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Agencies.efir.io – a gift for advertising agencies!

Agencies.efir.io – a gift for advertising agencies!

Greetings everyone! Let me introduce myself, I am
Ilya Kholnov, I am the director of the Agency Services project. This is a service that helps
advertising agencies set up working with bloggers
and advertisers What is it necessary for? in 2017, during the surveys
of advertising agencies, we identified a number of problems: the primary one
is the existence of a barrier, which prevents advertising
agencies from entering the market. What is going on? There are advertisers who
want to place an ad with bloggers and for this they
turn to professional ad agencies and they
in turn often have a number of questions:
for example, where to find these actual bloggers or
how to quickly draw up a commercial offer
or, let`s say in which format should the customer’s report
be presented, for there are still a number of other organizational
and technical issues how do we help to solve
these issues? Even today, the ad agency
goes to the site Efir.io it will be able to reduce the time
for drawing up commercial offers from one business
day to ten minutes. But the reduction in the time for drawing up the documents
is only the first step on our path. Even now we are developing
a set of tools that will ensure comprehensive
automation of the activity of the ad agencies, for example,
a professional search whereas now in the search for
a blogger, we can indicate a channel criterion, for example,
the number of likes/dislikes of views and so forth
then it will soon become possible to indicate the criteria also for
the actual content to be issued by the bloggers, for example, the absence
of vulgarity, also in addition to this even now we are working on the
possibility of comparing bloggers, as well on a calendar
of publications of video clips by bloggers and a number of other useful
features for ad agencies just like the agency service
operates on the site Efir.io Thank you for your attention!

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