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All Facebook Ads Are Now Public: What Should You Do?

All Facebook Ads Are Now Public: What Should You Do?

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. Facebook made all of its ads public. Basically,
if you now go to any Facebook page, you can go and check out
the ad the page is running. They did this because they
committed to doing this six months ago and it’s finally here. Go to the Facebook page, on the left-side
column, there’s a little menu, sometimes you need
to click “show more”, and then you hit
the Info and Ad section. All of those ads that the page
is running at that time are visible there. For the global pages, you might need to play around with the regional setup
of the page to switch to the right page. Then you still have regional
targeting on that individual page. You can see if the page
is running multiple ads, multivariate, if it’s just running one ad for one post. It’s pretty useful to understand
the strategy of your competitor. We’re very glad
Facebook has launched this and go check out some of your competitors,
media companies, politicians maybe. Thank you, Facebook,
for delivering this to the users and see you next Monday.

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