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AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 3c: Use the Display Network only campaign type

AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 3c: Use the Display Network only campaign type

If you want to reach people across the Internet
who might be interested in your products or services, then a Display Network only campaign
might be the right option for you. Advertising on Google’s Display Network
can be a good way to make people aware of your brand when they’re viewing content
across the Internet, including sites with content related to what you offer. When you advertise on the Display Network,
you can create text ads as well as engaging image, video, and rich media ads. These ads
could then be eligible to show on websites and other placements (like mobile apps). You can choose to target specific sites, pages
about specific topics, demographic groups, and more. For example, if you have compact
cameras as a keyword, your ad could show on a blog about digital cameras.
Ready to create your Display Network only campaign? Here’s how:
Sign in to your AdWords account and click the Campaigns tab.
Click the new campaign button and choose Display Network only from the dropdown. Next, give your campaign a name. Then choose the marketing objective that matches
your goal for this campaign. Choosing a marketing objective will guide you to the features designed
to work best with your goal. If you want all available features and options
for this campaign type, you can choose “no marketing objective”. Choose “all features,
’ unless you only want to show ads for your website exclusively on mobile apps .
Great! Before you continue here, we recommend reviewing the Display Network Getting Started
Guide in the AdWords Help Center. This guide will walk you through the key decisions you’ll
make when building your Display Network ad campaign.
[Hold for 3 seconds] When you’re ready, click the button to learn
about how to choose the geographic locations where you want your ads to show to potential

10 thoughts on “AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 3c: Use the Display Network only campaign type

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cakyszGvD9E
    AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 3c: Use the Display Network only campaign type

  2. There are 1000's of website created for local sports organizations but they are all created use Sports Illustrated Play (e.g. "Powered by Sports Illustrated Play). I'd like to use placement targeting for any website "powered by" rather than having to target each one individually (which is impossible). Is that possible or do I have to list each site individually?

  3. hi can i promote affiliate link with display network only? i'm having the destination missmatch error , how can i solve that???

  4. 🙁 I struggled to see the pages depicted here, and worked through them carefully, only to find that they do not at all correspond with what is available today. Is it that you have changed the GUI since you made this tutorial? If so, then you should take it down so you don't waste people's time — or give them heart problems when it is impossible to implement.

  5. I am running a Display network campaign with different placement, but there is no result. Also, i can't see the ads on website that was added.

  6. I would be promoting my friend's business over digital channels. Can you suggest me what I should need to do if my motive is to bring maximum website traffic as well as Demo requests?

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