research app. – Okay. – So what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna start with a lower bid. Let’s start at the high
end of the lower bid and let’s go with 50 cent, pounds, however that’s pronounced. – Pence, I think, Mark Brown
let’s correct me if I’m wrong. I know Mark’s in the house, so. (laughs) (laughing) Alright, so, next thing is.
– And we’re gonna… The bid plus. – The bid plus, okay, so,
what’s the deal on that one? – I actually don’t use this
– Really? – I haven’t found a need to use it. – Should I leave it off? – I always recommend
people test things right? Testing, that’s how I discover things and figure out what works for my books. – Okay.
– So I, I always encourage testing. (mumbles) – I’m gonna try it, I’m
okay with spending 50% more if that means that I win the bid. Alright, so.
– Nice. – I need to go into, I
don’t wanna use adjusted kinda as you had mentioned,
it’s kinda, you know, we’re leaving our business in their hands. So I’m gonna enter keywords, correct? – Right.
– Alright. Should I leave the match type at broad or do I want to select phrase or exact? – You want to leave it at broad ’cause right now, again, we don’t know how these keywords are gonna work so we want to get the
biggest audience that we can. – Okay, so I’m gonna get ready, I’m gonna paste these in here,
we’re gonna add the keywords. Give it just a couple of seconds, we might get a little bit of a lag since you and I are eating up a little bit of the bandwidth here on my end. – No problem. And now they did, there’s
like this new thing now where it will recommend
or it’ll suggest a bid based on the keyword. – Yeah, yeah, that came
out like shortly after, well, actually, the whole
dash had come out, right, shortly after you had released this course and I thought it was kinda cool. So should I leave the bids as is? – So, I leave this up to
whoever is creating their, their campaign. – Mm hmm. – But you can, for specific keywords that you think will work
really well for your book, you can. Otherwise, in most cases, I don’t. I just leave it.
– Yeah. Since we’re just kinda testing things out, I don’t wanna go buck wild and go – Right.
– Sink 30 pence on something. So, by the way, Mark
Brown just did confirm it is pence. So, thank you Mark, he’s my British go-to. Alright, so, it looks like
we’re at 999 keywords. My OCD is gonna the better of me, I might go over to the spreadsheet but we’re just gonna, just,
we’ll stick with 1000. – You can throw one more. – Throw one more?
(laughing) Look, it’s gonna get the
best of you too, wasn’t it? Alright, we’re gonna go ahead
and we’re gonna copy that and we’re gonna go back over and we’ll just drop this
right on into there. Add keywords. Alright, here we go,
1000, there we go, baby! Now we’re cooking on the front burner. Okay, negative keywords,
tell me a little bit about negative keywords, is
it something that is essential and how does it function? – This is more advanced,
this requires you to know, pretty much, what your
customer is searching for. – Yeah. – And where your cust, and
what you, your customer is not looking for is not
looking for in a sense because what a negative keyword does is, if that keyword, regardless
of the search term or regardless of which
keywords you have listed, – Yeah. – If the negative keyword is contained within the search term, then your ad will not show up for it. So this is a more advanced level and it requires more data
for you to even touch. – Yeah.
– So, at this phase, just leave it. – So, as an example, let’s
say I don’t want anybody that’s looking for freebies, I can always put, like, say free in there so that way if somebody looks up, say, the workout plan kit free,
that’s going to, you know, pull those searchers out of the equation and I don’t have to pay
for that keyword then. – Exactly. – Nice.
– Exactly. – Yeah, see, I got a little
bit of the Google experience so hopefully I explained it
in a good and articulate way. Alright so, at this point, I just hit launch campaign, right? – Yep. – Oh my gosh, I’m nervous
man, hold my hand. Hold my hand, here we go, – I’m actually holding it.
– Launch campaign. – (laughs) Yes, virtually
holding my hand, there we go. And, at this point, it’s
gonna go ahead and upload and so it’s still processing. I think we can go stop the screen share and we can come back over here to our interview portion here. We get the pretty little
surrounding stuff. So, man, that was dead simple. How soon can I see this ad up and running? – Usually within 24 hours. – Dang, yeah, see, I love it and I’ve noticed this sometimes too, like, I’ve had it within an
hour or two that I’ve noticed. I’m like, oh my gosh, it’s
already getting impressions. – Yeah, especially in the U.K. Like, U.K.’s been like (snaps fingers) picking up their game, man. – Sorry about that, so
the, what I noticed as well and am I mistaken in
saying this that I noticed sales are a lot faster in reporting. So when I see the ACOS in the sales, the estimated sales, it’s (snaps fingers) it’s almost like right
away as opposed to, like, that three-day delay that
we get stateside here. – Yeah, and I’m hoping that when the U.S. does get that big update, I’m
hoping that’s the case too with the sales updating. I hope it’s a lot more faster
just like it is in the U.K. And in Canada. – Yeah. – ‘Cause that’s a big one, right? ‘Cause you can have,
your ad can be working and your sales could be
going up but then, like, statistically, it looks like it’s not and you’re just spending money and then if you’re not paying attention, you’re gonna go stop that ad but then a couple of days later, it updates and you’re like,
oh my god, it’s actually, it drove sales. (laughs) – How many people can an attest to this ’cause I’m gonna tell you this, Marco, it was like literally, have
you been spying on me man because I’ve had so many ads
that do that where, like, I’m like I pause it or I
terminate it because I’m like, oh my gosh, I’m spending too much money, and all of a sudden
estimated sales goes up to like the hundreds and I’m
going, oh no, oh, oh no.’ (laughs) and, of course, when
you pause or terminate an ad, obviously you lose a little
bit of that juice that you had in a specific ad. – Yep, yep, absolutely. – Alrighty, so we’ve got a lot of – (mumbling) Oh I’m sorry, no. – No, no, go ahead, go ahead. – I was just gonna say,
that’s something that I’ve warned everybody about. Just make sure you’re paying attention when you’re doing that, yeah. – Yeah, yeah, it’s, oh
gosh, I get so impatient, that’s why I love the U.K. ads. I’ve yet to break ground over in Canada but, kinda as I’ve mentioned to you, it’s, it’s been about weeks since I’ve run an ad but I, I promise,
– Right. – I promise, Marco, after we get off here, I’ll start running some more ads, I will pay attention to them, and I can’t wait to see the update. Before we go jump into
the questions and answers, folks, if you want to get
a look at Marco’s course, the AMS Ads Profit
Formula, the name changing here pretty soon, you want to head over to SelfPublishingWithDale.com/amscourse Yeah, I haven’t changed my pretty link but if you head over to SelfPublishingWithDale.com/amscourse, you’ll get full details about it. Is, I know, I was just talking to you and there is a sense of scarcity
in us offering this course, am I correct in saying that? – There is, there, well, I’ve recently, I don’t know if your audience is aware, but I’ve recently upped the price. – Okay. – Just because of the
feedback I’ve been getting. When I was in Cancun for the Mastermind, I actually had some of my
students tell me that, you know, after two months of taking my course, they increased their income by three grand and I was like, ‘Wow.’
– Yeah. (laughs) So, you know, I had that
pressure, like, you know, I had something. When I originally, when I
originally launched this, I wasn’t, I was like, maybe I got lucky, you know what I mean? It’s just something
that we have internally that we have to deal with. – Yeah. – Where we can gripe, but
then as soon as I started seeing students I guess,
success, I was like, amazing, like I couldn’t be more happy for anybody. – Yeah. – So it was, yeah, it
was nice to hear that. – Okay, so, and I, I can’t
remember what I gave you for my testimonial that
it was like a 300% ROI, it was ridiculous, but,
instead of me going on and on about this, let’s hit these
questions inside the chat. I’m just gonna kinda scroll through and if you guys want to get my attention, you can always put
#question and, by the way, if you happen to be new to
this channel, do me a favor. I’m gonna give you a little shout out if you just put #new if
you’re new here put #new. Marco, you don’t count, you don’t need to put that in the chat.
(laughing) You’re not new, I’m not buying it. So I’m just gonna scroll
back just a little bit, we had such a great chat going
on before we went on the air. It’s amazing that I got
everything, you know, ready in such a record time. Get out your notebooks,
a lot of people are ready to kinda get, hello Marco, a
lot of people, okay here we go. We’re gonna start out with my, my boy, and longtime supporter of
the channel, Kevin McGwire. Hopefully Kevin’s still
awake in the Ukraine. His question is, are the ad
costs going up across the board or am I just picking the expensive niches? – I would say, in the U.S. it might be, and if you notice Amazon’s
update, their actual default build, bid, is a lot higher. Originally, it was 25
cents, now it’s 75 cents but, let me just tell
you, it doesn’t mean you should be bidding that high
and if you still follow the low bid strategy, you’ll do very well because I’ve just created a
whole bunch of new ads in there. They’re killing it. So there are gonna be niches that are a lot more competitive than others especially if you’re in like a weight-loss niche or self-help. Those are very general, right,
but, for the most part, no. You can still stick to
the low bid strategy and get amazing results. – Excellent, excellent, it’s good to know that we don’t have to, you
know, part ways with a ton of money in order to get a
good, effective, ad going for our books. So, yeah, it’s something you
really share inside the course and that’s one of the reasons why you, I learned from you that don’t
just start throwing money and letting everything run passively. Mark actually brings up a
point, he’s from across the pond over there in the U.K.
and Mark actually says, I don’t like the graphs
on the U.K. interface, don’t want them there he said, exclamation point by the way. What do you think about those new graphs and, of course, we all saw that, right, as I opened up my dashboard. – Yeah. I, initially, when I first saw them, I kinda had the same reaction, I was like, I’m not too sure.
– Yeah. – But it’s kind of grown on
me and I do like to see them. There’s a way to disable it, it’s just by, don’t highlight anything at the top, you’ll never get a graph again. So. – Oh, thank you for that
ninja tactic right there, I’m so glad I said something. That’s why you’re the expert, man, that’s why I brought you here.
(laughing) I learn something new from
you every single time. Probably a super rookie question, the tricky itch says, I’m
wondering if marketing is affected by Create Space issued ISBN
versus providing your own, does that make sense? – Personally, like, I
don’t see how it would. – Yeah. – I really don’t. – The imprint won’t make a difference because it’s still a product nonetheless. – Right, it shouldn’t, it shouldn’t. – Yeah that tricky itch, I
wouldn’t say that that’s a, you know, terrible question
or anything like that or a rookie question, that’s actually, I never thought about that, yeah, it’s a. – Yeah, neither have I. (laughs) – Oh man, Kevin actually
expanded just a little bit more, recommended for me are
going higher and higher, 70 cents now. Good lord, are you in the
fitness niche? (laughs) (laughing) Those can be pretty.
– Remember just ’cause, Just ’cause Amazon recommends it, doesn’t mean you should just jump to it. Like, test first, try it
off, go with the lower bid, and then go from there. – Okay, excellent, I see a few #news, Johnathan Gunsen it’s
good to see you in here. Shannon Floggs, what’s happening, Shannon, it’s good to see you, I got to meet her at
Video Marketing World. Darkest day, thanks for joining. First to live chat, Mike, Michael Devlin, I’m glad you popped in here. If I missed anybody else that said #new, it’s awesome to have you here. Steven Martin asks, how
do you get on AMS U.K. Or now it’s being called AA U.K. (laughs) (laughing) – So you actually go to
advantage.amazon.co.uk You’re gonna go there
and you’re gonna apply for an Advantage account. – Okay.
– Okay, keep in mind, when you apply for the Advantage account, you’re not necessarily
entering the Advantage program. So you’re not gonna pay the
yearly subscription fee. – All you wanna do is
– Oh, brilliant. All you wanna do is actually
have an account in the platform so you don’t need the program. And as soon as you have an account, you can actually use that account to log into advertising.amazon.co.uk – Okay. – So you can use that same account to log into the U.K. platform and then start putting up some ads. – Dude, you just made a game-changer for a lot of people right there. (laughs) – Nice.
– Marco, is just dropping some serious 411, if you guys agree, he’s dropping some serious
411, see I wasn’t aware. I literally just opened the account and I’m sorry, I blazed
through your course and I didn’t notice that
it didn’t costa dime and I guess it makes sense
since I haven’t had to pay for anything other than the ads. – Yeah.
– I can’t get any account on AMS is what Rose Rose said. Do you have any kind of insights on that, that why Rose Rose
might not be able to get an AMS account? – Like even in the U.S.? – Yeah, it sounds to me,
yeah, it’d be awesome, Rose Rose if you happen
to be getting this, and if you can kind of
explain just a little bit what the hang up is, we were definitely, both of us are curious
maybe it’s because you’re outside certain regions that
are just not able to access it but it seems to me that you have students that are outside of the U.S. that haven’t been able to access this – Absolutely, yeah. – Okay. – Well, she can do, sorry
I’m assuming she’s a female. – Me too. (laughs) – What she can do is in
her KDP, once she logs in, beside her book she can
hit promote and advertise. Through there she can
actually link up to AMS. She should be able to get into, like, I don’t see why she wouldn’t
if she had a KDP account. – Okay, so Rose actually explained, from KDP when I click
promote and advertise, I get redirected to a 404 not found page and, for a week, Amazon can’t fix it. I’m based between London and Paris, I tried U.K., doesn’t work too, any idea? Wow, I, to me, I’m sorry to
speak over you on this one, Marco, is you’re gonna
probably want to communicate with the folks over at
Amazon and let them know because there’s, there’s some,
maybe they’re experimenting and doing a split test and
you just happen to be that 1% that got split-tested on. – Yeah, that could be the case. What happened to me one time
actually is when I was applying for the Canadian Amazon Advertising, because I used the same brand
name as my U.S. and my U.K. It kinda glitched my account and I had to create a whole new account
to even get access. So maybe something similar happened? I don’t, like, obviously it’s different, there’s no brand names
or anything like that but it could be a similar situation. Another thing she, you
can test is just go to directly to advertising.amazon.com
and log in directly from there and see if that, that works. – Wonderful.
– That’s another option. – Excellent, thank you
very much for the insight and, I can say from
personal experience that, that they’re, they are very responsive. I’ve never had an issue and, in fact, actually, this is a little bit of a tip and I’m not sure if you’re
aware of this, Marco, in the event that you find
some discrepancy or issues within your reporting on AMS dashboards and you share that with them, they actually will give you a credit. One time I pointed out like a discrepancy – Oh, wow. – And they gave me a $25 credit, I was super happy about that. – Nice! – So, but you’ve gotta
(mumbling) you gotta mind it like a hawk, though. You know, you gotta like, wait, hang on, you just charged me $30 more
than what you were supposed to and, like, literally like
they are so, so, so cool, very, very responsive. Michael Devlin says, a little off-topic but AMS says that the campaign metrics take 14 days to show,
I have 56 link clicks for a paperback of mine over
the course of about six days, does it really take 14? – I’ve never seen that.
– Hmm. – I know it could, it
could take up to three, I’ve never seen the 14 days,
could it be account specific? I’ve, I’ve actually never
seen it say that so I’m not. – He expresses and he, he
expands a little bit more. I mean, I can’t see any sales
on my reports yet either. Ooh, hmm. – Okay, this is where I
recommend to check your dashboard to see if, on average,
your sales have gone up since you started that ad. Just so you know, right,
’cause you’re not, you don’t want to just be spending money, but, yeah, I’ve never, I’ve never heard of 14 days, three days is generally the max. – Yeah.
– That I’ve seen. – Yeah, I’ve never seen
too, too much of a delay beyond that but that’s just
my personal experience. Chat is lit up right now, anybody excited about the information, please
drop me and spam the chat with some emojis if you’re
excited about some of this stuff. I know I’m pumped up, dude,
we are at peak viewers. 47 viewers, Marco, you just
beat your own record man – That’s amazing, I love that. – That’s good, yeah, (mumbles) I said man, let’s see about shattering
some records today. Alright I’m gonna keep scrolling down. Please forgive me if I
skip over your question, there’s a lot of chats
and I want to make sure we get to this. You’re getting a lot of praise, buddy. This is so interesting, Shannon says, I hope to learn more about
this watching your videos. Oh, well thank you and,
hopefully, this guy, let me point out to the
other direction, there we go, this guy will eventually
get his YouTube channel up and going, man.
– Yes. – His videos are
– I’m working on that. – Yeah, you did really good in the course and I think that you,
you’ve, obviously people can see that you’re an articulate fella and I think that you’re gonna be dropping some serious 411
here in the author community. Bionic vapor, good to see
you in the house, buddy, I’m glad you joined us. Scrolling on down, here we go,
we got some more questions. Whoa, I just, which ad should I run, product or the other
option offered in Amazon, official poetic asks. – Sponsored products is
like the cookie cutter ad, it’s the ad that you
wanna, like, run every time for every book. It used to be that fiction
was really good with, (mumbles) k, sorry, lemme
rephrase, product display ads used to be a lot better for fiction as opposed to non-fiction.
– Okay. – But now with the changes,
it does really well for both. So, at this point, either ad is good. Of course sponsored brands,
you can only really run it if you have multiple
books in the same niche because you need a minimum of three books and you don’t want to have the three books in different niches, it
doesn’t make sense, right? So, but definitely sponsored product ads, that should be your go-to ad every time. – Okay, awesome, by which by the way, official poetic is new here, this is Gary, just published a poetry book called Poetic Visions Beyond Expressions. So, thank you official poetic, Gary, I appreciate you popping in today’s chat. Let’s see here, scrolling on up, hey, loving the thumbs up everybody, that’s really sweet of you. Steven Martin says, thanks Marco. You had answered his question earlier, he gave you some hashtag,
or you know hashtag, he gave you some fire
emojis that are rockets – Nice.
– So he’s ready to take off. Okay so the lady writes,
good friend, Katrina, she’s a longtime
supporter of this channel, made sure to like, maybe
a few others will join the like button party. Hey, I’ve already, I joined
the like button party. Yeah, I like my own videos. (laughing)
You wanna fight? (laughs) Sholana says, of New Book Creations, Sholana it’s good to see you, we’ve been hanging out all day. I’m fairly new to Amazon ads and U.S. base but I have the new
interface with the graph, it was updated about a month ago. I didn’t know we can even
run U.K. ads, thank you. So there’s kuddos for you, Marco. – Nice. So, hold on, lemme back track one sec, – Yes sir. – Did she say that in the
U.S. she has a new interface? – Yeah she said she has the new interface. – Nice.
– Uh oh, look at that. Marco, you just like
lit him up, he’s like, – Yeah.
– We got the new ads, yeah. So if, if we’re seeing that graph there that’s a good thing Solana, so if you have that, oh yeah! Rose rose says thank you guys. Simple Publishing University, my boy, Nigel Windgate, in the house. More fire emojis, more
rockets, doing some cartwheels. Alright, here we go, Michael Devlin, yeah it just seems like the
56 link clicks with no sales like what? Yeah, we’re confused as
you are at this point. That’s kind of a weird glitch. Reach out to support
and see what’s the deal. Johnathon Gunsen says this, question: assume I can rewatch this,
yes, you can rewatch this. I’m gonna actually
leave this up for replay and I anticipate that some
of you may have to come back and just kinda go through the tutorial that we just did with the AMS ads. So, at this point, boy,
we’ve run dry on questions and concerns and comments. So let’s go, lemme
start to wrap things up. It’s really, really awesome and if there’s any last minute questions, please fire them off ’cause
as soon as he’s gone, I don’t know when I’ll bring him back. So, I wanna kinda go
back to the well again. Marco, you’ve got the AMS Ads
Profit Formula still available and we can find that information over at SelfPublishingWithDale.com/amscourse Can you give me just a brief description of what people can anticipate and we’ll send them on over
towards that direction. – Yes, so, essentially,
it’s gonna take you through the fundamentals,
the core concepts, everything you need to know to really get your books to take off using the ad platform. We dive deep into advanced strategies. So, you can, you’re gonna
have a full grasp of that. You, you’re not gonna, there’s
not gonna be a question that you’re not gonna have an answer to. You’re not gonna know, you’re gonna know how to move forward with every book and the best part is that
the strategies that I teach are super simple and it’s
quick (snaps fingers), right? You get into, you get into the course, you can literally start
creating you ad right away. It’s, it’s and the best
part too is with ads, the results can start showing
up tomorrow or the day after. Like, it’s really fast
and it’s fascinating, so. – Yeah. – I just want to say one thing, I do have a discount
for 50% off right now. It’s gonna, I think it’s
gonna end tonight at midnight. So if you do go to the site,
it’s just 24 hour discount. Like, that’s literally
what the discount code is. – Okay. – So, if anybody wants
to use that, it’s there. It’s for 50% off. – So, all one word, with the number two, four, hour discount. So, remember that folks, you’ve
got till midnight tonight and so we hate to be the guys of scarcity. I, by the way, I begged Marco. I was like, please hold
it open for my folks and, so, he’s actually
being really, really kind to kinda do this and, here’s the thing, you know, I’ve already said
I’ve had some great results. You know, you mentioned
and maybe some people might’ve missed this. You had a lady that had made $3,000 using some of these practices over her first couple of
month of implementing it? – Yeah, it was amazing. – That is insane, so the, you’re gonna see a really
good return on investment. Love a lot of this, anybody wants to get more details about my
actual, candid thoughts about the AMS Ads Profit Formula or whatever it’s gonna
be called here soon. – Yeah. (laughs) – Go down into the description down below, you’ll actual see a full review video. I can’t say enough great things about it. So, Marco, hey man, I really appreciate you taking a little bit
of time out of your day, and, ooh, wait a second, we got one more. You got time for one more? – I got time man.
– Everybody getting ready to click away so. Johnathan Gunsen says
this, Amazon constantly changes things up, assume
that AMS Ads Formula is regularly updated, so. – 100% yes, yes, I actually
did a couple of updates I think it was last
week, yeah, prior to me leaving to Cancun, so yes. And then I got another
one coming up, hopefully, I’m aiming for next week, so. – Yeah you, and the other thing is too is, and if anybody does purchase this course, go into his Facebook group because there’s even more excellent value, like, your students are very, very, it’s a great sense of community
and it’s very positive, it’s uplifting and, every now and then, I hear some excellent
ideas I’m able to implement into my own ads. – Yes.
– So, yeah, please take advantage of that.
– I’m very grateful for that because, like, it’s not
only me that does that but it’s the students that come in that help build that community, right? – Yeah, good, good stuff. Question: do you use the same strategies for both non-fiction and fiction? – Yes, yes. – Excellent, that was a
simple answer, yep. (laughs) (laughing) Yeah, it’s so dead simple on U.K. ’cause, if anybody watched
our previous interview, you actually had to do ad copy and we had to plug that in there, whereas U.K., we don’t have to it’s just literally here’s the book. – Right, right right,
and, with the new update, you actually don’t have to
do it anymore in the U.S. So for those who don’t want to do ad copy, there you go, you have an option. You can choose.
– I didn’t know this and now that you’ve told
me this, I’m actually, I’m reignited, I’m excited about this. As we start to get disconnected, Marco, how can people get ahold of you? – You can, you know, I’m on Instagram, I’m on, I’m always on Facebook, you can always find me on Facebook. You can reach me UrbanWriters.com
place you can find me, and you can also find me
at the AMS Profit Formula, I’m gonna have a new domain for that soon so I don’t know what it is yet but yeah, that’s, I have to work on that. Give, give us some
ideas, folks, if you can, you’re watching this on the replay or if you’re in the live chat, let’s hear some ideas. Mine was Book Ads Profit Formula but let’s see if anybody else
– I love that. – Has got something saucy. So, alright, well, hey, in the meantime, if you guys enjoyed this
video and this interview and you enjoyed Marco’s content, give that thumbs up right there. You see that sign? That sign isn’t there just for looks although it is pretty
cool to have that there. In the meantime and in the between time, until later, this has been
Self Publishing With Dale and my special guest, Marco Moutinho and we will see you later. (steady rock music)

15 thoughts on “Amazon Marketing Services’ New Name – Amazon Advertising (2018) Live Replay

  1. Thanks to both of you, Dale and Marco for taking on my unusual question! To elaborate a bit more, this is my first manual ad (which seems to work, though there is no acos figure yet but I have over 200k impressions and 56 clicks as of this comment) and also just released my first paperback. So, of course, the graph was blank and I've been checking it a few times a day, but as an experiment I purchased my own book at retail to see how long it would take to show up on the reports section. It took 5 days, from sep 5th placing the order to the 10th. I started to get my first link clicks from the ad the following day after my own order. I'm getting a little nervous, I hope I can see the figures soon…56 link clicks with no sales sounds extremely odd. I'm pretty sure I have some great keywords! If the sales reports are delayed, I will post another comment here, just so if you haven't seen this kind of slow reaction from amazon, or if any of your other subscribers haven't, I can at least say I've been there. If I see nothing at all in the near future, should I contact amazon to see if there is something wrong? If you see this comment and have any additional insight, well, thanks in advance! Looking forward to more videos!!!

  2. So I'm wondering, If you use Amazon Ads U.S., do you have to go to Amazon/uk or the others to use their ads too. Or would you uk…ect in the U.S. amazon ads? Thanks for all the info, Dale.

  3. My AMS bill just tripled! IT had been $8-$11 per month, and this month it was $36. That caused my PayPal e-check to bounce, with a $35 NSF fee! I wonder if the new system has anything to do with that. I had assumed that it was because I added a ton of new keywords from The Rocket….

  4. My acos is also getting much higher–about 30% now, and it was always much lower. I have seen an uptick in sales, however, in the last month…. My CS royalties are already at over $20 for September….

  5. I like the new interface, though I am still yet to try some of the stuff. Like, negative keywords and the no ad copy ads. Not sure the negative KW thing would be very helpful, at least not for fiction. Still, more options are good.

  6. Hi Dale and Marco. I live in the UK. I have AMS worked out in the UK but I'd like to know if there is a way to advertise my fiction book on USA Amazon without going through KDP? I would also like to know if it's possible to advertise books on other Amazon sites, for example, the Australia version, Canada or even other versions of Amazon across the globe? I'd appreciate any help or advice. I'm fairly new to the self-publishing world.

  7. Hi Dale, me again from the UK. Now I know you and Marco use the UK sponsored products. I have recently sold 4 ebooks and 2 paperbacks and ams have taken payment for the clicks as expected. What I am having trouble working out is why the sales don't show up on my KDP sales reports and how I get paid for these? I asked ams and they said I get paid once I deliver the shipment to their fulfillment center. As far as I know, Amazon KDP will be doing this because obviously, the buyer clicked onto that product page. Does it just take longer for the system to update going through ams sponsored products? I am so confused.

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