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AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 3: Choose your campaign type

AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 3: Choose your campaign type

Hi, it’s Ali with AdWords, here with the
next step in creating a successful AdWords campaign — choosing your campaign type.
The first thing you’ll do when you create a new campaign is choose your campaign type.
This choice determine where your ads can appear, the types of ads you can create, and other
settings you can use to customize your ad campaign. Take a look at this to get familiar with the
most common campaign types…. Henry… Maria… and Ted…are three very
happy AdWords advertisers. Who have gotten very good at answering one
important question: “Which campaign type is right for me?”
Well, there’s no one size fits all in AdWords. What works for one person may not work for
another… So to help you determine figure out what’s
best for your business, let’s start by looking at some of the options available to you…
Campaign type determines things like where your ads can show to customers, and what format
they can be in, like text or video. Your ads can show on one, or both, of Google’s
advertising networks, depending on the campaign type you choose. These networks make up all of the places where
your ads can appear, whether on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.
There’s the Search Network, which shows ads when users search on Google and on other search
websites that partner with Google to show ads.
And there’s the Display Network, where ads appear on millions of popular websites, mobile
apps, videos and more with content related to your targeting.
As you’ll see with Henry, Maria and Ted, you can pick a campaign type that uses just
one of these networks or both networks with the Search Network with Display Select campaign
type. Next you’ll choose a campaign’s subtype.
The most common options – “Standard” and “All features” – let you determine how
many settings you want to choose from for your campaign.
If you want to accomplish a specific goal with your ads, like driving more installs
of your mobile app, you can choose a specific campaign subtype to meet your needs.
In general, the “Standard” subtype is best if you’re new to AdWords, or just want
to get your campaign set up quickly, without a lot of additional options.
“The All Features” choice is best if you’re a daily AdWords user and want to be able to
mix and match different AdWords features, like scheduling your ads to run at certain
times, and targeting ads to specific locations or websites.
Now let’s tie it all together with a few examples. Ted runs a thriving travel agency. And is still pretty new to AdWords.
So when he created a campaign to promote his tour packages, he chose the recommended setting
for all new campaigns: Search Network with Display Select. This campaign type is great for Ted because
it helps him reach the largest possible audience by showing his ads on both the Search and
Display networks, with the least amount of setup. To make things even simpler, Ted picks the
“Standard” subtype because he knows he doesn’t need a lot of flexibility for his
campaign. Here’s Henry of Henry’s Hardware.
Henry is an experienced advertiser, so when he set up a new campaign to promote his locksmith
service, he chose a Search Network Only campaign with the “All Features” subtype.
This type of campaign is right for his business because it helps him reach new customers right
when they’re searching for a locksmith. But his locksmith service isn’t open 24/7,
so he selected the “All Features” subtype to get access to tools that let him schedule
his ads to only show during business hours. Maria is in a different situation.
She wants more people to know about her store. But not just any customers… The right customers
for what she sells. Maria decides that a “Display Network Only”
campaign is what she needs. This campaign type lets her reach customers
wherever they are online, whether that’s browsing websites, watching YouTube videos,
or using mobile apps. And the targeting options in a “Display
Network Only” campaign let her show her ads to just the right audience. Ready to figure out which campaign type is
right for you? From the following, click the statement that
most closely matches what you want to achieve with this AdWords campaign. Once you click
(either on-screen or in the video description) we’ll take you to a video about your recommended
campaign type Choose option A if you want the the simplest
way to reach the most people interested in your products or services. We recommend this
option for new advertisers. Choose option B if you want to reach people
only as they’re searching for your products or services. This is a good option if you want people searching
for your products or services to see and click your ads,
or select option C if you’re interested in reaching people across the Internet who
might be interested in your products or services. This is a good option if you’re a more experienced
advertiser primarily interested in developing brand awareness. Choose the option that’s closest to your
goal for this campaign to see a video about your recommended campaign type.

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  1. +GoogleAds I have two types of campaigns (search only & display only) into my a/c. If i want to see display only campaign into my a/c rather then both campaigns. what are the steps i have to follow? Plz help

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikEvIIhTnT4&index=3&list=PL9piTIvKJnJN4ot42xcaxuaa2biOszf4m
    AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 3: Choose your campaign type

  3. fyi, your script onscreen says locksmith service . . . and your voiceover says roofing repair service (for the Henry portion):-)

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  5. seriosly distracting background music , can you please create these without my ears trying to tune into the verbal guide rather than the music in the background !!

  6. i tried to call google tonight and just received a night time operator that knew nothing and sent me an email with links on how to do things that lead me to this totorial…..I just dont get why it is not evident on how to change my domain name inside the google ads campaign manager. Im all set up with campaigns, all I have is a few simple questions and need a real person that can answer them in a few minutes rather than me spend countless hours trying to get to what I need

  7. Hi,

    I am still having problem to define the difference between the campaign type? Isn't that all three types are letting our ad to show when the searching word is similar to our keyword?

  8. Confusing. Seemed to jump around from cell phone to desktop a bit. after watching had no idea how to get started from opening the screen to setting up a campaign. I think we should have the screen showing the icons and then explain the purpose of each

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