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Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads – Finally! The easy way to crush it with FB Ads

Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads – Finally! The easy way to crush it with FB Ads

guys welcome to this quick video of affiliate marketing facebook ads struggling with first facebook ads and
you don’t really have an idea of it or you’ve tried it you’ve wasted money or a
lot of the courses that you’ve seen to do with Facebook Ads are too expensive
well I’ve got something a bit special for you today so I’m just gonna show you
affiliate marketing facebook ads quickly looked at now I know the product
criteria and this is going out for 1295 now the there’s over 40 videos in this
it will walk you through step by step little baby steps in order for you to
learn how to put your own campaigns together use some examples within the
course and just start small and scale up now JK has personally made over 60,000
affiliate marketing facebook ads this particular method so you can
actually go through this step-by-step and start putting together your own
facebook ad campaigns in niches outside of make money online you might want to
do it in Gulf oil survival or whatever it is we can even give you the keywords
that are bringing in profits as we speak so I’m going to show you through the
course nice and quickly okay now I’m putting this out on this particular
search term before the actual product gets released so you’re gonna get an
early-bird opportunity getting this product ok so I’m gonna whip through the
modules and the bonuses that come through with this and I’m gonna help you
affiliate marketing facebook ads whether you think that 1295 is a good
enough investment to get in and how to learn how to do this properly okay
so I’m gonna start here this is a starting get started module here so why
Facebook Ads how did it work and there’s seven important elements and add
objectives if any of this sounds kind of a bit out there a little bit start
tacking stuff don’t worry again the way that this is all explained is nice and
straightforward the delivery is real easy to follow you can take your time
you can pause copy take action and come back
video what I’m also gonna do is I’m going to on a little preview page you
can click through in the text box under this video I’m going to put one of the
affiliate marketing facebook ads page so you can actually click through
and actually watch stop a 10 15 minute video from one of the video one of the
modules in the course and you can get a bit of a feel for it
so I think that’s kind of fair that you got you kind of get to test drive one of
the videos before making a decision whether you’re going to buy or not
so that’s module one let me go through the sales funnel into the creatives in
module three this is all about using images or having a video ads or having
the text out each one it’s got its different merits and different people
want to do like a video and different people want to do just use an image and
things like that so this is really going to help you decide which one it’s got a
you know be the right one for you module thought is at sets and audiences okay so
affiliate marketing facebook ads in-depth now now audiences its how you
can create a demographic or your perfect target audience it might be a male
between thirteen forty in the UK or the USA this could be someone who regularly
spends through Facebook apps so you can actually drill down into the heavies
online when to spend the money how much you to spending how often to dis spend
it I’ll be clicking through Facebook accounts and it will just make sure that
Facebook puts your ads in front to the right person or people okay module
number five traffic bottles okay now again don’t worry too much about this
this is going to just this is just going to explain Haggar from coal traffic
which is you know paid ads get you cold email address it doesn’t it gets you a
cold list shows you how to warm it up and to get interest going how to make it
hot lead that’s gonna buy from you and then module six we’ve got tweaking
and optimizing so as your ads going you can actually look at how it’s performing
and make little tweaks to it this is a really important module and we’ll show
you how to do this again step-by-step and easy to understand
lessons so this the bonuses that come with this are very very good as well so
competitive research this is good yeah this will show you what these guys are
doing who are quite famous marketers and using nice selfie videos nothing massive
produced no Hollywood videos just nice easy self is that you can do that you
probably do it on a day-to-day basis anywhere and how things can be really
these can be better than bigger produce videos because people get to see the
real foot person and they get to know like and trust you a lot quicker so
that’s a good bones to have you’ve got a click predictor calculator a four videos
here you get a downloadable Excel spreadsheet and you can put some
information into the spreadsheet and you’ll be sure how to use it on the
videos there what this basically means is if you want to say make 5,000 dollars
affiliate marketing facebook ads campaign you put in that you want to
make 5,000 dollars you put in how much your Commission is per sale and you put
through just a few more pieces of information as a video of show you and
at the end it will give you a figure of how much roughly gonna need to spend on
that ad campaign so it’s just very honest from the start so you can scale
it down make money with it and then scale it up to make more money if that
makes any sense to you so it’s a really good thing that you can keep and it’s
just an Excel spreadsheet here we’ve got the Facebook interest cheat sheet this
is basically niches and keywords that’s already been researched for you deserve
150 there and this is broken into twelve different
niches niches that you can start with today to give you great ideas to drive
traffic to you know an affiliate campaign or an affiliate product that
you want to sell and make money from so it’s a really good done-for-you set of
keywords and niches that are already making money now and then you’ve got
your Facebook Ads master checklist which you can download this just means that
when you go through the course and start put your first app together that you’ve
got a really great master checklist there and you can download that and just
go through it ok so if you’re the sort person that’s really been wanting to get
facebook ads right but didn’t quite have the right course or just didn’t know if
it was for you or whether you’ve tried it before and you wasted money you lost
money and you just didn’t know what the hell’s going on this is really gonna
help you for 1295 get you the campaign which is going to get in front of the
people that you want to see okay it’s gonna learn you’re gonna learn how to
get your learn who your ideal customer is and now to get your ad in front of
affiliate marketing facebook ads money okay guys I don’t do long videos
it’s as simple as that look under the text button and look
under the video and you’ll find the text box you’ll find the preview page to go
and check out that video from the course and if you decide that you would like to
have this course with those bonuses you can buy through the link on the preview
page an obligation I hope you enjoyed the video hope you’ve learned just a
little bit about how easy this could be for you if you actually apply yourself
and do the course and and just take action and make some good money from it
and then just rinse and repeat with different niches I think this is a great
course and it’s really gonna help him I wish you all the very best there’s a
comment section below get in touch if you’ve got any questions if the links
aren’t working which it should get in touch and I can get in to tweet directly
have a great time in the cast I will speak to you soon an old back with
affiliate marketing facebook ads

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    and watch the exclusive video training from module 1

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