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Aikido Vlog | Advertising sign

Aikido Vlog | Advertising sign

This is going to be my next project
it’s going to be a promotional item I’m going to make it’s made of wood and a
lot of more stuff Just follow the process and I’ll show you what we’ll make. As I start I have to draw the ‘Wet floor’ sign on the wooden board and then
I can cut it. To make a handle I use this drill. So I can make a hole and then cut
with a machine. It’s a simple shape so you can make it as easy as you want Slowly it’s getting in shape all I have
to do now is to use the sandpaper before I can paint it This is how they look now. They seem
to dry quite quick but still you need a lot of patience. I just got the
sticker back from the printer and now I’m going to apply it on the board. Let’s see how I do that. So the sticker has been done now I want to make sure
it sticks in good and bad weather so I’m going to paint it with transparent
epoxy. As a special add-on we put on the QR code for the iOS device and an NFC chip for the Android. It’s an easy way to connect them with your

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