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Alconost Ads: How to pay less in Google AdWords?

Alconost Ads: How to pay less in Google AdWords?

Ever wonder how the price per click for your
ads is determined in Google AdWords? Let’s start with when a user types something
in the Google search box. Google’s system picks out all advertisers
who have ads for this keyword…. …and sorts them according to their Ad Rank,
which equals the Quality Score multiplied by the maximum bid. The Quality Score is a number that AdWords
uses to grade how relevant the keyword, ad, and landing page are to what the user is looking
for. Your actual cost per click equals the rating
of the next ad after yours, divided by your Quality Score, plus 1 cent.
So in our example, your Quality Score is eight, and you’ll pay about two and a half dollars
for each click. As you can see from the formula, the higher
your Quality Score is, the less you have to pay per click.
That means if your Quality Score increases from 8 to 10, then you’ll stay in first place
but your cost per click drops to two dollars. So how do you improve that Quality Score?
First of all, ensure your keywords, ads, and landing pages are as relevant as possible.
To do this, break down your search terms into narrow groups. Experiment and look for new
keywords. And when а keyword doesn`t work, tweak it or delete it. And never stop testing your ads. Monitor them, and if some ad texts don’t work,
remove them and create new ones. Use a separate landing page for each product
you advertise. The ideal landing page should have a clear
call to action — and only the information that’s most important for the user.
In addition, the Quality Score is affected by many other factors. To fine-tune these,
you can consult a guide to Google AdWords [pause] …or contact an agency that specializes
in contextual advertising. And now that you know the pricing behind AdWords,
you can make your marketing campaigns more successful while paying less. Good luck!

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