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Affiliate Marketing: Maximize Income with ClickBank and AdWords

Affiliate Marketing: Maximize Income with ClickBank and AdWords

hi everyone it’s neil patel here for another Q&A Thursday video I’m here with Adam from viewership hello everyone and this week’s question is this one is from Atul thank you so much for your and I’m sorry if I’m mispronouncing your name but thank you for the comment this is a very simple one how do you promote Clickbank products on Adwords so in general whether you Creek bank for those of you don’t know is Affiliate Network they have products like ebooks and things like that that they sell on Clickbank or companies offer and then affiliates go and they promote these offices and they get paid every time they drive a sale here’s the thing though it’s really hard to go use Google Adwords and drive them to a quick main page and journey or a sell doesn’t work too well it doesn’t matter what offer you have there’s legitimate offers on Clickbank and shady ones shady ones being like people are like lose 20 pounds in two days right like people will make false claims get a girlfriend in three you know three hours yeah get a girlfriend in three hours oh yeah you live in Alaska no worries even though no one lives two hours away from you right but like we’ll figure it out like there is a lot of hocus pocus on Clickbank and most C’s affiliate networks there are legitimate ones like if you go to conferences like affiliate world you’ll find like legitimate offers but nonetheless if you want to promote these offers whether they’re good or they’re bad there’s one tactic that you need to do it’s called a tripwire what a tripwire is is you’re getting someone to buy something that’s so amazing it’s such an irresistible offer they can’t say no so for example this is a marketing video you know my backgrounds in marketing if I tell you I’m gonna give you this marketing software that I’ll help increase your traffic automatically by running a beat s on your SEO and increase your Google rankings for all your title tags and all this stuff for only $7 what would you say one-time fee yep that’s such an irresistible offer the conversion rate is through the roof that’s a tripwire it’s like something really cheap and affordable like you know how McDonald’s has those deals on certain days I come in here we’ll give you a Big Mac for $0.99 I haven’t been to McDonald’s and ages but they they must be running offers or a lot of Mexican fast food places do Taco Tuesdays and they’re so horrible when it comes to tacos but you do this what you’ll find is people buy and then if you’re at McDonald’s and they get you the Big Mac they always ask you fries what that’s cold y’all supersize the meal and all that that’s called upsells’ so you want to get someone into your tripwire first which suppose yes and it has to be relevant to whatever product you’re selling through Clickbank or whatever affiliate network and that will be your upsell upon checkout so you get someone to buy your product and then write them in there you want to push them to Clickbank on Clickbank they have their own landing pages so you got to push them to Clickbank and you want to get them to buy right then and there Google’s getting strict in which once they get to your site they’ll check your whole funnel because they don’t want you to promote shitty offers because it makes them look bad because it gets users a bad experience for using Google but in general I haven’t found Google to go as far as go all the way to checkout after they buy a product it’s very rare so you could just send them directly to the Clickbank product plus they converted and if they don’t buy you have their email address because they bought the trip wire offer for you and not all of them will buy the other offer the more expensive one but you should get a ticket a crate of like 20 30 plus percent you want to take all the people who didn’t convert from the trip wire to the core offer the core offer being your quote unquote major Clickbank offer or whatever the motor expensive one take the emails you’d rip all of those people and you sell them over email and you look at that Clickbank page that sells them whatever pitch they did because sometimes they’ll do emotional pitch like Oh what would this do to your life and how would it make you feel if that’s the case then they didn’t convert then you want to do a logical pitch over email to try to get people to convert if the Clickbank page is logical using stats and data to make the sale and someone doesn’t convert then your email pitch should be emotional it should be the opposite that’s how you generate the most amount of sales and use AdWords to make sales from affiliate products and also if the tripwire pays for the traffic in some way shape or form or helps offset the cost of traffic then you’re getting all these free leads right yeah I mean $7 is tough but if it’s a little bit higher trip wire or you know you can have some upsells being a free email addresses on a consistent basis through paid traffic that’s how you go and how many products do you have for your dating company like nine nine here’s the thing once you have one product and you sell them on something and they buy it’s easier to use that buyer list and get them to buy more products so if you’re on Clickbank and you find a health and fitness product that you like and you create your own trip bar and health and fitness you sell it you then sell another Clickbank product and then you keep selling more and more click being products to that same exact user that’s how you make the most amount of money from the paid traffic heck even the people who don’t buy you can capture emails upon exit using an exit popup and then pitch them on a lot of products you know over time and does how you maximize your income from that paid traffic that’s it thank you for watching this week’s video if you have a question or comment and you want to ass on next week’s video or moreso answered leave a comment below we may pick it either way I’ll respond to your comment and if you enjoyed this video like it share it let other people know about it thank you again for watching we really appreciate it

59 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing: Maximize Income with ClickBank and AdWords

  1. Great video Neil. Product research is extremely important indeed. Thanks for the "Trip Wire", have quite a few new ideas now. Google Ads is my next goal, once done optimizing my YouTube Channel. I am struggling a bit to create a new campaign with Google Ads as I deleted an old one. But I'm sure I can figure that out. Would you consider doing a video on that, how to start a new campaign?

  2. Hello Neil,

    I recently started doing drop shipping on shopify selling dog products, I’m targeting people who love dogs and animals in general. I’ve been getting lots of traffic from my social media marketing but most of the customers are leaving during the checkout. please, what can I do to get them to buy?

  3. Hi Neil, thank you for all your great videos! I have a question… I enjoy all of your suggested strategies (for example, creating a "tripwire", etc). My problem is that when I decide to take action, I find myself wondering for hours on how to even get started. I start searching online but end up jumping from one topic to the next just to end back where I started. Do you have any detailed step-by-step guides in your blog? Perhaps your own internet marketing course we can learn from? (Or maybe you could just point me in the right direction on where to get a complete guide?). Thank you for the help, Neil.

  4. You, Ryan Deiss, everyone talks about tripwire. Did you guys learn marketing from same mentors?😉😂🤣
    Who were your mentors Neil?

  5. Thanks so much Neil🙏🙏🙏 I've been hearing lately that Google doesn't like popups and is penalizing… if so is there a best practices to optimize it or another way to capture lead if leaving site that googles ok with?

  6. Every video I watch on this channel gets added to my "business talk" playlist. I need to rename it to "Neil Patel".

  7. Hey Niel! Great video, as always. I was wondering if you could make an in-depth video over sitemaps and google search console!
    Have a good day, thanks!

  8. Hi Neil. Thanks for sharing great content. I have a quick question, is there any tools to find hot trending articles or links.

  9. Hi, Neil your videos are awesome helps to grow business and SEO. Neil how can we prevent negative SEO to our website. how can we overcome it? t

  10. Hey neil.. Is there a tool to detect copyright / licensed videos for instagram? Viral hog / unilad / junkin all these guys reporting the videos. How do you clean up these videos (lets say i have 2000 videos). And I posted them by crediting the owner. They were licensed later because they went viral. How do I avoid getting shut down? Is there a tool to detect copyright videos? So i can deleted them — would be of massive help. Thanks

  11. Hii Neil,
    Please guide me. I want to advertise my review content (hosting review and SEO tool review) with affiliate offers. So which adversement works well FB ad or AdWords?
    Thanks for this video. I hope you will reply.

  12. Hi Neil, I heard you on Amy Porterfield's podcast and it was very helpful! I have a question for you. I have a replicated website with the company I'm a distributor for (doTERRA). There are thousands of these replicated sites, each distributor has their own. I am only able to customize the "about me" section on the front page. Is it possible for me to optimize that for SEO or should I just focus on creating my own website that leads people there to purchase their membership and shop?

  13. Hey Neil… when promoting for example fitness and health products should I use my name to show up as the sender for my email list even though I’m not a known person in the fitness and health community? Or is it better to create a brand name for the purpose of promoting fitness products?

  14. Thanks for the tips and concept mentioned in the video, Neil.
    Could you share some tips or action frameworks about e-commerce site SEO? As there're more and more sellers from Amazon and many other online marketplaces trying to build their own e-stores, e-commerce site SEO would be an important field for them especially from the long-term prospective.

  15. At what point does Google label a website as spam? I've got a feeling I've over-optimised my website for certain keywords. Is there a way to find out if this has happened?

  16. Another one. I have a weird kind of problem. When I start brainstorming I don't get any ideas. But after when I make a fake conclusion that I am gonna succeed anyway and go deeper in that feeling, I start getting ideas. Can you help me with this? Bcoz some ideas I get are very crazy 😅

  17. Hello Sir
    I am a beginner as a digital marketer
    I want to start my career in affliate marketing, start with clickbank, How can I start. Can you please Guide me Or recommend me a stuff which is related with this.

  18. Great Content , Great Person you are
    Thx Neil
    Will Send you My affiliate travel Website once I finished to get your Tricks on how to marketing it
    Thax Again

  19. Hi Neil Patel, I want to be good at casino affiliate marketing and not going anywhere (at least none of them on Page 1 in google search) . Can you please help me where exactly i need to focus in such competitive niche? Appreciated.

  20. I have a question outside of this video. When blogging should push out an article that is a work in progress, or wait until it is 100 percent finished. Example I have a list of top 10 items for a product but I want to end up with 20 items on the list, is it ok to push it out at 10 and just keep updating it constantly changing the title or wait until it’s finished? Thanks.

  21. Hey Neil, any tips or resources on finding legitimate offers on ClickBank and other Affiliate Networks? I want to be ethical and promote truly beneficial products and services. Love the content. Thanks in advance!

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