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AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 3: Is your website ready to deliver results?

AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 3: Is your website ready to deliver results?

[MUSIC PLAYING] ALI: Hi. It’s Ali with AdWords, here with
the next video in our series about online marketing basics. Previously, we explained how
AdWords ads can help get people to your website. But how do you know
if your website is designed to encourage
people to do business with you? Let’s find out with this. SPEAKER: You’re investing in
AdWords to reach new customers. Your ad may bring
people to your site. But does your website
keep them there? Here are some basic
website design tips to help turn visitors
into actual customers. Tip 1– provide relevant
and useful content. Maria owns a clothing boutique
that also sells clothes online. She’s promoting a new collection
of designer shoes in an ad campaign. So she makes sure her website
is ready for the customers that click on her ad. First, she makes
sure that her ad links to a page on her website
that’s directly related to the content of her ad. When someone clicks her
ad and goes to her site, she wants to make sure they
know they’re in the right place. So she makes sure
that the page has a clear, eye-catching
headline that directly connects to the
ad the customer clicked on. She also wants these
potential customers to quickly see why they
should purchase her shoes. She includes high-quality
photos of the shoes so that her customers can
easily see the product. She even has a video to make the
web page all the more engaging. By adding these little
design details, including a prominent call to action,
like a Buy Now button, Maria makes it
easy and appealing for her customers to find
what they’re looking for and make a purchase. Tip 2– make your
site easy to navigate. Tom owns Main Street Flowers. His website isn’t set
up for online orders. So he really wants people
who come to his website to call his business to
place their delivery orders. He keeps the design
of his website simple, but professional. And he makes sure that the
page loads quickly when people arrive there. He makes sure his site
prominently displays his phone number and clearly encourages
customers to call the shop. Tom keeps his navigation
links to a minimum so customers can easily
find important information. He puts the most
important information towards the top of
his page so people don’t have to scroll down
in search of what they want. He gets rid of any
annoying pop-ups and adds a search feature
so customers can easily find what they’re looking for. Tom hasn’t forgotten about the
customers on mobile devices. He optimizes his mobile
site for smaller screens. He includes a prominent
Call Now button and an easy-to-see Search field. Now when people go to Tom’s
website from any device, it’s easy for them to
find what they need and call to place an order. Tip 3– offer transparency
and build trust. Hiro owns a sushi restaurant. He wants to use his website to
build positive relationships with his customers and encourage
them to book reservations online. When a customer comes to his
site after clicking his ad, he makes it easy
for them to find out how to book their reservations. Hiro adds a personal
touch by including photos of happy
customers and staff and featuring his weekly blog
about trends in the sushi industry. To keep customers
connected, he encourages people to subscribe to his
blog for regular updates. To reassure his
customers, he lets them know he won’t share
their contact information. Hiro also showcases quotes from
happy customers on his site. And he makes it clear to his
customers what content is his and what is made up of ads. With his new web
design, Hiro’s customers feel more connected to
him and his restaurant and have an easy time
making a reservation for their next meal. ALI: Hopefully, now you’ve
got a good sense of what makes a winning website. But the web is a
big place, which is why your business also
needs a strong online presence beyond just your website. This can expand your
business’s visibility and help you reach
more customers. Take advantage of free social
media sites and services that allow you to create a page
or listing for your business. If you have a
storefront location, you’ll also want to make sure
you create a free Google My Business listing. This will help make sure your
up-to-date business information is available on Google
Search, Google Maps, and Google+ so that customers
can find and connect with you no matter what
device they’re using. To learn more and sign up
for Google My Business, go to Google.com/business or
click the button to check it out now. Once you’ve got your business’s
online presence polished up, you’re ready to start
pointing potential customers to your website from
your online ads. So let’s get familiar
with AdWords, Google’s online
advertising platform, and how it works to
bring you new customers. Click the button to continue. [MUSIC PLAYING]

22 thoughts on “AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 3: Is your website ready to deliver results?

  1. Hi….Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. I have one doubt to clarify. I am having two clients who need to do google ads for their website to get promoted. One client's budget is 100,00 and other one's budget is 2000. How can I distribute the bid amount to them according to their budget?

  2. I want to sell one product – an ebook. Can I create a link in the visible adword to my book in the Kindle store or do I have to link to a website first?

  3. I can't edit my website, my website isn't correct when I click to preview.
    adword error when placing keywords. Please help

  4. Hello, great videos! I would like to learn about online marketing and become good at it. However i do not own any website and i really don't know how to create one or what that website should be about. What do you recommend me to do?

  5. Hi, congrats for the vide. I have two questions. 1. Once I have my ad posted, is it possible to make my audience land in another page other than my home page? and 2. Is google/business something like shopify?. thanks

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  7. Maria is doing a great business, except the fact that she is herself the customer with a different make-up. 🙂

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