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Amazon Advertising – Top Takeaways from 2018, Updates for 2019

Amazon Advertising – Top Takeaways from 2018, Updates for 2019

(upbeat music) – Amazon has made significant updates to their UI, their API,
their advertising network, as well as their analytics tool. Hi, I’m Samantha Cunningham Zawilinski and this week on Hard
Facts, we’re going to get into all of the updates from 2018 and things to look our for in 2019 for advertising strategy on Amazon. Our goal as advertisers have always been to identify the most
beneficial advertising channels to invest our dollars on, as well as to see where we’re getting the best ROI and purchases of our products or services. And Amazon is working to move more and more to providing this information to its advertisers, and
a new metric I am excited about is the new-to-brand metric, that will tell us more about this. The new-to-brand metric tells
us if a purchase is made by an existing customer or a new customer from the last 12 months,
and this is across the video display and sponsored ads. This will allow us to see
where our advertising dollars are being spent, what kind
of customers we’re acquiring, and what ads are best working for us. A metric that none of us
would complain about knowing a little bit more about when comes to our Amazon advertising dollars. Here’s an example of how Amazon
is communicating it works in this graphic here,
here you’ll see how Amazon is identifying the purchase path. And then the goal of making sure, we’re optimizing our advertising
dollars for the best ROI. A couple of the great metrics
that the new-to-brand is going to provide, is new-to-brand
purchase and sale information, purchase rate, and cost per purchase. This is going to give you
some additional information on how much you’re making on your product verse how much it’s
costing you to sell it. Now, when we talk about the
biggest changes that happened in 2018, they happened in the UI and the API of Amazon,
but first let’s talk about those changes that happened in the UI. Have you ever been doing
research on YouTube for a product or a service
and been served a video that you didn’t realize
until four minutes later, that you were actually watching a ad? That’s an example of a
great video pre-roll. And, here at Potratz, we
offer those services, as well. If you go to YouTube and
you’re doing research, just like your customers
are, but you’re not running any video ads, you’re missing
out on a huge opportunity to drive interest and
traffic to your product. If you’ve got questions on video pre-roll or types of pre-roll that you
could use for your business, give us a call or shoot us an email with the information on screen. We’d love to have a
one-on-one conversation about how pre-roll can help you grow. (funky upbeat music) Amazon added more inventory for sponsored brand search results. Instead of just occupying
the top slot on desktop, you’ll see it in the left hand rail and on mobile, you’ll see it
every thirteenth placement. Amazon has made this change
because when we’re thinking about the different types
of ad placements available on the platform, sponsored
brands receive a higher click through rate than sponsored
product or product display ads. This is a great opportunity
if you’re investing in Amazon advertising, but
one thing we can expect to see happen the more
advertising that happens within the platform, is a
organic opportunity decrease. So, in order to have
your product rank highly on organic search results,
you need to make sure you’re doing more than
just having a great product and a great title, it really comes down to how your merchandising your product and how you’re gaining viewership on it. So, what I mean here is you
must have great product photos, a great title and description. So, actually really
merchandising that product when comes it comes to
the seller information. So, making sure you have everything from dimensions, to
details, to color options, integrating photos and reviews, and making sure you have a
photo and review strategy to make sure you are increasing
that organic value your post and business can provide to
your potential customers. When we take a look at the API
and UI changes that happened over the last year, there have been some great new improvements, allowing
you to manage your budget on a portfolio level than
just an account level. Also, being able to
create different filters and date ranges to make your sorting and review of data even
easier, as well as some of the management
automation and bulk updates that have taken place, allowing
you to syndicate changes and updates more easily as an advertiser. These are just a few of
the changes that Amazon has made over the last year to make their platform more advertiser centric. These changes will continue to evolve and make the platform more competitive and more costly as the months progress. But make sure you’re continually checking for updates to make sure
your advertising dollars are getting you the best ROI possible. If you’ve got questions or are jumping in your Amazon advertiser account and don’t know where to start, feel free to comment below, shoot me a DM, or give us a call at the number on screen, and I’d be happy to spend a little time one-on-one and walking you through on how your Amazon dollars
can get you even farther. (upbeat music)

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