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Agency fees explained | IN 60 SECONDS

Agency fees explained | IN 60 SECONDS

All right, you guys ready? Agency fees, which are
the fees non-members are forced to pay unions for representation in some states –
and the Abood precedent that allows them – could both be scrapped when the Supreme Court hears Janus versus AFSCME. So why the fight over agency fees? Unions call
these fees “fair share fees” because everybody covered by a union-negotiated
contract has to pay for representation. The fees are typically two-thirds of
full membership dues, and they aren’t supposed to support unions’ political
activities, balancing freedom of expression with the need to prevent free
riders. The petitioner, Janus, argues that agency fees infringe on freedoms of
speech and association, claiming it’s impossible to separate unions’ political
and non-political functions when union bargaining with the government is
inherently political. For Janus, it’s not about the money – it’s about compelled
speech. “Stare decisis” is a legal principle that makes overturning
precedents rare, but many court watchers, including unions, expect the conservative
justices will overturn Abood. Whether the court decides agency fees are an
appropriate balance or compelled speech will have a major influence on the
future of America’s unions. For more on Janus, agency fees, and why they are so important for teachers union membership, check the links in the description below.
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4 thoughts on “Agency fees explained | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. Please tell Steven Kreisberg you can't be allowed to force any person to pay for something they can't find value in. Authoritarianism is unconstitutional cancer. The power has corrupted you away from finding volunteers making your movement insincere and only about the power now.

  2. As a former school district employee, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that this finally came up. The Union never did one thing for me, it was a total waste of money. I didn't need them to keep my job for as long as I did nor did I need them to help me advance. It's a giant good ole boys club where if know somebody, you can write your own ticket, but if you don't, you have to perform at a very high level to get noticed. Meanwhile the promotion you've been gunning for, for years is given to someone with less education, less experience, and far less care for the position simply because they were a friend or family member of a "union rep". And year after year, one more 20 year old gets employed at the level you've been working to earn, so you quit. And as for your education interest group, the lack of education these kids receive is criminal. They can sure pass a test, but they have no idea how to function in the world. They can't cook, clean, balance their finances, manage credit, take care of their car, etc. And these kids will have kids of their own. Are you aiming for an idiocracy? This couldn't possibly happen to a better group of people than the unions.

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