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Amazing Stuff I Saw On Instagram Ads – Tried and Tested: EP160

Amazing Stuff I Saw On Instagram Ads – Tried and Tested: EP160

Hello Girlfriends and welcome to another episode of Tried and Tested! I’m sure as you’re scrolling through Instagram you’ll see a lot of ads on there. So we thought it’ll be interesting to try some of the products that we’ve been seeing on my Instagram feed! Now the videos always look so good, I wonder how amazing they really are. This is supposed to be like an eyebrow extension. It’s basically like fibres. It helps to give you that very bushy, full eyebrow look, which is very hard to achieve with just make up. So addition of fibres can be very helpful. However, after looking at all the instructions and the numerous typos, I’m getting a little bit worried. I’m really quite scared that my eyebrows will come off with it. On top, you have a brush and inside, looks like this! Ooh, that really looks like hair! Eww, this looks a bit gross. That smells really bad! It’s a mixture of glue and a Chinese medicine shop. But that looks quite real I guess, although I feel like they would need to be in the same direction. I’m assuming that this is supposed to be a template? Oh I thought it’s a bit small but actually it’s quite perfect! Take out some drain hair. Whoa. Ok people, that really looks like hair. This looks so good! We were looking at it, going like where are the fibres? We don’t know where the real hair starts and where the fake hair begins, it’s crazy! It looks even better than brow embroidery, it looks better than a well drawn brow, it just looks like I have very nice hairy eyebrows. With a drawn brow you can see where the colour is, you can see the colour on the skin. Even if you use liquid eyebrow thing to draw the individual hairs, I think you’d still be able to see the hair on skin because you don’t get that 3D effect whereas with this, it’s completely 3D. It’s like I grew a whole bunch of eyebrow hair. Actually once the glue dries right, that thing sets. So now we come to the part where I’m actually very sad about. The glue smells really funky. That is scaring me a little bit because the type of glue that you use on your face and around your eyes needs to be gentle. I don’t have any assurance that this glue is safe (enough) to be putting it on my face on a long term basis. Even though I feel that I would absolutely love to because this looks amazing. Out of all the brow products I’ve ever tried in my life, this is the most realistic and the most amazing looking eyebrow I have ever gotten from any eyebrow products, so I’m really bummed that the glue smells so weird. What if I get an allergic reaction and then all my eyebrow hair falls off? Which I’m telling you, with funky glue, you never know ok! For the end effect, This is just phenomenal/10. But then in terms of whether or not I’ll actually use it, that glue is just a bit scary for me, so I would stay away from that. So I would give that a 2. I’m open to being told that that is safe. Actually I really want to be told that that is safe because, truly, best eyebrow product that I’ve ever seen in my life. Please, someone tell me that that glue is ok to use. I will be so happy! If anybody has any information about this product, and it’s maybe worked out well for you in the long term, I would love to hear it because that will make me so happy. But I need to trust my gut, I need to trust myself. If it smells funny, I will not use it in the long term. But it’s so good! This is the Bodyluv addiction pillow and I’ve seen it so many times. In the video, it’s actually of this lady, she’s got one of these, a try of eggs, and another one on top, and she’s just stepping all over it, and the eggs don’t crack! So I guess that it’s supposed to show that it’s super soft but yet can still withstand pressure and impact. Apparently this pillow is supposed to be very comfortable and addictive, so we’re going to try it to see just how comfortable this is. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t feel like a sleeping pillow. It’s a bit weird. You know how there were like 3 lumps? Now I can feel very clearly that I am on the second lump. Wait ah, let me simulate sleep. I feel as though I must be using it wrong. Because the video is like, wow! This must be amazing, but how come I really don’t like it? I will give it a 1, because it feels like a suped up travel pillow. Doesn’t feel like it is meant for night use. I can also hear the beads moving a bit. But it’s not bad though, it’s quite soft. This is really quite difficult to tell, so I’m going to try this for the next week? And give a rating then. Morning! So it’s my first day using the pillow, and it is actually not too bad! Funny thing is that I woke up on this side of the pillow, not like, the center. This side actually feels alright. Morning. So it’s the second day using the pillow and I’m really not feeling it. Like my neck and my shoulders hurt. I don’t know, but it’s uncomfortable, supremely uncomfortable. Morning. So erm, I woke up like this. I am not a huge fan of this pillow. I don’t feel like it gives any meaningful support. Maybe it’s something that I will consider bringing on a plane or to set but as a support pillow? I don’t think that it really hits the mark for me. So, yah. I think a 1. This is the TLM colour changing foundation and this has been all over my feed, like aalllll over. And it looked quite exciting and promising. They have people of many different skin colours trying this out. So it goes on white, and then they’re blending it, and then wah!! Whoa!! Ok we’ll see, we’ll see. Oh! That is actually changing colour. The smell is very very very strong. It’s a very intense Jasmine smell. It really smells more like a soap then a foundation. There is little to no coverage. It’s kind of blended out into tinted moisturiser maybe? There is a white cast on my face. It’s not a perfect match to my skin. If you’re a colour changing foundation, I would expect you to be a perfect match. It’s close-ish. I do like the finish on it in that it looks very healthy and quite dewy. The coverage is almost like nothing. The colour changing is negligible. The colour changes a little bit and then it sheers out. The smell is, personally I find it quite off-putting because it’s very very strong. To me it doesn’t smell like a foundation kind of smell. Overall I think I’ll give this a 1. Because the texture is quite nice. But the smell is cannot. This is supposed to be a deep cleanser that helps to melt away all the makeup. Like in the video, they put makeup on the hand, then they cover it with the cleanser, and they left it, and the makeup started melting away together with the cleanser. So that looked promising. It’s supposed to be a cleanser that can remove all makeup including waterproof makeup. I’m going to try using a few different types of makeup that have very good staying power. As it fell off, I some of the foundation falling off with it, but if you look here, nothing’s really moved. Which is expected actually because I don’t understand how all the makeup is supposed to melt off with just it touching it, and if it did, I’d also be a bit worried. Unless it’s like a formula that’s made specifically for that product, then maybe they found a matching product that causes that chemical reaction but I can’t imagine how it would do that with a whole bunch of different makeup from different companies. Let me see what happens if I apply some pressure on this. Oh wow. That eyeliner came right off, the eyeshadow is not moving, neither is the lipstick. There’s still a fair bit of foundation left which is weird because that should be pretty easy to remove. I feel like I’m not even going to bother trying this on my face. This is a disappointing out of 10. This is Hollywood nails. This is an all in one nail art system that gives you perfect alignment every time. You use your own polish, it works on your toes, in just 4 easy steps, it comes with these plates with designs on them. We’ve actually tried out these plates before a long long time ago, but now it looks like they’ve made the application process a lot easier! In the video, the way they did it is like, you just slide, you stamp, it comes out and it’s like perfect. So, I wonder, if that really works. Because I remember the last time we tried it it was a lot of scraping. Need to paint, scrap, chop, it’s still fast but it’s not as fast as this. Super low hopes but we’ll see! We might be surprised! It came with a whole bunch of plates with different designs, I’m going to go with this one. You place it here, supposed to paint here, slide this back. There’s a scrapper that will clean that off. Pick it up, slide it back and… What is this? It’s just a blob. Oh wait wait wait, I can see a bit of the flower. When I pull it out here to stamp, it gives a pretty solid stamp on my finger. But it’s on the wrong part of my finger. So when I push it back up, to where I imagine would give it the right point, the stamp just barely kisses the top of my nail, which wouldn’t allow it to stamp. This is a very fail, very waste of resources. The best thing about this kit are the free crystals. ’cause these are pretty! They’re quite generous with it as well. Maybe that’s why they give so many, ’cause they know that the machine is a fail. In the video they made it look so neat and easy and it looks so good. Rating, 0. No, not just 0, this is like a, I’ll minus 10. It’s so terrible. Nothing works! Ok we’ve come to the end of the episode! If you want to find out more about the products, how much they cost, where to get them from, go to our description box the links are all there, or you can go to Tried and Tested FaceBook page. If you’ve already subscribed, thank you! Double tap, we love you very much! Now you just need to do it, hit that bell so that you’ll be notified every time a new video comes out onto YouTube or just, download the Clicknetwork App and you will be able to watch the videos before they come out onto YouTube! Double tap! Love! Double tap, double tap, double tap. Alright, till next time, muah, go be beautiful!

70 thoughts on “Amazing Stuff I Saw On Instagram Ads – Tried and Tested: EP160

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