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Air Conditioning Anywhere?

Air Conditioning Anywhere?

If there’s one thing that my friends know about me, my friends, my relatives, Jack, that I don’t like to be hot. I’m the kind of guy, I like to keep it ice cold I like to keep the temperature in the office a little bit chilly. Feel like I am more focused that way. Get too warm, you get a little bit too comfortable You get too comfortable, you doze off. You take a little bit of a nap. Gotta keep guys like Jack on their toes. Turn around and have a little blanket on and a pillow This right here might be able to do that for you I don’t know. The.. Evapolar? Or… Eva Polar? Your perfect, local, microclimate! Wait.. what? A personal air conditioner that sits on your desk? Doesn’t, what, it doesn’t vent out a window? Like a..a window banger? What’s it doing? What is this technology? This seems interesting to me. You can never get that right temperature! I’m too hot, he’s too cold! She’s too warm; he’s too old. Dr. Seuss, you can have that one for free. It’s gonna require some water in there.. Don’t do that! Do that. We don’t need them.. A power brick, a Micro USB cable, the actual Evapolar. Pretty light. Oh! Oh. Jack’s favorite bedtime snack! Silica gel! Ha ha ha ha ha hah! I see a filter in there, a grid. A fan is on this side. Protective covering on the screen. This is the water reservoir Comes off. Fill that up, in there. Micro USB port, right there. I mean, this seems simple. I’m gonna get some water, give me a second. What do we do..oh, we slide ‘er down from the top.. Oh! Oh, it’s going already! 23.3, what is that, the setting or the current temperature? Oh, this is a wheel on the top! Now, I’m feeling.. air.. Cold air. But how? It’s sucking in air from back here. There’s a cool light on it, yeah. Can you see that? It has a nice, teal, aqua color to it. That is actually cold air, this is not a fan! There is some tech going on in here. I may have found my new favorite desk accessory. When Jack’s getting frozen out over at his desk, he goes “No, I can’t.. I can’t.. feel my little.. tinklers!” And I go, “MAN UP! MAN UP!” It might even be colder than our air conditioner.. This is genius! Now it says 23.8 at the top, and 22.2 at the bottom. One is the air it’s sucking in, and one is the air it’s blowing out, ’cause it shows an arrow. Here’s how they’re suggesting you use it. So let’s say, okay, 30 degrees. Would be a hot day, 30 degrees Celsius. But you can see it can knock it down by up to 10 degrees Celsius in some cases. Relative temperature is 24.3 and what it’s pumping out the front is 19. I mean, that is brilliant. Oh my goodness, I just discovered the menu here! You can see how this wheel spins here… I get a menu! Um, color! Wow! There’s a bunch of different colors! This is like a violet, sort of. A pink. Red. Yellow. Super light green-ish. Light blue. Another kinda green tone. Darker green. It’s like a little mood light as well, I think that’s cool! We can turn the brightness of the mood lighting. You can switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. When the evaporative cartridge dries out, the device notifies you by changing the color to this one. If we can do a better job at cooling the space directly around a person, create these microclimates, I don’t know! It seems more efficient! At least in, in, in theory. This room gets hot, hotter than the other ones. Just create a microclimate!

100 thoughts on “Air Conditioning Anywhere?

  1. It's dripping the water through a screen and evaporating it to cool the air. It's called a "swamp cooler". The opposite of an air-conditioner.

  2. These things are such a joke. Just like larger swamp coolers, they DO NOT WORK ANYWHERE IN THE SOUTH WIRH HIGH HUMIDITY. These are NOT AIR CONDITIONERS of any type. All these fake air conditioners, tricking peoples into wasting money on something that won't even cool off a bedroom! And this one is the biggest top off for over $300. Every other exact same machine is less then $80. Every wherw

  3. This is NOT an "Air Conditioner"…it's a simple swamp cooler (which is just a fan blowing over water). Yeah, it's nothing novel and this idea has been around for centuries (and millennia); just squirt water on you and blow air over yourself. That's called evaporation and that's the physical principles swamp coolers use. This is an overpriced swamp cooler that should be no more than $50.

    I watched the creator of EvaPolar and was pissed on how misleading they are. Damn Russians always gold digging. Save your money and get one from walmart for $20. Or buy an evaporative humidifier. It's the same damn thing.

  4. I thought the west know about this tech long time ago
    I have been using devices like these 10 years ago XD.

  5. That is a very old tech. I lived in India for 15 years, we had something called a cooler, which worked the same way this does. Only difference is that it was much bigger than that thing. This thing is for one person and the coolers I just mentioned were meant for a whole room. After I moved to the US I never saw a cooler ever again.

  6. Love this man. He had the chance to change from Celcius to Fahrenheit, but he never did it. Now that's smart.

  7. Meh this is bull shit haha, it's a bunch of paper filters with a small humidifier attached to it. The fan at the back is a medium sized computer fan and thennnnnnñnnnn filters lmfao.

  8. Been getting a ton of ads for this the last few weeks. Thought I would check it out. Surprised it's a couple of years old already.

  9. Blew hiss goddam mind on the witchcraft involved in making the demon chill wind. Bruh its a min swamp cooler, you aint ever had that?

  10. I bought so cheap from, this mini stuff really great and looks so quiet,it’s very suitable for my small game room, it does not occupy ’s very helpful for this crazy with the purchase.

  11. this is actually the best invent ever otherwise I would still have a bloody hell hot environment lol!Thank god I bought, best one out there!

  12. this is actually the best invent ever otherwise I would still have a bloody hell hot environment lol!

  13. It's a fake should be banned for fake advertising. This kinda fake is illegal in my country.
    This is only water spoiler makes room temporally cold? but mainly full of wet hot uncomfortable air. And more bacteria.
    Be careful to use it. If you have a kid it can kill your kid with dirty bacteria.

  14. This guy is feeding you number one bullshit. Does it get you cool yes if it's literally sitting directly in front of you. Will it cool a small space no it won't so don't be fooled people.

  15. This thing sucks bigtime I have one and it barely blows air!!! 3 setting is like a low skiff of wind. The only good thing about it is the colors and lites pretty useless otherwise

  16. It probably using piezoelectric colling which a board like plate u gove electric and it gets <-10 degrres. Good invention should check it out.

  17. Refrigeration Technician: The BTU of it i would assume would be 350-1200. Its good in very enclosed settings, but… if you want to use it in a setting like a living room then no way. You will need at minimum of 6000BTU to cool down that room. In a "micro"climate its better to just use a fan at the end. But for bigger rooms, may as well get a 6000-12000BTU unit.
    For those who dont know BTU its British Thermal Unit.

  18. Swamp Coolers only work in areas of low humidity. It does Raise the humidity in the room. If your curious if it would work for you get a wet temp thermometer. whatever the temp reads is what you would get out of a swamp cooler.

  19. its basically an evaporative cooler.. water + sponge + fan.. its not the best for electronics that are affected by humidity but it is cheap and it works

  20. To cool air, the heat must go someplace. This can be done by using ice to absorb the heat which turns the ice into water. Various chemical reactions can absorb heat. Typically air is cooled by crushing a gas which liberates heat outside via a window or outside unit, and then allowing that gas that has been crushed into a liquid to expand – absorbing heat, inside the house.. and then that gas crushed outside again. This thing is nothing more than blowing water at you.. and as the water on your skin evaporates like sweat, it has a cooling effect. It's not actually cooling the air at all though. My advice is to get a FAN. When you remove heat, it has to go someplace. This gimmick has very little practical use.

  21. It did not work at all for me. I purchased one at a walmart. Returned it two days later. Some one else in line was returning theirs also. Not an effective way of air conditioning an area. It just blows air through a wet filter. Atlanta GA… Already plenty of moisture in the air. It's way to hot to waste time with this.

  22. heating/cooling is objectively about Energy/Power…kcal/joules/Watts/BTUs. Micro-usb powered should tell you all you need to know about this little swamp coolers effectiveness.

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